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howeird beale wrote:

Frustrated Mess wrote:

You know, it is entirely possible to both oppose Western and other foreign intervention in Syria and support the legitimate political aspirations its people. Just sayin'.

It's not that the Leninists dont get it. It's that their patheticly quaint 19th century theorems of revolutions don't allow "the masses" to get it. They sell a binary view of the world not because they believe it, but because they view their fellow human beings as a herd incapable of grasping ambiguity or complexity or nuance.

Which is a nice labour saving device for a psued of any stripe. If you assume your audience are idiots, you eliminate the time consuming bother of fact checking, coherent arguments or compelling prose.

You can retire, to comfort, in sloth.

4th International, meet FOX news, you make a beautiful couple.

Well said FM.

So HB I have got to admit I can't figure out what you are saying.  You talk about Leninists and then you compare the 4th International to FOX.  Do you not know that the people who founded the 4th International were in fact Trotskyists.  What were you trying to say?

The people of Syria want a cease fire now. They don't want the regime over thrown by force as a precondition to anything.  The problem the terrorists have is that in a multiparty fair election there is a good chance the Ba'ath party will be one of the top parties and maybe even the largest.  The thugs from other countries that want a theocratic dictatorship akin to the Roundheads have nothing to gain from democracy because the Syrians will never vote for a theocratic government led by them. If the constitution is rewritten in a polluted process in the aftermath of a military defeat at the hands of NATO's air force the people of Syria will suffer greatly.

The only answer is an immediate cease fire and an election process.  The people and government need time to clean up the rubble and put their lives back together while the new democratic electoral system is put in place. Once a new government is elected then I would like to see an amnesty coupled with the surrender of control of all areas to the new government and the disarming of militias at least of everything other than light arms. But of course it is for the people of Syria to decide.

North Star

BNP Leader Nick Griffin visits Syria


Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National party, has waded into controversy by paying an officially sponsored visit to Damascus as part of a delegation of far-right and nationalist European politicians.

Griffin, an MEP for north-west England, used his Twitter account to publicise selected details of his "fact-finding" trip, calling the Syrian capital a "modern, bustling city". Aside from "occasional explosions" in the distance, life in Damascus was normal, he tweeted.

Syrian state media reported that suicide bombings in Marja Square in the centre of the city had killed 14 people and injured 31. Griffin later visited the site and commented: "Vile … smells like an abbatoir. Hague wants your taxes to arm these terrorists!"

The BNP spokesman Simon Darby said Griffin was not being paid by the Syrian regime and did not want his presence in the country to be seen as an endorsement of President Bashar al-Assad. But anyone enteringSyria – as Griffin did by road from Lebanon – needs a visa, which would require the approval of the information and foreign ministries.



Qatar Conference Opens New Stage in Syria War


"The 'Friends of Syria' meeting in Qatar on June 22 ended with a communique announcing that Washington and its allies will 'take all necessary measures' to arm the right-wing Sunni-based opposition forces which have served as their proxies in a two-year civil war to overthrow the government of Bashar al Assad. The arrangement opens up a new stage in the war, and heightens the dangers of a regional sectarian conflagration."


Colonel Gaddafi's Legacy? Unregulated Weapons 'Flood' Syria


"...According to the paper, Qatari C-17 cargo planes - capable of carrying a payload of more than 70 tones - have landed and left three times in Libya this year, each time to pick up a shipment of weapons that were taken to the Turkish-Syria border, and passed on to the rebels.

Earlier this week, British-Libyan arms dealer Abdul Basrit Haroun boasted to Reuters that weapons reach Syria not only by numerous charter flights but also on ships - concealed among humanitarian aid. 'The authorities know we are sending guns to Syria,' Haroun said. 'Everyone knows.'


G8 Debates  -  by Thierry Meyssan


"...To humanitarian babbling, Putin responds with his view of the facts and international law. No, there is no revolution in Syria, but foreign aggression. No, Syria will not use weapons of mass destruction against its own people. Yes, Russia delivers anti-aircraft weapons to Syria to protect it from foreign attack. Yes, the delivery of weapons to the Contras by the West is a violation of international law punishable in international courts.

Faced with Russia's firm stand, David Cameron tried to convince his Western partners that the fortunes of war could still change. MI6 and DGSE are ready to prooke a military coup in Damascus. An officer recruited at the top of the secret service, would liquidate loyalists and take power. The new authorities would form a military dictatorship that would give way gradually to a parliamentary democracy.

The French and British have not abandoned the idea that Geneva 2 should be the conference of Syria's capitulation to the demands of western colonialism."


Saudi Arabia Arms Militants in Syria (and vid)


Comment with George Galloway MP - Saudi Arabia has provided Takfiri militants operating in Syria with Russian made Konkurs anti-tank missiles."


US Spooks Stockpile Arms For Syria Rebels in Jordan For August Onslaught - Report


"The CIA is stockpiling arms in Jordan for US trained Syrian rebels, which they will use in an offensive against Damascus starting in August, according to the Wall Street Journal."

Jordan is also the destination for millions of Canucklhead tax dollars in 'aid' by the Harper regime recently.




Friends of Syria Communique...


"...Bashar al Assad has no role in the transitional governing body or thereafter...The Group reaffirmed that the Syrian regime is ultimately responsible for atrocities and the ensuing tragedy in Syria..."


New Video of 'Islamist' Public Beheadings of 'Assad Loyalists' Surfaces in Syria (and vid GRAPHIC)


More info and complete video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alCsFKyAZR8


Brzezinski: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Their Western Allies Orchestrated Syria Crisis


"The former US national security adviser says the ongong crisis in Syria has been orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their western allies.

'In late 2011, there are outbreaks in Syria produced by a drought and abetted by two well-known autocracies in the Middle East: Qatar and Saudi Arabia,'

Zbigniew Brzezinski, said in an interview with The National Interest on June 24."


Qatar's Love Affair With Syria  -  by Pepe Escobar


This is the ultimate 'Friend of Syria'...It's no secret that most of the rebels are mercenaries - usually paid $1,300 a month directly by the Qataris, with an extra $1,000 of they carry out a special ops."


Catholic Priest Executed as Foreign Arms Flood into Syria


"...The world must know that the support of gunmen by the west is helping extremists in killing Syrians. With such stances, not a single Christian will remain in the East.' Christians in Syria are being increasingly targeted by sectarian armed groups in Syria, of which there are between several hundred and over a thousand..."


Is the US Playing with Gas in Syria  -  by Evan Taylor


"Another Oil War?...It may be that the real catalyst for action in the Mediterranean is coming from miles under the sea."


'Splitting Syria is the Best Possible Outcome' - Henry Kissinger


"In his view, the US can no longer hope for a decisive victory and liquidation of the Syrian government. However, Henry Kissinger believes that Syria can be split into several regions and that such a scenario is the best outcome for America:

'There are three possible outcomes. An Assad victory. A Sunni victory. Or an outcome in which the various nationalities agree to co-exist together but in more or less autonomous regions, so that they can't oppress each other. That's the outcome I would prefer to see. But that's not the popular view.'

This statement made by one of the most influential American strategists shows that Bashar Assad is very close to victory and the US is trying to propose a compromise because it is clear that the original plan to overthrow the Syrian government has failed..."


Syria: the Art of Standing on the Right Side of History   -   by Andre Fomine


"The West is absolutely engaging in mass propaganda by portraying the Syria conflict as a fight for democracy when many of the rebels want anything but. They pledge allegiance to Al Qaeda, explicitly call for Sharia law, kill thousands of Christians, use terrorist tactics - yet our corrupt media and political class pretend arming them will produce democracy."


Raghead the Friendly Neighbourhood Terrorist: The Gift that Keeps on Giving  -  by Bill Purkayastha


"It is much better to give than to receive. Much, much better..."


Fatwa for Make-Up: Islamists Target Women in Rebel Controlled Territories


"Syrian rebels have issued a ban on women using make-up or wearing 'immodest dress' in a neighborhood in the city of Aleppo.

The women's clothing fatwa has been viewed as the latest example of Islamic radicalization growing within the rebel-controlled Syrian areas.

A video released a few days ago features public beheadings of alleged Assad loyalists. The executed men were Christians according to some media reporting with one of the dead being a priest."


Canada Condemns Brutal Killing of Priest in Syria


"We encourage the Syrian authorities to do their utmost to find and prosecute those responsible for these cowardly acts and to stem the rise of sectarian violence..."

Except as a member of 'Friends of Syria', Canada has repudiated the authority of Damascus and supports the rebels. What slapheads and even more the Canucklhead public who don't even notice these outrageous and evil run-with-hare-hunt-with-hounds, contradictions and mendacities.


Interview with Bashar Al Assad: Syria Still Home For All...What is Taking Place in Egypt the Fall of So-Called Political Islam


"Our government and our people have persevered because it is the majority that has supported the governmnent and not the minority..."


Syrian Armed Forces Make Fresh Headway in Battles Against Insurgents (and vid)



"Syria's army victories against foreign-backed militants have become a fact nearly on a daily basis..."


'SNC to Recieve Weapons From S Arabia'


"The Turkey-based so-called Syrian National Coalition (SNC), which fights for regime change in Syria, says it is going to receive weapons from Saudi Arabia. Ahmed Jarba described the opposition's military position as weak, but he said the situation would change with Saudi Arabian weapons.

He added that the opposition would not take part in the peace conference due to be held in Geneva unless its military positions becomes strong.


Weakened Syria Militants Beset By Infighting (and vid)


"...now reports coming out yesterday even confirmed by the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based here in the UK, that the rebels are now in many instances fighting each other."


What is Happening in Syria? Public Meeting, Friday, July 12, Toronto


7 PM, Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St, (at Bloor), Free

"A public forum on the nature of the Syrian government and the opposition, and on the aims of world powers and regional countries in Syria..."


Israel to Attack Syria...?

Key IDF Rearrangement Announced


"...Hiding the move of Division 366 is impossible. 36 is the largest in the reserve army. Nosy civilians tend to note caravans of tanks atop semi-trailer trucks passing in front of their homes.

Lieutenant General Gantz justified the event as an attempt to 'block terrorist attacks from Syria, allowing Division 36 to prepare for other scenarios.'

In other words, Division 366 will take over the strongholds line, which is populated by rotating regular army ujnits while 36 will prepare for an attack on Syria.

Gantz mentioned 'the IDF is moving ahead of the vents, not waiting for potential threats to materialize.'

In my personal Hebrew-English dictionary this translates as 'The IDF will attack.'


'Inquiry on Aleppo Chemical Attack Met International Standards, Unlike West's', Lavrov


"Evidence studied by Russian scientists indicates that a projectile carrying the deadly nerve agent sarin was most likely fired at Khan al Assal, west of Aleppo, by rebels, rather than government forces. Russia 'guarantees' the quality of the analysis. 'We submitted a full set of documents to the UN,'Lavrov pointed out..."


Al-Qaeda Militants Kill Syrian Rebel Commander - FSA Spokesman


"Rivalries among the now fractured Syrian opposition look to be increasing, and are likely behind several assassinations of commanders within the moderate rebel groups.."


Israel Behind Explosions in Syria's Latakia: Israeli Media


"US officials have reportedly confirmed that Israeli fighter jets on July 5 bombarded a Syrian arsenal containing advanced Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported, citing CNN.

Israel is already believed to have been involved in at least three attacks against Syria since January."


1,500 Foreign Militants Entered Syria This Week


"1,500 foreign militants entered Syria this week via the country's border with Turkey that facilitated their entry, according to statements attributed to the Free Syrian Army militias.

17 thousand non-Syrian fighters are believed to be operating in Syria..."


Syria Economy Deteriorated Since Unrest Began (and vid)


"...The situation is blamed on economic sanctions by the Arab League as well as some regional and Western countries..."


'Will the government follow the EU lead and increase sanctions against Syria?' Helen Laverdiere NDP


AIPAC & OFAC Ratchet Up US Sanctions Targeting Syria and Iran's Population


"...The US-led sanctions increasingly target the Iranian and Syrian people for purely political purposes, in order to ignite civil unrest which the Obama Administration hopes will lead to regime change."

How unfortunate that Canada has chosen to participate in this monstrous warcrime. How unfortunate its people permit it to...


Syrian Rebels' Dangerous Chemical Cache Found By Assad Army - State TV (and vid)


"Military sources reported that the militants were planning to fire mortars in the suburbs of the capital and were going to pack missiles with chemical warheads. Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari said that the chemicals were 'capable of destroying a whole city, if not the whole country.'

Chief UN chemical weapons investigator Ake Sellstrom and UN disarmament chief Angela Kane are expected in Damascus for talks on Monday, following an invitation from the Syrian government."


BREAKING  RT Source: Israeli Strike on Syria Was Carried Out from Turkish Base (and vid)


"...News that Turkey assisted Israel in attacking another Muslim state could result in serious turmoil for Ankara, once the information is confirmed..."


Death of key Free Syrian Army commander heralds a brutal new chapter in conflict


A new front is opening in the Syrian civil war that looks set to pit rebel against rebel, as confrontations between Western-backed groups and Islamic fundamentalist fighters threaten to spiral out of control.

The assassination of a leading commander of the Free Syrian Army by fighters allied with al-Qa’ida will further divide the rebels in Syria at a time a moment when they are struggling to deal with government forces offensives against opposition strongholds.

Kamal Hamami was killed on Thursday along with his brother at a checkpoint near Latakia in north-west Syria. The assassination was reportedly carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which has long been conducting a guerrilla war against the Iraqi government and fighting under the banner of the al-Nusra Front in Syria until earlier this year. The Iraq-based part of the movement is likely to have been responsible for killing most of the 44 people shot dead or killed in bomb attacks and shooting in Iraq in recent days.

Mr Hamami, also known as Abu Bassir al-Ladkani, was a member of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and commander of an important brigade within the loosely-organised FSA.


Free Syrian Army threatens blood feud after senior officer killed by jihadists


Commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have reacted with fury to the assassination of a senior FSA officer by a jihadist group, warning that the killing would lead to further violence between the disparate factions battling to oust the president, Bashar al-Assad. ...

The killing – the first internecine targeting of a ranking member of the mainstream Syrian opposition group – follows rising tensions between the exclusively Syrian militia and jihadi fighters, including increasing numbers of foreigners who see the civil war in Syria as part of a global jihad.

Rebel leaders in northern Syria said on Friday that the assassination had shattered trust between the two sides and set off a blood feud.

"This will not go unpunished," said a former officer of the Syrian army who now commands a mainstream opposition militia near Idlib province. "They are trying to assert themselves, to make us bow to them. They need to be taught a lesson."



all part of the plan...

"...The Americans, Europeans and some governments in the Arab and Muslim world have set a trap for you in Syria. They have opened the entire country for you to congregate there from all corners of the world and kill one another. And you are complicit in this trick,' Nasrallah added."

Nasrallah: Syrian Rebels Won't Win: Al Qaeda has been tricked into fighting in Syria, claims Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah



Dogs of War Seek Instability in Syria (and vid)


"Press TV has conducted an interview with Sara Flounders, with International Action Center, from New York to discuss the situation in Syria.

'The forces on the ground, they're killing each other, and robbing equipment from each other, and setting up bank accounts in other countries outside. You really see an assortment of some of the ugliest dogs of war.'


IDF Offensive Redeployment Amid Syrian Fire


"On July 16,2013, at least 25 mortars landed next to an Israeli stronghold near Quneitra on the Golan Heights. Astonishing images published by Israeli media show that the IDF has been redeployed in an offensive pattern...One more page in the preamble to the next Israeli-Syrian war has been written."


Israel Allegedly Using Turkish Military Base to Attack Syria (and vid)


"A new report has been released by the Russian media claiming Israel and a Turkish military base to attack Syria..."


The People of Aleppo React to Siege by FSA (and vid)


"Will the government follow the EU lead and increase sanctions aginst Syria?!" - NDP


US Preparing for Military Action in Syria, Top US General Says


"...Gen Dempsey said the administration was considering using 'kinetic strikes' in Syria and said the 'issue was under deliberation inside of agencies of government,' the Associated Press reported from Washington."


Army Chief: We Risk War With Syria (and vid)


"Britain has to be prepared to 'go to war' if it wishes to restrain the Syrian regime by implementing no-fly zones and arming the rebels, the outgoing head of the armed forces warns today..."


RT:Terror Territory - Al-Qaeda Plans Own State in Syria North (and vid)



TNR: David Swanson, Mairead Maguire on Syria (podcast)


"Mairaed Maguire, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize, speaks about her recent trip to Lebanon and Syria, where she met with members of the opposition, and members of the government. Maguire says Syrians oppose intervention.

'It's not a civil war. It's a proxy war. No more Western intervention and domination, it is absolutely criminal."





Syrian Kurds Battle al-Qaeda-linked Islamists for Control of Oil Fields


"Kurdish fighters have seized control of a Syrian town on the border with Turkey and are battling Islamist rebel groups linked to al-Qaeda for control of oil fields in the northeast of the country.

The fighting is further evidence that the conflict between rebels and President Bashar al Assad's forces that has engulfed Syria since early 2011 has splintered into turf wars that have little to do with ousting him.

The capture of Ras-al-Ain by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a Syrian Kurdish party with links to Kurdish militants in Turkey, rang alarm bells in Ankara..."


RT-CrossTalk: Syrian Reversal (and vid)


"How has the media war regarding the Syrian war changed? Is Assad's narrative more accepted now? The West is growing more and more indecisive, how does it bode for the conflict? And is a peace conference still possible? Crosstalking with Ehsa Ahrari, Kelly Vlahos and Kapil Komireddi..."


Comment with George Galloway MP: Murder of Pro-Syrian Figure in Lebanon (and vid)


"Gunmen have assassinated a prominent pro-Syrian figure in southern Lebanon." George Galloway on this, Egypt and other matters.


Israeli Military Dangerous Terrorist Organization: Analyst


"Press TV has talked with Jennifer Loewenstein, with the University of Madison from Wisconsin, to discuss the recent decision by the European Union to put the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah on its blacklist..."


Hezbollah Gets 'Terrorist' Label for Fighting Al Qaeda


"On Monday, the European Union formally labeled Hezbollah a 'terrorist' group. Why? Because Hezbollah has gone to war with Al Qaeda..."


Al Qaeda Linked Extremists Hold 200 Kurdish Civilians Hostage as 'Live Shield' in Syria (and vid)


"Al Qaeda linked extremists have taken and continue to hold hostage about 200 Kurdish civilians, including women and children, using them as live shields in north-eastern Syria, Russia's Foreign Ministry has stated. 'In these areas, there has long been confrontation between the troops of the international extremists affiliated with al-Qaeda and local Kurdish militias who stood up to protect their homes, from attacks by radical Islamists,' Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.."


Israel Already Involved in Unprovoked Attack on Syria: Scott Rickard (and vid)


"Press TV has conducted an interview with Scott Rickard, former American intelligence linguist, about Israel once again threatening the Syrian government and President Bashar al Assad with possible attacks..."


Israel, US Dictated EU Move on Hezbollah: Nasrallah (and vid)


"Why isn't Israel on an EU 'Terrorist List'?


Syria Turning Into 'Center of Global Jihad': IDF intel Chief


"...Director of Military Intelligence Maj Gen Aviv Kochavi warned that Syria is posing a regional threat as it attracts thousands of global jihadists and Muslim extremists from around the world.

In the meantime, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees gave a green light to send CIA weapons shipments to oppotition fighters.

The plan was announced last month by the Obama administration and involves giving small arms and ammunition to some of the 1,200 groups of Syrian rebels, some of which have known affiliations with Al Qaeda."

the poisoners warn of the effects of poison, even while ordering more..


War Against Iran, Iraq AND Syria?  -  by Pepe Escobar


"Amidst the incessant rumble in the (Washington) jungle about a possible Obama administration military adventure in Syria, new information has come to light. And what a piece of 'Pipelineistan information that is..."


Saudi Arabia Signs Deal With Israeli Army To Buy Weapons For Militants Fighting Syrian Government


"Israeli Radio reported that Saudi Arabia signed a $50 Million dollar deal with the Israeli army to supply the foreign-backed militants with old Israeli military equipment and arms..."


George Galloway MP on 'Comment': EU Blacklists Hezbollah (and vid)


George Galloway discusses this matter, its relevance and origins in Syria, and other topics



West War Crimes in Syria Exposed  -  by Finian Cunningham


"There was a time during the 30-month covert dirty war on Syria when Western governments and news media would make a clamor over reported massacres. Now, despicably, these governments and media just ignore such atrocities.

Why? Because it is increasingly clear that the groups committing these crimes against thousands of Syrian civilians are the foreign-backed mercenaries whom the Western media and their governments have tried to lionize as 'rebels' fighting for 'democratic freedom'.


Assad Tipped Off to Israeli Attack by FSA Mole


"...in the cat and mouse game that is the Syrian civil war, Assad has a victory, Israel a defeat."


Israel Warns Its Syrian Mercenaries 


"In other words the clumsy patsies are being dismissed. Israel threatens Syria directly..."


Syrian War Reaches Explosive Stage


"All the different fronts between the Syrian government, rival rebel factions, the Kurds, Turkey, Hezbollah and israel are liable to explode. With so many moving parts and clashing interests, lasting peace seems a distant dream."


Aleppo Massacre Aimed at Erasing Evidence Implicating West: Analysis


"A political expert says the recent massacre, in the Syrian town of Khan al Assal was a Western-backed measure to cover up the militants' use of chemical weapons there back in March..."


A Formula For Survival in Damascus


"...Most here, having suffered incalculable losses, most tragically, in terms of killed loved ones, but also material loss of livelihoods, jobs and businesses, without much prospect for major recovery anytime soon, nonetheless exhibit a sense that life may soon improve.."

This optimism is certainly not due to any mediating efforts from the citizenries of those Western belligerent 'democracies' like Canada or the US, who by and large have adopted the customary studied indifference to the agonies of Syria they induced and prolong.


Disturbing Report Alleges Killing of 450 Kurds in Syria


"Commenting on the reports, the UN Human Rights office in Geneva said they are investigating and if it is confirmed then would consider it a war crime and seek [to ensure] that perpetrators are brought to justice.

'Armed groups also have responsibilities under international law and should not think that they are immune from prosecution,' Navi Pillay said in a statement."

Unless of course they are being supported by powerful Western interests and countries, including the UN


Moscow Rejects Saudi Offer to Drop Assad For Rich Arms Deal


"Moscow said 'no' to Saudi Arabia's alleged proposal of a rich arms deal and protection of Russia's gas interests in the Middle East in exchange for abandoning Syria President Assad, according to Arab and European diplomats.

The proposal of $15 Billion in weapons contracts was allegedly made during the July 31 meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and influential intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Reuters reported..


Vow of 'Occupation Until Martyrdom'


"Seven of Syria's 13 Palestinian camps now controlled by Salafi-Jihadists.

Syrian Palestinian camps have become theaters of war,' said UNWRA Commissioner Fillippo Grandi.."


Obama Pays Al Qaeda $150 Per Month in Syria (and vid)


"The US openly admits it gives the Syrian insurgents 150 USD per month, interestingly the exact same wage Al Qaeda is paying.."



George Galloway MP: Comment: Who is Inspiring the Syrian Militants? (and vid)


George Galloway MP discusses atrocities by foreign backed mercenaries' efforts to topple the Syrian government and other matters..


Top US General Travels To Middle East for War Talks


"Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, traveled to the Middle East this week, arriving in Israel on Monday. The purpose of Dempsey's Near Eastern trip is to promote and coordinate support for US plans targeting Syria..."


Bandar Bush, 'Liberator' of Syria  -  by Pepe Escobar


"Moscow won't drop Damascus. Period."


Obama, Statesmanship and Russia. The Stark Reality   -  by F William Engdahl


"However sad and disturbing the fact that Washington brazenly ignores basic principles of international law when it suits her, the real agenda behind the Summit cancellation is something else. Russia, since Putin took over from Medvedev as President in May 2012, has shown a far more determined stand in defending Russia's vital interests in the world.

Fear of that strong policy turn with the return of Putin is why Washington secretly launched a preventitive wave of domestic Russian anti-Putin protests, often with hand-picked activists with financial and other ties to the US Government-funded NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy...

The real issue between Washington and Moscow today is Syria and all that stands behind that vital proxy battle..."


August-September War on Syria Has Begun


"30,000 flee Kurdish region..."


Reports of Massive Chemical Attack Near Damascus as UN Observers Arrive in Syria (and vid)


"...Meanwhile an RT Arabic correspondent managed to contact some locals who say they haven't witnessed any 'poisonous attack' in the area. However, they point out that gunfire can be heard.

Syrian authorities issued a statement saying there is 'no truth whatsoever' to reports of chemical weapons use near Damascus. Media reports about Syrian government troops using chemical weapons near Damascus are aimed at misleading international observers, the Syrian ambassador in Russia, Riyadh Haddad told Interfax. 'It's not true,' he stated..."


US Readies Possible Missile Strike Against  Syria - Report


"...the Pentagon is making 'initial preparations' for a cruise missile attack on Syrian government forces, according to a new report..."


British MP: Israel Provides Terrorists in Syria with Chemical Weapons


"If there's been any use of nerve gas, it's the rebels that used it...Al Qaeda who used the chemical weapons,' said Respect Party MP for Bradford West, George Galloway. 'Who gave Al Qaeda the chemical weapons? Here's my theory: Israel gave them the chemical weapons,' MP Galloway added..."


Phone Intercept Proves 'Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons in Homs


"Official Syrian sources state that telephone intercepts between terrorists affiliated to the so-called 'Shihada al Bayada Batallion and their Saudi Arabian liason, called Adulbasit, clarify that foreign-backed terrorists have used a chemical weapon in Dier Balba, in the countryside of Homs.

Another intercepted phone call revealed that terrorist groups were cooperating to deliver two bottles of the deadly and internationally outlawed nerve agent Sarin from the Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus..."


John Baird: United Nations Probe in Syria Still Needed But No Need to Doubt Chemical Weapons Reports


"There is no reason to doubt reports of chemical weapons being used in Syria, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Friday..."

howeird beale

You'd think they would release those phone intercepts, to their friendly journalist, if they have them.

You'd think the Syrian government's description of the call would include "quotes."

You'd think they would let the inspectors walk a few blocks over to the site.


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