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From the US Home Front

Obama Has Decided That It is Safer To Buy Congress Than Go It Alone  -  by Paul Craig Roberts


"While still claiming dictatorial powers to start a war on his own authority, Obama put his unilateral attack on Syria on hold when he received a letter from more than 160 members of the House of Representatives reminding him that to take the country to war without congressional approval is an impeachable offense...

Now that the White House realizes that Obama cannot commit a war crime without cover, here is what we can likely expect..."


Stunning Photographs of US Service Members Publicly Saying NO to War With Syria (and photos)




Arrest US 'Leaders' ONLY Legal Response to Ongoing War Crimes


"Importantly now, US military and/or law enforcement must arrest US government 'leaders'. If not, this history will repeat with mass-murdering of Syrians, Iranians, and more ignorant/gullible US soldiers. The basis of law provides US military and all with Oaths to defend the US Constitution to refuse unlawful orders and act to arrest those who issue them."


thanks NDPP for posting all these although I find it difficult to follow all. And I also noted the ME mentality in that article and agreed.


It's an extremely dire and dangeous crisis jftb...Foreign forces must be constrained from attacking or invading and comprehensive peace talks by the parties with a cessation of hostilities must occur. Please post anything you think relevant...


I will, and Maher suggests that we ignore conspiracy theories and look for mutual interests rather than friendships. Mutual interests can shift. So Obama may want to replace Assad but lacks the desire to replace the regime.


Israel Claims Joint US Missile Launch in Mediterranean For 'Target Practice' (and vid)


"Israel says it carried out a 'joint' US missile launch in the Mediterranean, having earlier claimed ignorance. Russian radar detected two ballistic rockets fired in the region on Tuesday, sparking widespread speculation over who was behind the launch."

The USRAELI Hannibal Lector plays his outrageous and dangerous games at the edge of a precipice...


Syria 'Hemorrhaging' People in Worst Refugee Crisis in Recent History - UN


"The UN Refugee Agency has announced the number of Syrians who have fled the country since the civil war began in March 2011, has exceeded 2 million.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterras, said displacement of Syrians was 'unparalleled in recent history'..."


Breaking: "France won't intervene in Syria if US Congress votes against offensive"


As Syrian Issue Heats Up, Canada Dispatches Foreign Affairs Miister to G20


"Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird will join his international counterparts to discuss the deepening crisis in Syria, on the sidelines of the G20 summit this week in Russia.

With the US Congress scheduled to vote on a military strike against Syria, the ongoing bloodshed was threatening to overtake discussions of what is supposed to be an economic forum.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Tuesday that an attack would be illegal without a Security Council approval and could unleash more suffering throughout the region."


No War For Bernard Henri Levy  -  by Diana Johnstone


"The Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) told Obama that the United States should consider ' not just to get rid of the chemical weapons threat, but also to deter or destroy the Assad regime's airpower and other coventional military means of committing atrocities against civilian non-combatants.'

At the same time, 'the United States should accelerate efforts to vet, train and arm moderate elements of Syria's armed opposition, with the goal of empowering them to prevail against both the Assad regime and the growing presence of Al Qaeda-affiliated and other extremist rebel factions in the country.'

In short, what is called for is a full-scale regime change, getting rid of both the existing regime and its main military opposition, and putting in power supposed 'moderate elements of Syria's armed opponents,' who by all accounts are the weakest in the field.

So, after failing to produce such nice, moderate results in Iraq or Afghanistan, try, try again.

The most obvious unintended consequence of US air strikes on Syria, if they happen, will be the total collapse of whatever pro-American sentiment may be left in the world, and a furious backlash against Israel, which is widely seen as the influence behind US policy in the Middle East.

And the best way to prevent the backlash against Israel and its supporters is to call a halt to the whole project of using US military force in Syria..."


Who Really Crossed the Red Line  -  by Alessandra Bajec


"...Destabilization of Syria is a goal in itself. By making sure that Assad is not capable of governing the country in a functioning manner. Part of this, I think, is meant to keep Syria from being able to do things like the 10 billion dollar Iran-Iraq pipeline for the transit of Iranian gas to Iraq, Syria and Europe.

That's definitely something that a lot of players in the region from Turkey to Qatar and others are very much against. And the US also doesn't want to see that project happening. So destabilization of the country is to make sure that deals like that can't be done.

And it really doesn't matter whether or not Assad is finally overthrown, even a protracted civil war may work out to serve these geopolitical purposes.."


Letter To A Syrian Friend  -  by Vijay Prashad


"On the wings of Empire comes only grief..."



Pipeline Politics and the Syrian War (and vid)


James Corbett and Pepe Escobar discuss the possibility of an Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline and how the regional players react to such a proposal and Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia's role in the current crisis..."


Ban Rejects Any Offensive Against Syria Without UN Mandate (and vid)


"He added that an ongoing UN investigation into the [poison gas] incident is uniquely placed to independently establish the facts in an objective and impartial manner."

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Polls Show Americans Are Dead Set Against Syrian Airstrikes, Aid to Rebels

President Obama promised Tuesday that his plan to attack Syria is “proportional, it is limited, it does not involve boots on the ground.”

If he sounds a bit like a salesman, it may be because polls show tremendous opposition to military action, even if it’s just an airstrike and even if the Syrian government used chemical weapons.

Pew Research spoke to 1,000 adults over the weekend, and found that 48 percent of Americans opposed military action, while only 29 percent were in favor. Seventy-four percent of those surveyed said an attack was “likely to create a backlash against the United States and its allies in the region,” and 61 percent agreed an attack would lead to a long-term military commitment. A majority, 53 percent, said there is clear evidence that the Syrian government gassed its own civilians, but only 32 percent said the president has explained clearly why the U.S. needs to launch airstrikes.

A separate Washington Post-ABC News poll found an even larger proportion, 59 percent, opposed airstrikes and 70 percent were against giving weapons to Syrian rebels.


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Well I got a response back from my congressman in the HOR and he is going to vote no. That's one down, two to go; I still haven't heard from my two senators yet.

All three of them are Republicans, being a Democtrate in Texas I don’t do too well in congressional elections…Embarassed

I requested he ask as to why there has been no physical evidence such as parts of the missiles or rockets used to make the attack presented by the administration as evidence of the regime using artillery to deliver the chemicals (Kerry claimed it was a missile attack). I explained to him how that stuff would be lying around. I told him I would like him to ask around about it and get back with me on what he finds out. I’ll let you guys know if he gets back with me or not.

Who knows, I might have started some shit up on Capitol Hill…LOL


Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Plan to Strike Syria (and video)


"The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted on Wednesday to approve President Barack Obama's plan to strike Syria in retaliation for the reported use of chemical weapons by leader Bashar al Assad's regime.

The committee voted 10 - to - 7 in favor of using military force, with one lawmaker voting only 'present'.

Next the full Senate is expected to vote on a potential strike on Syria as early as next week."


Russian Military Expert: World Narrowly Escaped Middle East War on Tuesday


"The US and Israel actually wanted to watch the reaction to the launch on the part of Russia, China and Iran, said Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov...

Those who launched the two ballistic missiles towards Syria obviously hoped Iran would consider this launch as an attack on Damascus, its ally, General Ivashov went on. The Pentagon clearly wanted to see if the Iranians would respond to this by delivering a ballistic missile strike at Israel...

Had Iran responded to the challenge, the US would have weighty reasons for attacking Syria by way of support for Israel as its ally, since Barack Obama still doesn't have congressional support for an operation against the Syrian government..."


Making the World Safe For Banksters: Syria in the Cross-Hairs  -  by Ellen Hodgson Brown


"Iraq and Libya have been taken out, and Iran has been heavily boycotted. Syria is now in the cross-hairs. Why? Here is one overlooked scenario..

Like Libya and Iraq before takedown, Syria and Iran have state-owned central banks..."


Hatay Residents: Syrian Militants Receive Chemical Weapons via Turkey (and vid)


"Residents in the southern Turkish province of Hatay claim the chemical weapons used in an August 21 attack in Syria's capital Damascus were used by Al-Qaeda linked Al Nusra Front insurgents and NOT the Syrian government.

Farid Mainy, a Hatay resident and an activist himself, told me these chemicals were sent to Syria from Turkey..."


Towards the Vindication of a Syrian Invasion  -  by Ismail Salami


"In a naked lobbying effort, three pro-Israel groups; ie, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) urged American lawmakers on Tuesday to authorize President Barack Obama to launch an attack on Syria.

As a major beneficiary to an invasion of Syria, Tel Aviv may end up a bad loser in the eventuality of a war on Syria.."




StoptheWar; Next 'Don't Attack Syria!' Rally, Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2 PM, US Consulate, 360 University Avenue, Toronto, TTC: Osgoode


There Is Still Time to Stop Them: Hands Off Syria!


US Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007


"More than 2 million Syrians have poured into neighbouring countries as refugees, the UN revealed on Tuesday.

But while the UN and nations across the world feign shock over the growing humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in and around Syria, the goal of a violent sectarian conflict and its predictable catastrophic results along with calls to literally 'bleed' Syria have been the underlying strategy of special interests in [Canada], the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their regional partners since at least 2007...

Here is a timeline that will illuminate the true cause of Syria's current conflict and the foreign interests, not the Syrian government, responsible..."


Impeach Obama!   -  by Stephen Lendman


"Obama exceeds the worst of his predecessors. He's guilty of repeated high crimes. They're too grave to permit. They can't be allowed to go unpunished."


Canada Decries Russian Stubbornness on Syria as Leaders Arrive For G20


"...This is the issue we're tackling, Russia's great intractability to work with others on this issue. In some respects that's the heart of the problem." - John Baird


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Well I got a response back from my congressman in the HOR and he is going to vote no. That's one down, two to go; I still haven't heard from my two senators yet.

All three of them are Republicans, being a Democtrate in Texas I don’t do too well in congressional elections…Embarassed

I requested he ask as to why there has been no physical evidence such as parts of the missiles or rockets used to make the attack presented by the administration as evidence of the regime using artillery to deliver the chemicals (Kerry claimed it was a missile attack). I explained to him how that stuff would be lying around. I told him I would like him to ask around about it and get back with me on what he finds out. I’ll let you guys know if he gets back with me or not.

Who knows, I might have started some shit up on Capitol Hill…LOL



Good luck with that Bec! (Caw!) It's an awful thing this and the stakes are about as high as they come. We stand on the edge of a great darkness if things continue moving in the direction they are...

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Rep. Alan Grayson on Syria: Congress Should Reject "Warmongering" and Focus on Problems at Home

video & transcript


REP. ALAN GRAYSON: Well, I think that the forces of warmongering and the forces of the military-industrial complex are headed for an historic defeat in the House. According to the New York — The Washington Post whip count as of this morning, there are 19 members of Congress in favor of this resolution and 174 against. And the reasons are simple: It’s not our responsibility, it’s not going to do any good, it’s expensive, and it’s dangerous. And those arguments are winning the day among House members, both Democrat and Republican. The margin among Democrats right now in the House is four-to-one against. The margin among Republicans is over 10-to-one against.....




Kerry: Arab Nations Offered To Pay For Syria Strike


"Arab Nations have offered to help pay for any US military intervention in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry told lawmakers Wednesday as he sought support for missile strikes..."


'US War on Syria Not To Be Limited' (and vid)


"An American anti-war activist says US President Barack Obama's claim of having a limited and surgical plan for military action against Syria is nothing but a lie...

Rick Rozoff, Stop NATO: 'Once the monsters are let out of the Pandora's box, it's impossible to put it back again,' he concluded."


Turkey Deploys Military Units Along Syria Border


"Turkey has deployed military units along its southern border with Syria, reports say, amid speculation that the US may launch a military strike against the Arab country."


75,000 Troops Needed To Secure Chemical Weapons If Damascus Falls


"The potential of strategic US strikes in Syria has sparked fears Damascus' chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands if the government is toppled. A recent Congressional report says 75,000 troops would be needed to safeguard the WMD caches.

'Due to the urgency of preventing access to these weapons by unauthorized groups, including terrorists, the US government has been preparing for scenarios to secure the weapons in the event of the Assad regime's loss of control,' the document reads.."


Russia Warns of Nuclear Disaster if Syria is Hit


"If a warhead, by design or by chance, were to hit the Minature Neutron Source Reactor (MNSR) near Demascus, the consequences would be catastrophic,' Alexsandr Lukashevich said in a Wednesday statement..."


Syria: Time For Brinksmanship? - Syrian Girl



Campaign May Vote 'No' on Syria Attack


"While President Obama attempts to drum up support overseas for a potential strike against Syria, lawmakers in the US House of Representatives appear not all that likely to authorize the use of military force.

According to analysis conducted by Think Progress, lawmakers in the House are leaning towards a 'No' vote with regards to opposing a strike against Assad.

The website reported Thursday morning that 199 representatives are expected to shut down any strike against Syria, with 49 lawmakers in the House looking towards voting yes.."


Russia Gave UN 100 Page Report in July Blaming Syrian Rebels For Aleppo Sarin Attack


"Russia says a deadly March Sarin attack in an Aleppo suburb was carried out by Syrian rebels; not forces loyal to President Bashar Assad, and it has delivered a 100-page report laying out its evidence to the UN.

'The Russian document is specific,' the ministry statement said. 'It is a scientific and technical document.' The Russian staement said Russian officials had broken the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons' code of silence on such probes only because Western nations appear to be preparing the ground for military action.' in retaliation for the Aug 21 incident.

White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said US officials were unmoved by the Russian report and held the Assad government responsible for both the Khan al Asal attack in March and the Aug 21 attack outside Damascus."


Evidence Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons (not Assad) [and vid]


"Testimony from victims strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian government that used Sarin nerve gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior UN diplomat said Monday..."


G20 Going Political: Syria, NSA Scandal Pushing Summit's Agenda (and vid)


"Despite pleasant views of St Petersburg and a large list of economic challenges on world leaders' agendas, political tension was apparent at the start of the G20 Summit as the US faced questions regarding its stance on Syria and the NSA spying program."


BTS: 229 Breaking the Set's Abbie Martin interviews Chris Hedges and Max Keiser on Syria (and vid)



The powerful pro-Israel lobby AIPAC is planning to launch a major lobbying campaign to push wayward lawmakers to back the resolution authorizing U.S. strikes against Syria, sources said Thursday. Officials say that some 250 Jewish leaders and AIPAC activists will storm the halls on Capitol Hill beginning next week to persuade lawmakers that Congress must adopt the resolution or risk emboldening Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear weapon. They are expected to lobby virtually every member of Congress, arguing that “barbarism” by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated, and that failing to act would “send a message” to Tehran that the U.S. won’t stand up to hostile countries’ efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction, according to a source with the group.





Talk Nation Radio: Rep Alan Grayson on Syria


"House will vote no, Obama will heed..."


A Syrian Gulf of Tonkin Resolution: Congress Ready to be Flattered Into Killing More Syrians


"Already quislings of both parties in the Senate - Democrat Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Republican Pat Roberts of Kansas - are staking out the 'compromise' position of a limited war in response to President Obama's proposal for an open-ended authorization. According to Leahy, Democratic senate staffers are working on an alternative authorization for killing Syrians.


Footage of Chemical Attack in Syria is Fraud


"There is proof the footage of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was fabricated, Mother Agnes Mariam al Salib, mother superior of St James Monastery in Qara, Syria told Rt. She says she is about to submit her findings to the UN.

'Everyone in Syria is facing great danger...I demand the international community stops assessing the situation in Syria in accordance with the interests of a certain group of great powers'..."

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Hands Off Syria! Anti-War Actions, Sep 7th and 9th

A collective fierce voice demanding, “Not another war” is resounding across the country and around the world.

Now is the moment to make our voices heard.

Join unified actions this Sat. Sept. 7, in

NEW YORK’s TIMES SQUARE, 42ND STREET AND SEVENTH AVENUE AT 1 PM & in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles

and on

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE with Syrian American Forum from 10 to 12. Marching to Congress – Upper Senate Park





Obama Warned on Syrian Intel: Who's Lying? Brennan, Obama or Both?


"Despite the Obama administration's supposedly 'high confidence' regarding Syrian government guilt over the Aug 21 chemical attack near Damascus, a dozen former US military and intelligence officials are telling President Obama that they are picking up information that undercuts the Official Story..."


NDPP wrote:

StoptheWar; Next 'Don't Attack Syria!' Rally, Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2 PM, US Consulate, 360 University Avenue, Toronto, TTC: Osgoode


There Is Still Time to Stop Them: Hands Off Syria!

Don't Forget TO...

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US stocks fall after Putin says Russia will assist Syria

Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) — U.S. stocks fell after Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country will assist Syria if strikes are launched, erasing earlier gains amid a slower-than- forecast rise in employment.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell 0.4 percent percent to 1,648.38 at 9:54 a.m. in New York. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 85.83 points, or 0.6 percent, to 14,851.65. Trading in S&P 500 stocks was 31 percent higher than the 30-day average at this time of day.

Russia is already aiding Syria with arms shipments, Putin told reporters in St. Petersburg after the Group of 20 summit. A U.S. Senate panel this week authorized President Barack Obama to conduct a limited military operation against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The full Senate will begin to discuss the president’s plans when it reconvenes on Sept. 9.

The comments from Putin erased an earlier gain in the S&P 500 of as much as 0.4 percent. The gauge advanced after slower- than-forecast jobs growth eased concern about the size of potential Federal Reserve stimulus cuts....


G20 Syria Divide: World's Largest Nations Speak Out Against US-Led Strike


"...President Putin on Friday quoted his South African counterpart as saying that the world's smallest countries feel 'increasingly vulnerable and insecure' with the notion that a more powerful nation can 'at any time and at its own discretion use force against them.' In this regard, a military strike outside of a UN Security Council resolution would set a dangerous precedent Putin warned..."


Syria's Assad 'Ratcheting Up' Weapons Use, Harper Says (and vid)


"Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the world must act in the wake of an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria that he blamed on the regime of Bashar al Assad, or risk setting a precedent 'very dangerous for humanity.'


Imagining A Strike Against Syria (and vid)


Retired Canadian NATO war-criminal, Lt-Gen Charles Bouchard, the butcher of Libya, on what a unilateral US attack could accomplish



George Galloway MP: France Promting War Against Syria (and vid)


"The French government continues its campaign to promote war against Syria, saying military intervention will 're-balance' the situation in the Arab country."

Galloway in fine form, and thinks it WILL BE WAR..


Groundswell on Syria: The People Versus AIPAC  -  by Philip Weiss


"We're at a defining moment in the history of the special relationship between the US and Israel - Israel wants war and the American people don't...

The presence of non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews will be critical to this movement..."




Western-Backed Islamist Forces Attack Historic Syrian Town at Maaloula


"As the imperialist powers prepare for a major attack on Syria, their Islamist proxy forces on the ground feel strengthened and are intensifying the murderous campaign of ethnic and sectarian cleansing.

According to the Arabi Al Hadath web site, the Islamist fighters vowed to take revenge on the Christians after the 'triumph of the revolution.'


Who is Going to Buy OUr Debt If This War Causes China, Russia and the Rest of the World To Turn On Us?  -  by Michael Snyder


"If Obama insists on going forward with this, it will be the greatest foreign policy disaster in modern American history. This is not a war that has a good outcome for America..."


The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars    -  by Paul Craig Roberts


"Are the American people and the rest of the world just going to stand there, sucking their thumbs, while a new NAZI State rises in Washington?"


Damascus Notes Late Night 'Town Meetings' Before the American Attack  -  by Franklin Lamb


"One sentiment, that is virtually unanimous here is that very few, if any at all, credit the White House smooth talk to the effect tthat the purpose of the American attack, without benefit of UN Security Council approval, is to be very limited and short..."

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Fooled Again Into Wider War?

The Syrian war resolution being rushed through Congress conceals an agenda for escalation far beyond President Obama's repeated pledge of a "narrow" and limited" shot across the bow" of the Assad regime. The American public and Congress are being fooled into wider war and regime change by another name.

How did this happen? Maybe it is the price the president paid for his authorization to pass the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with John McCain's aye vote. McCain clearly hijacked the original bill when he inserted an amendment saying that the purpose of US policy is to "decisively" change the balance of forces on the ground. That does not sound like a shot across the bow, or a limited strike against a chemical weapons unit or facility. It does not sound like the president's original notion of sending a military "message" to Assad without threatening his regime....




AIPAC To Lobby Congress For Syria Strike 


"American Israeli Political Activity Committee to attempt to persuade Congress to vote in favor of attacks, as constituents urge Congress to vote against intervention.

At the moment most congressional representatives are against a US intervention in Syria.

Some 250 Jewish leaders and AIPAC activists, according to the Politico website , intend to storm the halls on Capitol Hill beginning next week.."


Baird Says Canada Cannot Allow Syria to Act With Impunity


"As world leaders wrapped up their meetings at the G20 Summit in St Petersburg, Russia, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Canada supports calls for a military intervention against the Assad regime in Syria as a direct response to that government's use of chemical weapons against civilians.

'This is a poor man's weapon of mass destruction and this guy cannot be allowed to get away with it."


Dogs of War Versus the Emerging Caravan  - by Pepe Escobar


"Not even the ghost of Machiavelli would come up with an adjective to describe the whole planet waiting in disbelief to see whether the almost universally despised House of Representatives (15% approval rating, according to RealClear Politics) decides Roman Empire style, to give the thumbs down and authorize the bombing of one of the oldest cities in humanity

(well, they have an illustrious precedent of applauding Shock and Awe over Baghdad, which topped the Mongols going medieval in the 13th century).

And all this against the will of the 'American people', who, According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll support this folly by an overwhelming 9%..."


US President Must Turn Away From Military Force on Syria: Tarpley (and vid)


"Press TV has conducted an interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley, an author and historian from Washington, over the G20 leaders' opposition to a military assault on Syria.


Obama's War Model


"...Now to the unavoidable question: In whose best interest the United States attacks Syria? Mali? No. Portugal? No. Slovenia? No. Argentina? No. China? No. Cambodia? No. Finland? No. Israel? Yes..."


Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis: LIVE UPDATES


"Congressional officers report that by a margin of 100 to one, people are telling the elected representatives from their district that they should vote 'no' on the resolution.' ANSWER


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At G20, Push For War Isolates Obama From World Leaders

President presses for Syria strikes despite overwhelming global opposition, denounces UN legal channels as 'hocus pocus'


After a vigorous lobbying effort, Obama walked away from the G20 summit with a statement signed by 11 countries that asserts Bashar al-Assad was behind the alleged chemical attacks and urges "a strong international response to a grave violation of the world's rules" but notably falls short of supporting direct strikes.

The statement—rejected by countries including Russia, China, South Africa, Indonesia, Argentina and Brazil—includes the wording, "[T]he UN security council remains paralysed, as it has been for two and a half years. The world cannot wait for endless failed processes that can only lead to suffering in Syria. We support efforts by the US and other countries to reinforce the prohibition on the use of chemical weapons."

While the development does not equate to majority support among G20 member countries for military intervention, it does appear to signify a diplomatic gain on the part of Obama after days of isolation at the meeting. Meanwhile, Putin released a vague threat of Russian military action in the event of US strikes....



Canada's Government Rallies Behind Washington's War on Syria  -  by Keith Jones


"What Harper and Baird would not, nor could not admit is that there is widespread public opposition to Canada participating in another imperialist war.

No one should presume, however, that this opposition and Harper's statement mean that Canada's role in US war on Syria will be limited to political support..."


International Gangsterism and Washington's War Drive Against Syria


"The other major lie promoted to justify the launching of a war against Syria is the claim that it will be, as Obama repeated Friday, 'limited and proportionate.' In this connection it is worthwhile citing an article posted on the Foreign Policy website by Bruce Ackerman, a well-known authority on US constitutional law and Professor at Yale University.

Discussing the draft of an authorization for use of military force submitted to Congress last weekend by the Obama administration he wrote:

'But in fact, his [Obama's] formal proposal is a massive bait-and-switch operation. It authorizes the president to use 'the Armed Forces of the United States', including boots on the ground, and to employ military force 'within, to or from Syria.'

The resolution authorizing military force passed Wednesday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and backed by the administration further explodes the pretense that what is being prepared is a small-scale intervention. It makes clear that the aim of the attack is to strengthen the Islamist-dominated opposition and effect regime change.

What is being prepared is a regional war to redraw the map of the Middle East and ensure US hegemony over the region and its vast oil riches.

While the American media is braying for blood on all channels and around the clock, the American population is overwhelmingly opposed to a military strike against Syria. There is a growing sense that the country most in need of 'regime change' is not Syria, but the US..."





MNN: Syria Hard Sell


"Corporate rulers know only war. Everything they have is stolen..."


Proxy Warfare in Syria    -   by Claude Coulomb


"If Sarin gas is the red line, then what to make of beheadings, mass assassinations by shooting squads, killing of Christian minorities and partaking in 'heart-eating' by the opposition?

But let me concentrate on the fact that as a Canadian taxpayer I'm funding extremist groups.

I don't know what we need to do, but actions need to materialize now, it's already too late.

The responsibility rests on our shoulders, we might not agree with the direction of our various 'representative democracies', but it's our reponsibility to deviate the indented actions,

failing to do so results in our culpability in this matter..."


Will the US  Use Agent Orange Against Syria?  -  by Roy Tov


"The Agent Orange attack on Vietnam was a flagrant, purposefully public violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention by the United States of America..."

ilha formosa


Retired General Wesley Clark talks about a conversation he had with Project for a New American Century warhawk Paul Wolfowitz in 1991. In the PNAC view, the US had a narrow window of opportunity to establish its influence over the Middle East, before other powers built up strength to put up significant resistance. Clark mentions the hit list: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran.

considerations: What strategic interests lay within these countries? Oil, control of Mediterranean and Suez access...

and, how much of a military advantage does the US still have, and how quickly is that gap being narrowed? In 2013, how quickly do the US warhawks feel they have to act (accompanied by pompom-waving Harper and Baird) before losing a critical advantage?


Shady PR Operatives, Pro-Israeli Ties, Anti-Castro Money: Inside the Syrian Opposition's DC Spin Machine  -  by Max Blumenthal


"According to the press release, participants in the seminar pledged 'To coordinate all of our political, diplomatic, logistic, and humanitarian efforts in pursuit of the liberation of Cuba and Syria, hence constituting a united front for freedom and democracy.

Therefore, the Cuban Resistance and the Syrian Revolution jointly declare:'The people want the overthrow of the dictatorial regimes of Assad and Castro..."


Three Days' Ops: Reports that Pentagon Aiming At Heavier Syria Strike


"Despite stiff opposition at home and abroad to any military solution to the Syrian chemical weapons crisis, the Region is preparing for a much broader attack on Syria than it originally had planned. The new plan calls for three days of cruise missile attacks, followed by a second wave of attacks on targets that the initial salvos failed to destroy.

Two officers have also alleged that the White House 'requested' an expanded target list in recent days to include many more than the 50 or so targeted on the initial list..."


Report: Turkish Security/Military Delegation in Tel Aviv To Discuss Syria Plans


"Earlier reports said that Ankara has sent 400 tons of arms supplied by some Persian Gulf states to militants in Syria to bolster their fight against the government of President Assad.

'Twenty trailers crossed from Turkey and are being distributed to arms depots for several brigades across the North', said Mohammad Salam, a rebel operative who witnessed the crossing from an undisclosed location in Hatay.

The delivery is being called the single biggest weapons cache to reach the rebels sicne the unrest began over two years ago.


Argentine Nobel Peace Laureate Condemns US Planned Strike on Syria (and vid)


"Your country is turning the Arab Spring into a NATO hell,' Mr Perez Esquivel warned in his strong unprecedented message. But the Argentine Nobel Peace Prize laureate went further in his message to unmask the United States' 'true intentions to attack the government of Syrian president Bashar al Assad:

'The target is Iran and to postpone the realization of the Palestinian state,' Perez Esquivel said."


The West Dethroned  -  by Paul Craig Roberts


The puppet states of Canada and Australia, powerless countries, neither of which carry one ounce of world influence, have lined up to do the bidding of their Washington master...

The world has caught on to the West..."


US Military A Cancer (and vid)


"The core purpose of militaries is to to kill people. Every country that has ever had one claimed it was for defence. But all history proves their function has never varied: To kill people and appropriate their wealth."


It has been awhile since I burst out laughing at the news, but the lead story on today's World at Six did it. The kicker on a story about evidence of the gas attacks in Syria "There have been many.claims... but this one has been VERIFIED BY THE C.I.A."


LOL! I guess John Baird hasn't gotten that news yet..


John Baird Fears Assad Poised to Gas Citizens Again: Tim Harper


"Canada's foreign minister asks 'What will we say when we see 25,000 children, men and women foaming at the mouth, their nerves jerking, as their lungs dissolved?

You know I've been briefed on this, the effects of the gas...you almost want to cry."

Baird accepts the evidence [WHAT Evidence?] that Assad was behind the August 21 gassing, while acknowledging that evidence is not 100 percent.

'Nothing in life is 100 percent,' he says."


...Excepting the lies and dissembling of our politicians foaming at the mouth on Syria


Depravity Redefined: Selling US Slaughter in Syria


"The corporate interests driving the United States [and its puppet Canada], its resources and policy, have involved dead children in the latest and grisliest propaganda campaign yet, directed at the American public to build support for an otherwise unjustified and universally unwanted war in Syria.

Explaining dead children to manipulate the public  emotionally enables the US to circumvent not only its absolute lack of evidence, but hopefully the myriad of logical conclusions an otherwise rational, intelligent person might draw..."


Syria: Colonization Redux  -  by Rana Bose


"This is what has always kept colonization alive. Speaking with two tongues...

Nothing that one says about Syria is going to change the minds of those in the other camp. Just as the missing WMDs of those who insisted that Baghdad should be bombed back to the Stone Age.

The Syria adventure has been in the making for years. It is not about oil. Not about gas. Not about democracy. Not for refugee relief and for sure not about the use of chemical weapons.

It is a cynical campaign that uses all of the above as propaganda to colonize and lay down pipelines for gas to warm water ports, as we shall see later in this report.

As the world waits to see how Obama, the butler in the White House, pulls off his cavort - let us remember that the entire Syria episode was scripted several years ago, not because there was a humanitarian crisis, but because the neocon - neoliberal entente had it on their colonial sights to rule this region by any means necessary..."


TRR: US Lacks Justification For Strike on Syria (and vid)


"It's illegal to make this war without going to the UN, illegal for the US to do that. And secondly, I consider the chemical weapons issue to be a pretext. I think the US has other motives for wanting to, quote, degrade Assad and support the 'rebels'..."

Michael Ratner: President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in New York, Chair of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin.



Obama With Israel and Against the World  -  by James Petras


"Across the world huge majorities oppose Obama's war.

It is only in Israel a majority of Jewish Israelis support Obama's push to war.

This divergence raises fundamental questions..."


Syria Conflict Attracts Canadians To Fight on Front Line (and vid)


"Estimates of Canadian jihadi fighters in Syria range from a few dozen to as many as 100."

These Canuklehead reinforcements for the jihadi head-choppers, throat slitters and heart eaters, should be thought of as simply part of Canada's war effort on behalf of imperialism, Zionist expansion and regional destabilization. Welcome to the new 'peacekeeping' - cut throat Al CIA-DUH 'Contras' and 'regime change' for Israel...

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John Kerry gives Syria week to hand over chemical weapons or face attack

The US secretary of state has said that President Bashar al-Assad has one week to hand over his entire stock of chemical weapons to avoid a military attack. But John Kerry added that he had no expectation that the Syrian leader would comply.



Syria Welcomes Russia's Offer to Put Its Chemical Weapons Under International Control


"We are calling on the Syrian authorities not only [to] agree on putting chemical weapons storage under international control, but also for its destruction and joining the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,' Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said earlier..."

Now along with Syria, Israel and USA must also be forced to do the same



RT Sources: Syrian Rebels Plan Chemical Attack from Assad-Controlled Territories


"A chemical attack may be launched on Israel by Syrian rebels from government-controlled territories as a 'major provocation', a number of sources have told RT.."


Canada Likely Target For Criticism on Bomb Stance


"PM's inaction on cluster bombs at odds with position on Syria chemical weapons..."


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