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UN Peacekeeper Flees Takfiri Captivity


"A UN staffer with the peacekeeping mission in the Israeli occupied Syrian territory of the Golan Heights has managed to escape after nearly 8 months of being held by Takfiris operating in Syria.

Carl Campeau, a Canadian national advising the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in Golan, said in an interview aired on Syria's state television on Thursday - that he was taken captive by the foreign-backed Takfiri militants in the suburbs of Damascus on Feb. 27.

'The terrorist kidnappers are from several countries...They are groups that do not know mercy.' Campeau stated."


Syrian Army Setting Up New Posts Around Damascus (and vid)


"The Syrian government says it is expanding a ring of fortified army posts to cut off foreign-backed militants' supply lines into the Damascus countryside, Press TV reports.."


George Galloway MP: Do Syria and Turkey Have a Common Enemy? (and vid)


"The rise of al-Qaeda-linked militants in northern Syria has left Turkey with a new security threat and raised serious speculations about Ankara's policy towards the crisis in the Arab country..."


Syria Preparing For New Battle in Qalamoun Mountains (and vid)


"The Qalamoun is located in Western Syria adjacent to the Lebanese border. All eyes are now on this next major fight in the battle for Syria. With the close geographical proximity of Qalamoun to Lebanon, unsurprisingly Hezbollah is under the spotlight..."


Are Israel and Turkey On Thin Ice, With Proxy War Ahead? Or Is It All Smoke and Mirrors?


"The Erdogan government has played a crucial role in the rebirth of al Qaeda after the death of Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda was dead in the water. Then along came Erdogan and Obama, who resurrected al-Qaeda to topple Assad.

Turkey's long affair with the Jihadist terrorist gangs that are killing religious and ethnic minorities in Syria is hard to ignore. The only person more friendly with al Qaeda terrorists than Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan is Senator John McCain..."


'Liars, All of Them:' Syria Rebels Slam US, Gulf States Following International Peace Efforts (and vid)


"The Free Syrian Army (FSA) soldiers admit they won't be able to claim Damascus without foreign support, but they aren't counting on it anymore as the US and Gulf states are 'liars'. RT's Maria Finoshina reports from rebel-held areas in Syria.."


Bankrupt At Home and Abroad, Syria Shows Washington Is A Spent Geopolitical Player   -  by Finian Cunningham


"Having largely created a quagmire of terrorism and lawlessness in Syria through covert insurgency operations over the past two and a half years, the US government looks like a hapless Doctor Frankenstein who has lost control of the beast, or should we say beasts..."


Carl Campeau - Canadian Legal Advisor to UN Kidnapped 8 Months Ago


"Held for ransom???...Did the Canadian government pay to have this man released? Hence the conveniently unlocked door? Isn't it interesting that the Canadian government was for all intents and purposes dead silent on the kidnapping of this man by the very 'rebels' they support, back and claim are 'freedom fighters'?"

see #739 above


'Friends of Syria', Foreign-Backed Opposition Meet in London (and vid)


"The so-called Friends of Syria group is meeting in London in an attempt to persuade the foreign-backed Syrian opposition to participate in a peace conference scheduled to be held in Geneva next month..."


Rebels Blast Gas Pipeline Near Damascus Causing Southern Syria Blackout (and vid)


"A gas pipeline was attacked near Damascus causing the capital and the southern part of Syria to suffer a blackout. Media reports say the capital city of Damascus is covered with thick smoke and shell explosions are being heard."

'Friends of Syria' (including Canada) still hard at work..


'British-Saudi Alliance Must Be Exposed' (and vid)



KSA Against Political Solution to Syria (and vid)


"Hezbullah Sec-Gen Seyyed Hasan Nasrallah has accused Saudi Arabia of sabotaging a political solution to the crisis in Syria..."


Syria Rebel Threats Against Geneva 2 Talks 'Outrageous' - Lavrov


"Threats by powerful Syrian rebel groups against participants of Geneva 2 peace talks are 'outrageous', Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

The statement comes after 19 anti-Assad rebel groups refused to take part in the conference."




International Efforts Underway to Solve Crisis Peacefully (and vid)


"The UN-Arab League envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi has started intensified meetings in the Syrian capital."


Syria Christians Targeted For Supporting Assad


"Christians in this country are facing very difficult conditions..."


Rebels Conduct New Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Near Turkish Border - Report


"The toxic shell exploded near a Kurdish defense forces checkpoint close to the border with Turkey. The attack was repulsed by Kurdish defense forces who are conducting military operations against the rebels in the region.


UN Confirms Polio Outbreak in Syria: Aid Agencies Call For 'Vaccination Ceasefire'


"A polio outbreak in Syria has been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The news has prompted calls for a 'vaccination ceasefire' as the disease threatens to spread across the country and into neighboring states..."


Israel Attacks In Syria


"Today, Oct 21, 2013, the largest paid Hebrew newspaper (Yediot Ahronot) and a leading portal well connected to army sources (walla!) reported on a successful attack on a military base near the port of Latakia in Syria. They claim that Russia al Yum, a Russian channel in Arabi quoted the same source.

The reported attack was on an anti-aircraft base of the Syria army, and was conducted by unidentified ships.


Israel Jets Strike Syria Military Base: US Official


"AN unnamed US government official says that Israeli warplanes have struck a military base in Western Syria.."


Israeli Planes Strike Syrian Military Base - US Official Confirms to Media (and vid)


"Israeli warplanes struck a Syrian air defense base near the port city of Latakia on Thursday, a US official has confirmed to media. Earlier, Dubai-based broadcaster al Arabiya reported two attacks carried out by the Israeli Air Force - one in Latakia and the other one in Damascus.

Neither the Syrian nor Israeli governments have commented on the alleged attacks."


Syria: From Fermenting Uprising to Delivering Polio  -  by Felicity Arbuthnot


"In Syria now, apart from funding weapons to a reported thousand different factions of foreign terrorists from perhaps eighty plus countries, NATO, the US, UK and their Middle East cohorts have seemingly delivered polio..."


CIA Agents On Way to Syria   -  by Tony Cartalucci


"Turkey, a NATO member since the early 1950s appears to be guilty of the very crime Afghanistan was allegedly invaded, and to this day still occupied for, harboring Al Qaeda terrorists.

An army of Al Qaeda is and has been for nearly 3 years using southern Turkey as a safe-haven and staging ground for the invasion of Syria - disingenuously portrayed by the Western media as a 'civil war.'

Worst of all, these terrorists, literally carrying Al Qaeda's banner into battle, are passing CIA outposts, US, British, and French special operations training camps, [and don't be surprised if Canada's JTF2 pops up in dispatches, as well as certain revelations which may alter the perception that Canadian involvement in Syria is minimal. It isn't.]

and through Western funded refugee camps, on their way to commit a wide array of atrocities along and within Syria's borders.

This defies all explanations except one - the 'War on Terror' is a fraud..."


UN Warns of Humanitarian Situation in Syria (and vid)


"The UN has warned against the humanitarian situation in Syria, saying over nine million people are in need of urgent aid due to the crisis..."


Assad Advisor: With Political Will, Syrian Crisis Over in Two Weeks (and vid)



KSA Spymaster-Mossad Talks Spark Anger


"A meeting between the Saudi Arabian spy chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the director of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency Tamir Bardo, has infuriated Saudi authorities.

Amerian writer Kevin Barrett says Prince Bandar has reportedly been 'the operations chief of al-Qaeda, the CIA data-base of its Arab legion of mujahideen fighters, ever since the Afghan war of the 1980s.

It is these CIA-supported, Mossad-supported al Qaeda fighters that Bandar commands in Syria'..."


Saudi Arabia Betraying Islamic World - Syria (and vid)


"The Syrian information minister says Saudi Arabia is responsible for the death and destruction throughout the Islamic world today, including in Syria."


Syria Has Changed  - by Thierry Meyssan


"The media coverage of the war in Syria examines only military, diplomatic and humanitarian actions. It ignores profound transformatiion. However, one does not survive a sea of violence without changing profoundly.

From Damascus, where he has lived for two years, Thierry Meyssan describes this evolution."


George Galloway MP: Syrian Militants Losing the War (and vid)


"The Syrian army continues its clean-up operation in several provinces, inflicting heavy losses on the militants fighting the government of President Bashar al Assad."


CIA is Leading Massive Arms Deliveries to Rebels in Syria, Saudi Arabia Training Terrorists


"A French reporter has provided details on how the US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan have been supplying tons of weapons to the militants operating inside Syria.

'The Americans hold the key to these arms deliveries. Without them, they couldn't happen. CIA agents lead convoys of arms deliveries joined by the Free Syrian Army and Jordanian secret services.

The report runs counter to the US claim that it is opposed to arming the militants..."

Or to similar Canadian claims, for that matter. JTF2 in Jordan/Syria?


All Parties Should Join Geneva 2 Talks: China


"China has called on all parties involved in the Syrian crisis to take part in the Geneva 2 conference without any preconditions."


Syrian Kurds Announce Formation of Transitional Authority Upon Gains Over Jihadists


"Encouraged by territorial gains over jihadists in recent weeks, Kurds in Syria's northeast have announced the formation of a transitional autonomous authority.."


Canada's Harper Government Supports Covert Mercenary War on Syria, Funds Al Qaeda Affiliated Rebels  -  by Ken Stone


"Actually the Prime Minister has been working, but mostly behind the scenes, over the past thirty months for regime change in Syria. His government's efforts fall into the following six categories..."

with the 'loyal opposition' assisting


Thousands of Syrians Flee To Lebanon (and vid)


"Thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the conflict in the Arab country have entered Lebanon over the past two days..."


Disclosed: US State Department's Privatized Syria War Office


"The US State Department and private corporations are funding 'stabilization operations' in Syria.  [Also,] Funding for this invasion by proxy of Syria is provided by the government of the US, CANADA and the UK..."


Breaking: Two Dozen Killed In Iranian Embassy


"The latest sign that Syria's civil war is spilling over the border into Lebanon. Burning cars, bodies and pools of blood littered the front of the embassy building, in the Hezbollah dominated south of the city.

...the CIA-funded Al-Qaeda groups originally in Syria, are now operating in neighboring countries where they are blowing up Israel's enemies at Netanyahu's bidding."


At Least 23 Martyrs in Two Explosions Near Iranian Embassy in Beirut (and vid)



Hezbollah MP Blames Israel, KSA For Beirut Blasts


"A Hezbollah lawmaker says Israel and Saudi Arabia could be behind terrorist attacks outside Iran's embassy. Nawar al Sahili said on Tuesday that those who oppose a 'political solution to Syria' are behind the terrorist attacks..."

"At least 23 people were killed and 146 were injured in two explosions that hit south of Beirut near the Iranian embassy. Among the martyrs was the Iranian embassy cultural adviser, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Ansari..."

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture


"Hezbollah MP Blames Israel, KSA For Beirut Blasts"

...And ignores his organization's active involvement in the Syrian sectarian civil war.



Hezbollah Will Keep Fighting in Syria War - Nasrallah


"Our fighters are present on Syrian soil...to confront all the dangers it faces from the international, regional and takfiri attack on this country and region..."


Terrorist Attack at Iranian Embassy in Lebanon Kills 23, Wounds 140


"...Tuesday's bombing is also aimed at drawing Lebanon into the Shia-Sunni sectarian bloodletting the US and its allies have stoked in Syria and help derail the US-Russian talks over Syria..."

NS NS's picture

There is one actor who can behind the terror attack on the Iraninian Embassy - Saudia Arabia.


The Kingdom is also responsible for the sectarian chaos in Iraq.



Warning Very Graphic Photos: 14 Executed and Beheaded Soldiers by Terrorists


"Don't forget: The Western countries SENT this..."



CNN Cuts 'Most Crucial Parts' From Interview With Russia's UN Envoy on Syria


"...Speaking to ITAR-Tass, Russia's UN representative expressed regret that the complete interview did not make the CNN cut and censored 'the most crucial' issues to the resolution to the Syria crisis..."

Amanpour is married to former US State Department spokesman James Rubin




Hear Mother Agnes Mariam in Canada


Looks like Rabble.ca missed the boat again on this one..


Mother Agnes Mariam: In Her Own Words


"When Scahill and Jones announced they would not share a platform with Mother Agnes at the STWC conference, she withdrew so as not to undermine the even't anti-war objective.

But instead of bringing this incident to a close, a maelstrom has erupted around the actions of the two journalists. 'Who are they to pass judgement? Why would reporters seek to censor any voice?'


George Galloway Talks To Syrian Nun, Mother Agnes (and vid)




Syria Army Confiscates Israeli-Made Arms


"The Syrian army says it has confiscated Israeli made weapons in its latest operations against foreign-backed militants..."


Syria Militants Merely Dogs of War: Stone (and vid)


"Press TV talks with Ken Stone, with the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War from Ontario, regarding reports about Syrian insurgents plan to use a group of nuns kidnapped from their convent in the town of Ma'Loula as human shields"



Galloway MP: Syria Militants Kidnap 12 Nuns (and vid)


"Twelve Syrian and Lebanese nuns were kidnapped from a Greek Orthodox convent after foreign-backed militants, including members of the al Qaeda linked al Nusra Front, moved into the center of Ma'loula on Monday, following several days of fighting..."


Bibi and Bandar Badger Obama: Better Six Billion Than Six Trillion!  -  by Franklin Lamb


"The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates - along with certain Arab League countries, plus Turkey and Israel have this past week, reportedly committed themselves to raising nearly $6 Billion to 'beef up' the just-hatched Islamic Front (IF) in Syria.

These 'best friends of America' want the Obama administration to sign onto a scheme to oust the Syrian government by funding, arming, training, facilitating and generally choreographing the movement of fighters of this new front, a front formed out of an alliance of putatively 'moderate' rebel factions..."


Syria: FSA, Islamic Front Face Off


"The ongoing struggle within the ranks of Syria's rebels escalated this week as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused the newly formed Islamic Front of carrying out a raid on its bases and warhouses near the Turkish border..."


Ad Shows Syrian Girls Being Sold in KSA


"A controversial advertisement promoting Syrian girls for sale has been published in the Saudi Aravian capital, Riyadh, reports say.."


Growing Extremism in Next Phase of Syria War   -  by Tony Cartalucci


"...It was as early as 2007 when it was revealed that the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia were planning on building up extremists within and around Syria for the purpose of eventually overthrowing the government.

While the initial conflict was disingenuously portrayed as the spontaneous, militarization of unarmed protesters fighting against a 'brutal regime', in reality al-Nusra was already inside the country and operating on a national scale.

In fact the myth of 'moderates' was perpetuated solely to justify intervening directly on their behalf. With direct intervention taken off the table, it appears a new phase in the war has begun..."


Al Qaeda Linked Rebels Kidnap 120 Syrian Kurds - Watchdog (and vid)


"Al Qaeda linked Islamists have kidnapped at least 120 Kurdish civilians from a village in Aleppo province near the border with Turkey, said the Observatory for Human Rights citing its sources.

The incident is the latest in the armed conflict between Syrian Kurds and Islamic factions..."


Anti-Syria Militants Clashes Cause Casualties (and vid)


"...Last month, US Senator Thomas Carper confirmed during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing that 'American as well as CANADIAN and European nationals have taken up arms in Syria, Yemen and Somalia.'


Syrian Children Face Sharpest Decline in Education


"The decline in education standards has been 'the sharpest and the most rapid [ compared to] anywhere in the region,' while the Arab country was previously known for having one of the best education indicators in the Middle East, the [UN] report added.

'More than 4,000 Syrian schools have been destroyed, damaged or turned into shelters for displaced people,' the report said..."



laine lowe laine lowe's picture

It's amazing how many early morning CBC Radio 1 news items (5:00 and 6:00 am) get dropped from the news cycle by the time most people are up (7:00 and 8:00 am). I heard brief blip about UN inspectors failing to find any proof that the Syrian army had used sarin gas in that attack last summer that was ongoing news for weeks. Never heard or saw more of this.

So I took a look and this is the only thing that came up:



A United Nations analysis of samples taken from one of the two sites of the alleged Sarin attack outside Damascus, Syria, on Aug. 21 found zero chemical weapons agents, and one UN laboratory backed off its earlier claim to have found a residue that can result from degraded Sarin on the remnants of the missile, according to revisions in a new UN report.

This failure to find Sarin anywhere in Moadamiyah, a suburb south of Damascus, undercuts analyses by Human Rights Watch and the New York Times that relied on a vectoring of the two attack sites – the other in Zamalka/Ein Tarma to the east where Sarin was detected – to conclude that an elite unit of the Syrian military must have been responsible for the attacks that brought the United States close to war in Syria...


In a December article for the London Review of Books, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh confirmed that President Barack Obama misled the American people over the Aug. 21 Syrian chemical attack by cherry-picking evidence about the Syrian government’s presumed guilt and excluding suspicions about the rebels’ capability to produce their own Sarin gas.

Hersh also reported that he discovered a deep schism within the U.S. intelligence community over how the case was sold to pin the blame on President Assad. Hersh wrote that he encountered “intense concern, and on occasion anger” when he interviewed American intelligence and military experts “over what was repeatedly seen as the deliberate manipulation of intelligence.”

According to Hersh, “One high-level intelligence officer, in an email to a colleague, called the administration’s assurances of Assad’s responsibility a ‘ruse’. The attack ‘was not the result of the current regime’, he wrote.”..."

[url=http://consortiumnews.com/2013/12/13/fresh-doubts-about-syrias-sarin-gui... Fresh Doubts about Syria's Sarin Guilt[/url]


It's Putin Vs Bandar Bush on the Syrian Chessboard  -  by Pepe Escobar


"Although Washington (laughably) swears it doesn't know what was stolen from its 'non-lethal aid' package, the contents of the warehouses couldn't be jucier, a weaponizing orgy - M79 Osa rocket launchers, rocket-propelled grenades, 14.5 mm heavy machine guns and even Stinger missiles - generously supplied by Saudis, Qataris and Emiratis, obviously after a green light from Washington.

To essentially summarize the 'opposition' nebulae in Syria, there are absolutely negligible ideological differences between the FSA of General Doctor Engineer Idris, Bandar Bush's brigades of the Islamic Front and ISIL.

So, Bandar Bush's goons/foreign mercenaries - soon to number tens of thousands, and making as much as $2500 a month, are weaponized to the max. What's certain is that these lethal facts on the ground will make a mockery of anything transpiring out of Geneva-2 next month.

Washington knows it. Bandar Bush knows it, and Putin knows it. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets."


Takfiris in Syria Execute FSA Secretary General


"The Takfiri terrorist group The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), has executed the Secretary General of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) Ammar al-Wawi as infighting continues among militants operating in Syria..."


Syrian Army Recaptures Key Areas (and vid)


"The Syrian army continues mop up operations against foreign-backed militants on the outskirts of the capital Damascus."


Ex-CIA Director: Bashar Assad Win May Be Syria's 'Best Option'


"...Option three is Assad wins,' Hayden told the annual Jamestown Foundation conference of terror experts. 'And I must tell you at the moment, as ugly as it sounds, I'm kind of trending toward option three as the best out of three very ugly possible outcomes,' he said."


'Whole Families Murdered': Syrian Rebels Execute Over 80 Civilians Outside Damascus


"Over 80 civilians in a town northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus have been executed by Islamist rebels, sources within the Syrian military told RT. Many others were kidnapped to be used as human shields.."


and lest we forget:

Taylor: Canada Too Quick To Bellow Support For Syrian Rebels


"John Baird, Canada's foreign affairs minister, was an early and bellicose fan of the Syrian rebels. He met with their exiled political leaders in Turkey early in the conflict and decided they were a fun bunch of freedom lovers, worthy of Canada's moral support..."

Canada Sent Millions To Syrian Rebels





The Bankruptcy Of the West's Syria Policy  -  by Patrick Cockburn


"...Confusion over what is happening is so great that Western leaders may not pay as much of a political price at home as they should for the failure of their Syrian policy. But it is worth recalling that the Syrian National Coalition and the FSA are the same people for whom the US and UK almost went to war in August, and saw as candidates to replace Assad in power in Damascus.

The US, Britain and France do not have many options left except to try to control the jihadi Frankenstein's monster that they helped create in Syria and which is already helping destabilise Iraq and Lebanon.

Turkey may soon regreat having given free passage to so many jihadi on their way to Syria..."


Russia Condemns Adra Massacre Calls on World Community To React (and vid)


"Survivors say jihadist rebel groups executed dozens of civilians including children, beheading them or burning them alive. 'What is happening in Adra unthinkable,' one of the Adra escapees told RT. Children are being slaughtered and thrown out of windows. But no one is doing anything.

The crisis in Syria continues in an environment where there is no international law, including those relating to paramilitary operations.


'US Doesn't Mind of Assad Stays' (and vid)


"The West is reportedly  sending 'clear signals' to the Syrian opposition that President Assad should stay in place to prevent Al Qaeda linked radical Islamists from gaining the upper hand in the conflict and turning Syria into a global center for Jihad.

With a new stage of peace negotiations set to begin on Jan 22 in Geneva, the US administration is making a pivotal change in their attitude toward Bashar Assad..."


CrossTalk: Syria Collapse (and vid)


"What options are left for the West when dealing with Syria and Assad? What are the implications for Syria if Saudi-backed  forces prevail in the region?"


West Starts to Realize They Are Aiding Terrorists in Syria (and vid)


"Changing the regime is not the way to solve this problem,' but a way to 'facilitate the arrival of jihadists to power..."


The Last Chance for Peace in Syria?  -  by Shamus Cooke


"Obama's actions will testify to his intent in Syria: he will either insist on a no conditions peace talk and pressure his allies to stop the bloodshed, or he will do the opposite and remain a driving force for senseless slaughter and the continued butchering of innocents..."


Syrian Rebels Get Arms and Advice Through Secret Command Centre in Amman


"A secret operations command centre in Jordan staffed by Western and Arab military officials, has given vital support to rebels fighting on Syria's southern front, providing them with weapons and tactical advice on attacking regime targets.

'The operations room' - is a well-run operation staffed by high-ranking military officials from 14 countries, including the US, European nations and Arab Gulf states, the latter providing the bulk of materiel and financial support to rebel factions."


Syria Tops the Agenda as Baird Meets Jordan's King Sunday (March)


"Government sources say in addition to Syria, Baird will talk about increased political and economic cooperation between the two countries and likely the Middle East peace process. Canada signed a Free Trade Agreement with Jordan last fall..."


Canadian Special Operations Regiment Comes in Third in SOF Competition


"...The Canadian Special Operations Regiment placed third in hostage rescue, aircraft assault, building entry and handling casualties. Shooting exercises were also included in the competition HELD AT THE KING ABDULLAH II SPECIAL OPERATIONS TRAINING CENTRE IN AMMAN from March 24-28.

The Canadian Forces would not comment on the regiment's participation in the competition. But CSOR's involvement was mentioned in articles in the Jordan Times and Jane's military magazine.."

Perhaps it's not a 'secret' any longer?


McCain, Graham Praise Al Qaeda Efforts: E Michael Jones (and vid)


"Press TV has conducted an interview with E Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars Magazine, Indiana, about infighting amongst al-Qaeda-linked foreign-backed militants in Syria..."


Saudi Arabia Intent on Seizing Syria: J Petras (and vid)


"Press TV has conducted an interview with James Petras, a Middle East expert from New York, about the issue of Syria and what impact the upcoming Geneva Conference will have on the crisis situation there..."


CrossTalk: Dangerous Alliances (and vid)


"How do alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel affect US policy on the Middle East? Wherein lies the danger of entangling alliances?"


ISIL Pledges To 'Crush' Rival Militants in Syria (and vid)


"The Al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), has called for the annihilation of other militant groups fighting against the Syrian government.

The ISIL militancy is not limited to Syria and the group is operating in Iraq at the same time..."


'Israel Favors Destruction of Syria' (and vid)


"..I think that the Syrian conflict has spilled over not only to Lebanon, but to Jordan and to the Sinai peninsula...and I am afraid if the Syrian conflict is not brought quickly to an end, it will spill over to all the states, to most of the Middle Eastern countries and also to the Arab States surrounding Israel..."


Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

The problum is the "conflict" is in fact a civil war within Islam and nobody wants to admit to it. 


I do not see this ending any time soon nor do I see it ending well.


Moderate Syrian Opposition Are 'Phantom' Have No Influence on the Ground (and vid)


"...The term Syrian opposition is as wrong as could be. These groups are neither Syrian nor opposition. So they don't have, in their interests, the benefit of the people or of the country.

Foreign militia groups fighting inside the country are financed by the West, by Turkey, by the Gulf monarchies. These are not Syrian groups and these are not opposition.

They are not political groups working inside the country, more like militant gangs, sort of like the mafia, kidnapping people, killing civilians, occupying industrial complexes and selling the industrial goods to other countries or stealing them as happened in the industrial area of Aleppo.."


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