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US-Led Coalition Against ISIL, Political Stunt: Iran MP


"A senior Iranian lawmaker has described as a 'political show' the formation of a coalition to fight ISIL terrorists operating in Syria, saying the West seeks to destroy the country's infrastructure.

'The so-called coalition of global peace against terrorism is just a political show by the USA and its regional allies,' said Chairman of Iran's Majilis Alaeddin Boroujerdi.'


Anti-ISIS Coalition Bombing Terrorist Positions in Iraq and Syria LIVE UPDATES


1736 GMT: ISIS in Kobani...."


ME Updates: Heavy Clashes Underway in Kobane (and vid)


"Fierce fighting underway between Kurdish forces and the ISIL militants in the Syrian town of Kobane."


'Sisters in Arms': Kurdish Women Fighters Ready 'To Send ISIS To Hell' (and vid)


"Female Kurdish fighters ignite fear into Islamic State militants, who believe that they'll go straight to hell if they are killed by a woman. RT travelled to the Iraq-Syria border to meet the YPG, the female battalion fighting IS.

Women fighters make up one third of all Kurdish resistance. All the women fighters are volunteers...."


ISIS Gains Provide Further Pretext For US Ground Troops in Iraq and Syria  - by Mike Head


"In what could be a preparation for intervention, Turkey increased its military presence in the Kolbane area on Monday, locking down country roads and positioning a long line of tanks on a hill overlooking the border.

Other media outlets fuelled calls for US ground intervention by reporting that Abu Ghraib, only about 40 kilometers from Baghdad was in ISIS hands..."




US-Led Coalition Has Given Free Hand To ISIS: Analyst James Petras (and vid)


"The US and its allies have given a free hand to the ISIL Takfiri terrorists to carry out attacks in Syria, says a commentator..."


Erdogan's Expansionist Dreams in Syria  -  by Yusuf Fernandez


"Ankara has not only been promoting terrorist and extremist groups, alongside its sole ally in the region, Qatar, but it is now preparing an invasion of northern Syria..."


[url=http://thedisorderofthings.com/2014/10/07/4-things-to-learn-from-kobane/... Things the Left Should Learn from Kobane[/url]

3. Listen to Kurdish Voices

The Western left often suffers from a debilitating and orientalist tendency to overstate the agency of the US and relegate communities and societies affected by intervention to passive actors, not worthy of considered analysis. Indeed, it is striking the number of anti-imperialist commentaries that rely less on the experiences and dynamics of Kurdish communities and more on rehashed critiques of the logic of Great Power predation. On the one hand, this can cause the left to duplicate caricatures of ‘ugly sectarianism’ and ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ in ways that don’t seem too far off the arguments of Cameron and Obama (for some useful correctives see here and here).

On the other hand, it offers little consideration of the voices of Kurdish communities under attack since their intentions and actions simply don’t matter to opposing ‘imperialism at home’. The resultant politics can often be deleterious. We might wonder, for example, what the people of Kobanê would make of calls for ‘peaceful alternatives’ to war. This is especially important, since in Western Kurdistan (Northern Syria) Kurds are defending what is arguably the best hope for left politics in the region. Even the most cursory glance at the constitutional make-up and political achievements of Kurdish cantons would put most Western organisations to shame. Yet this week, while hunger strikes and solidarity demonstrations from Kurdish people were taking place in the UK and beyond, anti-war groups organised an entirely separate and potentially conflicting protest. The sooner the Western left abandons its penchant for reducing class to geopolitics, the sooner it can offer authentic solidarity to groups and communities that deserve and need it.


US, Turkey At Odds Over Syria Intervention  -  by Patrick Martin


"The Obama administration is pressing the Turkish government either to send group troops across the border to break the siege of Kobani, or to allow armed Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi Kurds to come to the defense of the town.

The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have so far refused, demanding a public US commitment to the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and the establishment of a no-fly zone in Syria and a US protected buffer zone along the Syrian-Turkish border."


West Ignores Massacres by ISIL in Syria: Analyst Kevork Almassian (and vid)


"The United States and its allies have ignored numerous massacres that the ISIL Takfiri terrorists have carried out across Syria, says an analyst.

Almassian said that the West has left a 'scandalous' legacy in its so-called fight against ISIL. Almassian predicted that the ongoing atrocities committed by ISIL in Syria will soon 'spill over to Jordan and Turkey.'



[url=http://rojavareport.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/interview-with-ypj-commande... With YPJ Commander In Kobanê: Kobanê Will Not Fall[/url]


-Fighters from other peoples have come and joined the resistance in Kobanê. How do you evaluate this?

The other oppressed people of the region should know this well: Kobanê is not only a symbol of the liberation and freedom of Kurdistan, but a symbol of the freedom of all the peoples of the region. All peoples have taken their place in this resistance. We have lost 10 of our Arab friends in this resistance. One of our Turkish comrades from the MLKP was martyred in the resistance on Miştenur. All peoples have taken a place in this resistance and are examples of an historical resistance. All the peoples of the region are uniting around Kobanê against ISIS and the policies of destruction of the dirty powers who they represent. The Kobanê resistance is the resistance of the people, it is not only the resistance of the Kurdish people.


-Do you consider the airstrikes against ISIS in Kobanê by the coalition forces to be enough?

We can say that the coalition forces were late in deciding to strike ISIS. They took these decisions very late. They were not very active strikes with results. However over the last two days we can say that the airstrikes by coalitions forces have affected the gang’s attacks. The fighting is now inside the city and thus coordination with us needs to increase. If the coalition forces really want to finish ISIS and are sincere on this subject almost all of ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria are around Kobanê. Then they should continuously and more effectively attack ISIS gangs around Kobanê and in places close to Kobanê in complete coordination with us. If ISIS is broken in Kobanê they will be finished everywhere. We can say that the strikes over the past two days have been positive. The coalition also needs to give us support with weapons and ammunition. Because we have been surrounded on all sides and we have no heavy weapons. We have not allowed ISIS to pass until now using our kalashnikovs. Let no one get the wrong idea, even under existing circumstances we will fight with ISIS for years but the coalition needs to support us with weapons.


“The Kobanê Resistance Is the Resistance Of Women”

-What would you like to say in conclusion?

I would like to touch upon the resistance of women that is taking place in Kobanê. A great resistance is taking place in Kobanê. We can say that the Kobanê resistance is in particular a women’s resistance. We can see most recently in the person of Arin Mirkan the sacrificial leadership that women have shown in the Kobanê resistance. This resistance also shows us to what extent there has emerged a free Kurdish woman. The resistance will grow because of Arin Mirkan and the leadership of women and these sacrificial attacks will continue. I want to say this to the people of Kurdistan and to all of humanity. This resistance is a resistance of all peoples and deep down the resistance of humanity against the dirty, inhumane gang of ISIS. Kobanê is the resistance of humanity. We want all of humanity to support this resistance. We are honoring the memory of our martyrs who have been killed in the serhildans in the North, and we offer our condolences to their families and their people.

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onlinediscountanvils wrote:

[url=http://thedisorderofthings.com/2014/10/07/4-things-to-learn-from-kobane/... Things the Left Should Learn from Kobane[/url]

3. Listen to Kurdish Voices

The Western left often suffers from a debilitating and orientalist tendency to overstate the agency of the US and relegate communities and societies affected by intervention to passive actors, not worthy of considered analysis.

Truer words were nover written; too many of us have lost touch with people's lived realities and agency, and taken resort in binary thinking and worship (from the opposite end) of the awesomeness of American power to do anything. It is absolutely orientialism at work. 


As ISIS Slaughters Kurds in Kobani, the US Bombs Syrian Grain Silos  -  by Ajamu Baraka


"The US is conducting a curious humanitarian war against ISIS in Syria..."


The US Versus ISIS  -  by Gary Leupp


"...Those not feeling dread SHOULD feel it...How about an anti-imperialist revolution in this country instead?"


ISIS, Turkey and the Propaganda of Intervention  -  by Eric Draitser


"Somehow lost amid the din of cries for intervention is the simple fact that it is US policy and the actions of the aforementioned Erdogan, along with his counterparts in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Israel that created ISIS, nurtured it in its infancy, promoted its development and unleashed it on Iraq and Syria..."


George Galloway's Comment: Is Turkey Responsible For ISIL? (and vid)


"He [Erdogan] has the blood of 200,000 dead Syrians on his hands... "


US Airstrikes On #Syria Are Not About ISIS (and vid)


"Syrians reject violation of sovereignty..."


ISIL, Convenient Pretext To Epand War on Syria: Activist Eric Draitser (and vid)


"I think the ISIL is a very useful tool not only for the US but also for Turkey. It allows them to expand their war against Assad, their war on Syria which they had failed to do for three and a half years,

it justifies a military intervention in a situation which up until this point had been unjustifiable through the international community and forums - such as the UN,' the activist noted.

The remarks came as the ISIL Takfiri terrorists have resorted to further reinforcements in an effort to break the resistance of Kurdish fighters defending the northern Syrian city of Kobani for nearly a month..."


F***s And Finance (S2E24 and vid)


"Turkey says 'NO' to Syria intervention for now."


ISIL Works on Behalf of Turkey's Interest: Analyst Jamal Wakim, Beirut International University (and vid)


"I believe that ISIL is acting on behalf of Erdogan's interest in Turkey, because Erdogan was planning on installing a buffer-zone in northern Syria and in northern Iraq, and he wanted to use northern Syria as a gateway to the Arab world,' Jamal Wakim, with the Lebanese International University, from Beirut, said in an interview with Press TV.

'So the ISIL is clearing this region of Kurds who might be an obstacle towards an easy Turkish passage towards the Arab world and that is why Turkey is not letting Turkish Kurds support their brothers in Kobani,' the analyst stated, in reference to Syria's strategic border town of Kobani near Turkey."


ISIL Takes Half of Syrian Town of Kobani (and vid)


"The ISIL Takfiri terrorists have taken half of the Syrian town of Ain-al-Arab, known as Kobani to Kurds, as urban warfare rages..."

'We Kurds have no friends' - old Kurdish saying




"The FBI wants your help in identifying this masked terrorist..."


Kobane Refugees Recount Ordeal: Exclusive (and vid)


"The terrorists stormed the city. They are not like human beings. They are like monsters."

As are their accursed great-gaming western progenitors...


Syrian Kurdish Fighters Detained by Turkey Go on Hunger Strike (and vid)


"A group of over 100 Kurdish fighters from the Syrian city of Kobani have launched a hunger strike in protest at their detention by authorities in Turkey.


Obama Urges More Support For Militants Fighting Against Assad (and vid)


"President Barack Obama has called for more support for the militants fighting against the government of Bashar al Assad in Syria, warning the US-led coalition to be prepared for a long-term military campaign in Iraq and Syria.


US Could Avert ISIL Genocide in Kobani: Historian Webster Tarpley (and vid)


"The US has written off Kobani where an ISIL-instigated genocide is underway, a historian tells Press TV



CrossTalk: Strategic Blunder (and vid)


"Strategic blunder or a policy of endless possibilities? Take your pick. However, there is no denying Washington and its coalition of the reluctant are incapable of stopping the spread of the Islamic State. How many boots on the ground will it take to change this?

CrossTalking with Sami Ramadani, Ray Locker and Benjamin Reynolds


'America's 'Moderate Rebels' in Syria Formed Mostly From Criminal Gangs' (and vid)



Kobane: The Nightmare of Reality (and vid)


George Galloway interviews Kurdish activist Memed Aksoy *must watch!*


McCain Insists on Sending US Ground Troops to Syria and Iraq


"We may be able to 'contain', but to actually defeat ISIS is going to require more boots on the ground, more vigorous strikes, more special forces, further arming the Kurdish peshmerga forces and creating a no-fly zone and buffer zone in Syria,' McCain said.

Syrian President Bashar Assad, a fellow foe of the Islamic State, must be removed from office if the US wants to see success against extremism in the region, McCain added.

McCain also stated that he was 'very, very worried about the Iranians..."


Right Into Enemy Hands? ISIS Shows Off New Weapons Allegedly Air Dropped By US (and vid)


"Islamic State has published a new video in which a jihadist shows off brand-new Amrican hardware, which was purportedly intended for the Kurds they are fighting in the Syrian border town of Kobani..."


Will Washington Succeed in Having Northern Syria Ethnically Cleansed?  -  by Thierry Meyssan


"At Kobani and in its region, where more than 300,000 Syrian Kurds are threatened with extermination by the Islamic Emirate, everyone can take the measure of NATO's duplicity. As the commander of the US coalition declares he's fighting against the Islamic Emirate, a NATO member, Turkey, furnishes the latter with the military and medical assistance they need, preventing civilians from fleeing and PKK fighters from coming to their aid.

According to our analysis, repeatedly stated in these columns and in many radio and television stations in Latin America, Russia and the Muslim world, the Islamic Emirate is a creation of the United States tasked with ethnically cleansing the region in order to remodel it. Everyone can see that the soothing declarations of US leaders are belied by their military action on the ground, not against, but in favor of the Islamic Emirate."


Turkey Paranoid About Prospect of Kurdish State: Analyst (and vid)


"Turkey is 'paranoid' that if the Kurds win the battle for Kobani against ISIL, they may seek a Kurdish State on Turkish soil, Christopher Walker, political analyst from London, told Press TV in an interview Tuesday..."


ISIL, Kurds Continue Fierce Fighting in Syria's Kobani (and vid)


"Reports coming out of the town on Saturday said ISIL had made a new attempt to capture Kobani..."


Direct Democracy - The Kobani Riddle  -  by Pepe Escobar


"The brave women of Kobani - where Syrian Kurds are desperately fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh - are about to be betrayed by the 'international community.'

These women warriors, apart from Caliph Ibrahim's goons are also fighting treacherous agendas by the US, Turkey and the administration of Iraqi Kurdistan. So what's the real deal on Kobani?

Kobani - an agricultural region - happens to be at the epicenter of a non-violent experiment in democracy. Here, for instance, it is argued that 'even if only a single aspect of true socialism were able to survive there, millions of disoriented people would be drawn to Kobani.."


US Considers Bombing Oil Pipelines in Syria, State Department Official Says


"...What I can see happening is that the targets they're selecting are those that have, in many cases, no military value at all to ISIS or any other rebel group but really are intended to break whatever infrastructure the Syrian government will have when the fighting is over, Alan Sabrosky told Press TV.

Sabrosky, a US Army War College graduate, added that Washington intends to infict 'such damagte to the economic and industrial infrastructure within Syria that any Syrian government after the fighting will be so weakened that it will be vulnerable to further attacks."


ISIS: The Useful Enemy: Kobani Kurds Expose the Hypocrisy of the Coalition Against ISIS  -  by Ismael Zadeh


"There are many ways to show the fact that, in subtle ways, ISIS benefactors control its operations and direct its activities in accordance with their geopolitical interests..."

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Syria becomes 7th predominantly Muslim country to be bombed by Nobel Peace Prize Pres. Barry O by Greenwald and Co.



The 7 midwives of the Syria War. There are several proxy wars in Syria today and they can be summarized as follows by Angry Arab Prof. Asad Abu Khalil



Geopolitics of the War Against Syria and Against the Daesh  -  by Thierry Meyssan


"In his new and original analysis, Thierry Meyssan exposes the geopolitical reasons for the failure of the war against Syria and the real objectives of the so-called war against Daesh.

'We are witnessing the third crisis in the camp of the aggressors since the beginning of the war against Syria...."


Syria: Pro-Nusra 'Rebels' Turn Anti-Nusra 'Rebels' Turn Dead


"...There are some nine different wars going on now between the various insurgent groups and between them and the government of Syria and its supporters. The 'Fee Syrian Army' is pretty much dead. The Nusra front is shrinking with many of its fighters and officials deserting and joining the Islamic State. In a few months the Islamic State will be the only group fighting against the Syrian (and Iraqi) government and Hizbullah and other pro-government militias.

The shiny, all-new, to be US-trained 'Fee Syrian Army' planned, for now is unlikely to ever get off the ground. To find fighters and support from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Obama would have to promise to use the 'new' FSA against the Syrian government. But destroying the Syrian government is likely a guarantee that the Islamic State will seize Damascus and the rest of Syria..."

Syria: New Hints of a Changing US Position


"From RAND, the Pentagon think tank on Alternative Futures for Syria

'Regime collapse, while not considered a likely outcome, was perceived to be the worst possible outcome for US strategic interests.'

The piece includes this fact that has been true since the fighting in Syria started:

'Syria's army represents the sectarian makeup of the country. It is largely Sunni Muslims fighting mostly Sunni Muslim rebels.'

This was so far hardly ever mentioned in 'western' media which was propogating sectarianism and further war..."


Free Syrian Army Commander Says Canada Should Train Resistance Fighters


"Alawak, who was a senior intelligence officer in the Syrian air force before opposing the Assad regime, says the air campaign will be 'almost useless' in the grand scheme of things and that the main effort should be put towards forming armies of liberation.

'If Canada wants to continue in a useless thing, then it's up to them,' said Alawak..."

Actually, as Alawak well knows it's not up to them at all but their American overlords.

Watch for a renewed go at an Assad regime change operation which includes the ever ready Canucklheads, and no doubt hooked up with and again funding evil cuthroats like the FSA, aka 'moderate rebels'...

FSA At Play



Harper Admits Air Strikes Alone Won't Stop Islamic State


"Hollande said that air strikes are necessary, but agreed they're not enough. 'These strikes cannot be enough. There should also be some ground movements...The French president also highlighted France's support for the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Opposition, as well as its co-operative efforts with Turkey, where they hope to train some Syrian troops.

Canada is also facing pressure to train Syrian troops. On Monday, Brig-Gen Hussam Alawak, in charge of intelligence for the Free Syrian Officers Movement - an arm of the Free Syrian Army - said Canada's time, effort and money would be better spent on training ground forces to retake territory from IS in Iraq and Syria, rather than on an aerial bombing campaign."



Kobane: The Object of All Lies


"On 1 November 2014,, Western and Gulf TV channels showed a convoy of 155 Peshmerga (pro-Israeli) - that is to say, the police force of the Kurdish regional government of Iraq - rolling through Turkey to the applause of Turkish Kurds. Said media claimed the convoy had reached Kobane (Syria).

That was not the case.

The Peshmerga are currently stationed in a refugee camp in Surc (Turkey). Only a 10 man delegation entered the city of Kobane, then went back to Turkey.

Similarly, the Turkish media announced that 700 soldiers of the Free Syrian Army (pro-French and anti-Syrian) - instead of the anticipated 1300 - had reached Kobane, but this information was not confirmed by the Syrian Kurds and it is unlikely that the FSA is still that strong.

For its part, the Syrian government denounced the plan of the Iraqi Peshmerga to enter Kobane as a violation of its national sovereignty. On site, the US-led, anti-Daesh coalition forces are carrying out some low intensity bombings, as usual without any visible results. At the same time, some fifty miles away, the Syrian Arab Army is trying to pierce the frontline through massive bombings (an average of 150 per day).

The number of Daesh jihadists on the ground is unknown. All we know is that the US air force dropped weapons to them 'by mistake'. At least 2,000 PYG (Syrian Kurdish) fighters currently defend the Syrian city of Kobane. The majority are former members of the Turkish PKK who fled their country to escape from repression and obtained Syrian citizenship at the beginning of the war.

In Paris, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced the doggedness of the anti-Daesh coalition to save Kobane, where, according to him, no civilians are left, but only 'terrorists' of the PYG. His host, French President Francois Hollande, came up with the idea of bombing Aleppo, which is not occupied by Daesh; The city itself is controlled by the government in Damascus..."


US Still Seeks Regime Change in Syria By Any Means: Eric Draitser (and vid)


"Those who are aware of the reality in Syria - understand that the idea of so-called moderate rebels is itself a mythology."


The Caliph Fit To Join Opec  -  by Pepe Escobar


"The Caliph is for all practical purposes now an oil major worthy of membership of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries/OPEC. His takfiri/mercenary goons - in theory - have for some time been extracting, refining, shipping and/or smuggling and clinching juicy deals involving vast quantities of oil, reaping profits of roughly US $2 million a day.

And oh, the irony - Top customers for the Caliph's cheap oil happen to be 'Sultan' Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Earthly paradise, aka Turkey - a NATO organization ally - and that King 'Playstation' Abdullah II ibn al Hussein's domain impersonating a country, aka Jordan.

Meanwhile, the awesome, immensely sophisticated military apparatus/intel agency acronym first deployed by 'free' US/NATO somehow is unable to register/intercept this racket.

As for the Empire of Chaos 'solution' to intercept the Caliph's oil profits, the only decision so far has been to bomb oil pipelines that belong to the Syrian Arab Republic, that is, ultimately, the Syrian people. In his masterful piece, William Engdahl goes no-holds barred on the supposed Saudi-US cheap oil/bomb Bashar al Assad/ undermine Russia deal..."


Expect to see soon the same cheerleaders that call for supporting the West's chocolate oligarch Ukrainian 'democracy', to also urge your support for the 'Fee Syrian Army' et al and regime change in Syria..


Press TV: War on Syria-UPDATES





"Anti-ISIS coalition bombing terrorist positions in Iraq and Syria



Once a Terrorist Always a Terrorist? PKK vs ISIL  - by Rosalyn Fuller


"It was overlooked that ISIL recieved quite a lot of money from donors in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who were able to avoid the UN's anti-terrorism finance measures with ease.

It was almost as if no one were really trying to enforce these rules in regards to ISIL or other jihadist groups engaged against Syrian leader Bashar al Assad's forces.

Then, for as yet unclear reasons, ISIL went rogue..."



Russia Party Urges International Military Aid For Syria


"A leftist Russian party has prepared a parliamentary motion calling for immediate military, technical and humanitarian aid to the governments of Syria and Iraq in their fight against Islamic terrorists.

'This situation must be addressed as an obligation of all UN members to prevent a crime against humanity, the document reads.


World Ominously Close to Nuclear War - Chomsky to RT (and vid)


Also on Syria and ME situation


US: 'Stop ISIS By Attacking Assad's Oil Pipeline'  -  by Brandon Turbeville


"The propaganda narrative regarding the Syrian crisis has now reached the level of total absurdity. It is now being reported by the mainstream media that the US must bomb Syrian oil pipelines in order to defeat the ISIS threat that NATO itself created..."


Bipartisan Collaboration in Congress on Imperialist Aggression Overseas  -  by Patrick Martin, WSWS


"...The goal of the intervention is not just to destroy ISIS but to overthrow the Syrian government of President Bashar al Assad. Denmark is the latest to enlist in the new US-led campaign, which is being waged in flagrant violation of international law. The country is committing 120 trainers for the purpose.

Britain, France, Germany, Australia, CANADA and the Netherlands have all agreed to send warplanes, ground support personnel for the airwar, military trainers, or some combination of all three..."


Syrian Kurds Proclaim Women's Equality in Defiance of ISIS


"The Syrian Kurdish population is standing up to Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) abusing women's rights in surrounding areas by issuing a decree proclaiming 'equality between men and women in all spheres of public and private life..."


Obama's Syria Strategy Review Focuses on ISIS, Assad Govt - Report


"The long-running Syria problem is now compounded by the reality that to genuinely defeat ISIL, we need not only a defeat in Iraq, but a defeat in Syria...we may not have time for Iraq first..."


The Price of Oil and the Future of Syria


"Saudi Arabia is boosting oil supplies to advance long term geopolitical interests at the expense of short-term economic ones. Ryadh wants to increase its power in the Middle East by forcing a settlement to the Syrian war over the objections of Iran and Russia, both of which support the Assad government, both of which rely on oil revenue.

Ryadh is damaging the Iranian and Russian economies to get them to accept an unpalatable settlement."


The Debate: War on Syria (and vid)


"In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Eric Draitser, founder of stopimperialism.com from New York, and Michael Lane, founder of American Institute for Foreign Policy from Washington, to discuss the training of the so-called 'moderate rebels' and what they mean for the West's  goals in Syria..."


Ankara and Washington Agree to Train 2,000 Syrian Rebels in Turkey - Report


"The US and Turkey agreed on plans to train 2,000 members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Turkish territory, but the sides failed to agree on the question of training Kurdish groups, which Ankara has labeled members of a terrorist organization.

Following a series of meetings between US European Command (EUCOM) and the US Central Command (CENTCOM), and high ranking Turkish military officials at the Turkish General Staff's headquarters, the sides agreed on equipping and training Syrian anti-government rebels at Turkey's Hirfanli training center in Kirsehr province, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

American military officials, who will also participate in the training, will provide weapons and ammunition for the Syrian operation. The US is now bombing IS positions in northern Syria. Some say the maneuver was a ploy to allow the US military to oust Assad through less direct means..."


A New Push For Peace in Syria?  -  by Shamus Cooke


"It's hard to talk peace when the US is still maneuvering for war, having recently given $500 million to arm and train Syrian rebels, while also brokering a deal with Saudi Arabia to open a new Syrian rebel training camp, in addition to the one already functioning in Jordan.

Obama used the talks to pursue 'US interests', having purposely excluded Iran from the talks while trying to leverage disproportionate power for Obama's 'Free Syrian Army' rebels, who enjoy miniscule power on the ground..."


The Endgame of the US 'Islamic State' Strategy  -  by Nicola Nasser


"Dismantling what the former US President George W Bush once described as the Syria-Iran component of the 'axis of evil', or interrupting in Iraq the geographical contiguity of what King Abdullah II of Jordan once described as the 'Shiite crescent', was and remains the strategic goal of the US-Israeli allies in the Middle East unless they succeed first in 'changing the regime' in either Damascus or Tehran.

The US, Israel and their regional allies have been on the record that the final target of their 'regime change' campaign in the Middle East was to dismantle the Syria-Iran alliance.

With the obvious failure of Plan A to dismantle the self-proclaimed anti-Israel and anti-US Syrian-Iranian 'Resistance Axis' by a forcible 'regime change' in Damascus, a US-led regional alliance has turned recently to its Plan B to interrupt in Iraq the geographical contiguity of that axis.

This is the endgame of President Barack Obama's strategy, which he declared last September 10 as ostensibly against the Islamic State (IS).

The IS was conceived and delivered in an American womb..."


'Oh, My Syria!'  -  by Eva Bartlett


"...He spoke of President al Assad with admiration, praising his demeanor, refuting the western narrative that he'd want someone else as President. (I've heard this before...Freedom)

I look around for lurking thugs pressuring him to speak thus. But there is only this man, speaking from his heart."



Syria: US-Led Strikes Failed to Weaken ISIS


"Muallem noted that until Ankara is forced to step up security at its borders, the Islamic State cannot actually be defeated. 'If the Security Council and Washington do not force Turkey to control its borders then all of the action will not eliminate the Islamic State, Muallem said, pointing to foreigners who are crossing into Syria from Turkey to join the Jihadist fight.

The Syrian minister added that Turkey has plans for the Syrian territory and said that the Turkish idea to introduce a no-fly zone in northern Syria risks partitioning the country.."


US-Led Strikes Fail to Halt ISIL Advances in Syria: Analyst Mimi al Laham (and vid)


"A political commentator says the US-led airstrikes against the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group inside Syria have failed to stop the advances by the group, Press TV reports.

'So in fact, not only have US strikes not done anything to prevent the ISIL advancements, it has actually done a lot more to make ISIL stronger,' al Laham said."


Canadian Vets Fighting ISIS Spark Warnings, Concerns


"For some of the Canadian military veterans who have volunteered to join the Kurdish battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it is also about relieving boredom that has descended since their last battles in Afghanistan. The volunteers will not be paid, so they are not mercenaries. But their decision to join up does present a host of political problems - legal and practical - for Canada..."


Canada Preparing to Expand Its Role in Mideast War  -  by Roger Jordan


"The Harper government is now trying to create - in reality fabricate - a 'legal' justification for expanding the CAF campaign to Syria, which in the absence of the Syrian government's approval would be a flagrant violation of Canadian, to say nothing of international law.

Speaking to the CBC, Justice Minister Peter MacKay confirmed that the government is discussing broadening the CAF's mandate to encompass Syria and that lawyers in his department are working to eliminate legal barriers to such a step."



Rally Denounces ISIL Attack On Kobani From Turkey (and vid)


"Turkish people have held a demonstration to denounce a recent attack on the Syrian border town of Kobani, reportedly carried out from the Turkish territory.

Leader of the People's Democratic Party Selahattin Demirtash, who was among the protesters, accused Turkish authorities of working in cooperation with the ISIL terrorists.

'...But one thing is clear; some of the military officials, security force and police who were deployed on the border of Suruc and Kobani have been working in cooperation with ISIL for the last 77 days.'



UN Refugee Agency Suspends Food Aid For 1.7 Million Syrian Refugees


"The World Food Program says a funding crisis is forcing it to suspend a food voucher program for nearly 2 million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries.

In all, the violence in Syria, which began in 2011, has created a humanitarian crisis and more than 3 million refugees. Another 6.5 million Syrians have been internally displaced by the fighting.

The UN agency's decision comes ahead of winter, when there is a need for both food and clothing. The agency said it needs $64 million now to support the refugees this month. It said the voucher program has pumped $800 million into those countries surrounding Syria that host the refugees.

'We are very concerned about the negative impacts those cuts will have on the refugees and the countries which host them,' Muhammad Hadi, WFP regional emergency coordinator for the Syrian crisis said in the statement..."

A catastrophic development and a further massive destabilisation of the region.  Consistent with the 'Shock-doctrine' tactics already deployed. The necessary funds to continue are peanuts compared to the astronomical sums pouring into making war...


Counter-Terrorism Conference in Syria  -  by Jim W Dean


"The first day of the Counter Terrorism and Religious Extremism Conference has just ended midnight, November 30th, as I am proofing this.

The three sessions for today included a wide array of speakers from all segments of Syria, and from some regional countries including Turkey. Its attendees voiced growing concern that Erdogan's support for the war against Syria is going to spread the militancy to Turkey.

Despite its huge and powerful military, it is walking a knife edge by supporting the terror brigades against Assad while pretending to be anti-ISIL. Turkey has been ISIL's main logistics supply line. We have seen the video to prove it.

At the top of the full assault list today was breaking the almost worldwide mass media blackout on what has really happened in Syria regarding the crimes against humanity under the Neo-Americana black flag of regime change, where the end justifies the means. No one reading this is a stranger to that ongoing historical error.

What we have to do now is the grunt work of building people-to-people bridges to increase awareness of the threat that this Western use of terrorism in its foreign policy is in itself a national security threat to all of us at home..."


ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO's Turkey  (and vid)  -  by Tony Cartalucci


"Turkey has allowed a torrent in supplies, fighters and weapons to cross its borders unopposed to resupply ISIS positions inside of Syria..."


Millions Being Spent on Bombing Syria While Refugees Starve  -  by Murtaza Hussain


"...But what precisely constitutes this catastrophic funding crisis which has now resulted in the suspension of food aid to displaced Syrians this winter? The miserly sum of $64 M dollars.

To put this into context, the US and its allies are spending millions and perhaps tens of millions of dollars every day on bombing Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq.

The cost of the ammunition use on the first night of bombing the country would have been almost enough to cover food aid to Syrians.


...from veteranstoday.com


Reports from Pentagon insiders tell of a strange and inexplicable “bifurcated” US policy. While the US has signed agreements and allocated funds to train “moderate groups” to fight against ISIS only — a clear policy change — other American commands are continuing to train ISIS itself.

Confirmed reports indicate while CentCom, representing “Big Army,” the main US fighting force are meeting overtly inside Turkey following new White House policy, JSOC, the mysterious Joint Special Operations Command, a group “hijacked” by former US Vice President Cheney back in 2004, has just finished training its 3,000th ISIS “cadre.”

Military analyst Colonel James Hanke, editor for Veterans Today noted the following:

“There is a clear divergence of purpose here. Watching ISIS operate, it is clear they have received far superior training than that given the Iraqi Army, training the US spent several hundred billions dollars on. The secret training camps in Jordan, established three years ago but now “gone dark,” are staffed with elite Special Forces. There is strong evidence that the core of ISIS capability is tied to these bases in Jordan and “black budget” facilities known only to the likes of Senator John McCain, soon to take over as Chairman of the all-powerful Senate Armed Services Committee.”


'Do You Fear Facing the Same Fate as Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi?'


The full Paris Match interview of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, granted in Damascus on November 28, 2014


Israel Partners With Obama's War on Syria  -  by Stephen Lendman


"Both countries partner in each other's wars. Israel bombs Syria at its discretion. Israel supports Islamic State, Nusra Front and other anti-Syrian terrorist groups. Serving as their airforce..."


US Stops Paying Northern Syrian Rebels  -  by Jason Ditz


"Vetted, moderate,' rebels in northern Syria are joining al-Qaeda left and right these days, according to commanders familiar with the situation, as the US has suddenly and without explanation stopped paying their salaries..."


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