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Human Rights Watch; 'Syrian Rebels' Guilty of Torture, Murder  -  by Tony Cartalucci


'US-Backed Syrian Terror Campaign Began in 2007 Under Bush, Continues Under Obama

A report published in 2007 by the New Yorker titled 'The Redirection' (full article here) cited US, Saudi and Lebanese officials who admitted that military and financial aid was already flowing to militant groups affiliated with both AQ and the Muslim Brotherhood with the aim of destabilizing  Syria and Iran.

Former intelligence agents were also cited, warning that the plan being implemented under the Bush administration, would lead to a catastrophic sectarian bloodbath - the very sectarian bloodbath now unfolding in Syria today. In the report it explicitly states:

'To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia's government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran.

The US has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant version of Islam and are hostile to Syria but sympathetic to AQ."  Seymour Hersh, The Redirection (2007)


The Neocons' Project For the New American Century - Syria Next to Pay the Price?  -  by Felicity Arbuthnot


"...Syria's threat to America's national interest in the Middle East can only be understood in the context of US plans to reconfigure the Middle East. Knowing that the motive for invading Iraq was strategic, taking over Syria would give the United States further strategic depth in the region...tipping the balance of power (even more) in favour of the US regional allies, Israel and Turkey. (Syria's Threat to America's National Interest - June 2004)


howeird beale wrote:

It IS a progressive social forum. That's why supporting violent hereditary dictators isn't a prerequisite.

Okay and just so long as you aren't parroting CNN and Uncle Sam's line on Syria. Because before the Gladio Gang Inc began aiding and abetting Al Qaeda terrorism in that country, most Syrians backed Assad. IOW's, what lapdog newz media, Uncle Sam and his vicious toadies in Ottawa think about Syria shouldn't matter to democratically minded people. Uncle Sam and the Gang have propped-up dozens of brutal right wing dictatorships from last century to this one. And Uncle Sam is not a true democrat, either. They are all the same cosmetic leader in the White House, decade after decade.


On Syria And Way Beyond  -  by Lars Schell'


"In a wide-ranging interview, Middle East expert Guenter Meyer explores the numerous dimensions of the Syrian civl war and its implications - economic and geostrategic - for other countries in the region. As the death toll mounts, the ultimate beneficiaries so far, he concludes, are the US and Israel.."


NATO Terrorists Bomb School in Syria  -- by Tony Cartalucci


"France seeks no-fly zone over Syria to repeat Al Qaeda Benghazi-blowback..."

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Has WW3 started yet?


howeird beale wrote:

It IS a progressive social forum. That's why supporting violent hereditary dictators isn't a prerequisite.

but there is often a surprising amount of support here for violent hereditary dictators....


DaveW wrote:

howeird beale wrote:

It IS a progressive social forum. That's why supporting violent hereditary dictators isn't a prerequisite.

but there is often a surprising amount of support here for violent hereditary dictators....

I do not think we should support violent hereditary dictators but some of my fellow posters seem to have no problem with this crowd.  Is it the fact that they are monarchs that gives them a free pass on the hereditary dictator label? Maybe some here believe in the Divine Right of Kings.






Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Has WW3 started yet?

take a look at the world - arguably we're in one now...


Press TV Correspondent Killed in Syrian Capital (and vid)


"We hold Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who provide weapons and militants to kill civilians, military personnel and journalists, responsible for killing Maya,' Press TV Newsroom Director Hamid Reza Emadi, said.."


Iranian TV Reporter Killed on Air by Syrian Rebel Sniper in Damascus (and vid)


"Maya Nasser was a true professional..."



Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

My violent hereditary dictator can beat up your violent hereditary dictator. Tongue out


I think many countries (such as the U.S.) would do better with a hereditary dictator (picked by the gene pool) than the kind they have now (picked by the wealthy elite). At least that way, they would have a non-zero statistical probability of ending up with a decent person.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Unionist wrote:

I think many countries (such as the U.S.) would do better with a hereditary dictator (picked by the gene pool)

You mean someone like President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho? He'd still be able to beat up your hereditary dictator.  


Battle For Syria: View From the Frontline (and vid)


"Who is the Syrian army fighting? What is the armed opposition fighting for? And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict? This film was made in the field to better tell the story of what's happening here.."


Syrian Rebels Defect to Government Forces


"A group of Syrian rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have defected and joined the pro-government forces on Wednesday.."


Rebel Support 'Pushes Syria Deeper into the Abyss of Bloody Sectarianism - Lavrov (and vid)


"...Those who insist on a ceasefire only by the Syrian government encourage the opposition to intensify its hostilities, and 'take upon themselves an enormous responsibility,' Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a speech to the UN General Assembly. The shortest way to stop the loss of life in Syria, Lavrov said, is to adhere to the commitments in the Geneva Communique, which was agreed upon by the Action Group as follow up to the Kofi Annan Plan..."


'West Wants End of Syria as a Functioning Independent State'


"The Syrian insurgency will never win its war because its means are unsupported even among the opposition, political analyst Dan Glazebrook told RT. But thanks to a flood of weapons from the West, they will continue to destabilize the country. Syria, Glazebrook says, is the only link keeping Western powers from dominating the region, which is why the anti-Assad coalition is sending weapons and fueling the 'proxy war', through Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Western governments, he says, support the rebels because once Syria falls, they hope to 'roll out the program of a final solution' for the Palestinians, Southern Lebanon and Iran..."


US Meddling in Syria Unites Muslims to Defend Islam: Iran Cmdr


"A senior Iranian military commander says that US meddling in the internal affairs of SYria will only make Muslims more united in defending Islam. 'US recourse to al-Qaeda and the Mujahedin - e Khalq Organization (MKO) is the announcement of the US' new strategy of using terrorists for waging inexpensive wars in the Muslim world given its miserable economic situation,' he added..."


US Scuttles Syria Negotiations, Backs Anti-Assad Forces at UN  -  by Niall Green


"US imperialism has used the 67th session of the UN General Assembly as a platform to issue a series of bellicose threats against Syria and Iran. Following President Barack Obama's belligerent speech to the assembly on Tuesday, in which he threatened war with Iran and demanded regime change in Damascus, Secretary of State Hllary Clinton hinted that the US would consider military actions against Syria that bypassed the UN Security Council.

She then held a private meeting with various anti-Assad opposition groups before going on to host talks on the sidelines of the General Assembly with the so-called Friends of Syria group - a collection of [Canada,] European imperialist powers, Middle Eastern stooge regimes and various US assets.."


Surreal: Clinton Pledges $45 Million in Aid to Al Qaeda in Syria  -  by Cartalucci


"US inundates terrorist legions with cash and support after regional embassy attacks and death of own ambassador. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the US would be providing an additional $45 million in 'non lethal aid' to the 'opposition' in Syria. The Western press chose their words carefully, ensuring that the term 'civilian opposition' was repeatedly used..."

Canada Gives $2 M in Medical Aid to Syria


"...The Assad regime's continued assault on the Syrian people is producing a human tragedy that is getting worse by the day,' said Baird, attending the UN General Assembly and a side meeting of the Friends of Syria Group. 'Canada remains committed to exhausting its diplomatic and humanitarian options.' So far the Canadian International Development Agency has committed $12 Million in support for Syrian civilians..."


Western Powers Double Down on Syria's Destruction  -  by Shamus Cooke


"The world watches as a nation is torn, slow motion, at the seams. Money and geopolitics have caused a feeding frenzy of Western nations biting and tearing at Syria, all hoping to profit from the regime's destruction..

The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those, who in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality - Dante"



Turkey Involved in No-Win Syria Project (and vid)


"The United States has also reiterated its financial support for armed gangs fighting against the government of Bashar al Assad. According to the analyst, there are two 'dangerous' issues resulting from the recent talks in the United Nations..." Interview with author and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley


Baird Criticizes UN in Speech to General Assembly (and vid)


"The crisis in Syria is a test of this organization's ability to achieve results,' Baird said. 'While the brutal and repressive regime of Bashar al Assad continues the slaughter of its own people, the United Nations continues to fail...Until the last syllable of recorded time, the world will remember and history will judge Member States that are allowing the atrocities to continue..."

and those that foment and fund them Mr Baird. For more on 'until the last syllable of recorded time' see Macbeth Act 5, scene 5..


Erdogan Unleashing War Dogs That May Return to Bite Turkey: Analyst (and vid)


"Interview with Ken Stone, Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War.."


Syria, The Story Thus Far  -  by William BLum


"...It's only the barrier set up by Russia and China on the UN Security Council that keeps NATO from unleashing thousands of airborne missiles to 'liberate' Syria as they did Libya."


Neo Colonialism Under Pretext of Humanitarian Intervention: Full Text of Syrian Foreign Minister al- Moallam's UN Speech


"...For more than one year now, my country has been fighting organized terrorism..."


Moscow Warns NATO on Itchy Trigger Finger in Syria


"The Foreign Ministry has called on NATO and Middle Eastern countries not to devise pretexts for military intervention in Syria. Russia has expressed concern that some provocation could occur at the Turkish Syrian border that may give NATO the green light to intervene in Syria..."


Mortar Shell Fired From Syria Kills 3 in Turkey


"A mortar shell fired from Syria has killed 3 people and injured more than nine others in Turkey's south eastern border region of Akcakale.."


NDPP wrote:

Syrian Rebels Defect to Government Forces


"A group of Syrian rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have defected and joined the pro-government forces on Wednesday.."

Brown Moses: Syrian State Propaganda - From Terrorist To Peacemaker

Apparently one of the so-called "defectors" appeared on Syrian television six months ago making a confession of his terrorist activities.  Hard to believe that he was released from jail to re-join the rebels and then defect six months later.  Perhaps more likely that the government has squeezed a few forced confessions and statements from prisoners . . . or the defectors are just actors trotted out to play the part of FSA defectors from time to time.  Even RT conceeds that possibility:

Al-Zamel’s statement sparked debate among anti-regime activists – some argued that al-Zamel was forced to make his statement; others claimed that they had no idea who he was.


Great source. An anonymous blogger in London whose claim to fame was cheer leading during the Libyan civil war. 

Rah rah rah for imperialism.  Imperialism is grand it pays the bills in North America.  Lets not stop there lets bomb Syria and Iran and Venezuela and Cuba and Bolivia.  Rah rah rah death do those who don't bow to the Invisible Hand of Imperialism.

So A-j what do you think about King Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa.  Isn't he worthy of your venom and hate? 


Turkish Army Continues Shelling Positions in Syria


"Turkish forces continue shelling targets in Syria following a deadly cross-border attack on a town in southeast Turkey amid escalating tensions between the two neighbors.."


Several Syrian Soldiers Killed in Turkey Attack


"Reports say several Syrian soldiers have been killed in an attack by Turkish forces on a military post near the border town of Tel Abyad.."


The Empire Trapped: US'Unpromising Role in the New Middle East  -  by Ramzy Baroud


"...In Syria it refuses to be a positive conduit for a peaceful transition because it is paralyzed by its military failure in Iraq and fearful over the fate of Israel, should Syria lose its political centrality. Even if the US opts to stave off a catastrophic decline in the region, it is shackled by the invasive tentacles of Israel, the pro-Israel lobby and their massive and permeating networks, which cross over competing media, political parties, and ideological agendas.

The US is now destined to live by the rules and redlines determined by Israel, whose national interests are barely concerned with the rise or demise of America. Israel only wants to ensure its supremacy  in the 'new' Middle East.."


What Will Ankara Do?  -  by Vijay Prashad


"...Did the Contact Group die at Akcakale? Will NATO emerge from its huddle and provide the 'no fly zone' that al-Najjar asks for, which is tantamount to a NATO intervention in to the Syria conflict?"


Turkey Attacks Syria After Stray Shelling  -  by Bill Van Auken


"...Ankara's bellicose policy towards Syria is deeply unpopular among wide layers of the Turkish population which see Turkey serving as a pawn in US imperialism's strategy of asserting its hegemony over the Middle East."

unlike Canada where serving as a pawn in US imperialism's strategy is apparently  considered a great idea by many..

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Oh come on, everybody knows that if its posted on the internet in a blogg and then posted here it has to be true.Wink


It seems that many people in Canada today associate their personal financial security to our close partnership with the global hegemon, the fascist states of America, Israel, and anyone else with financial clout such as the European imperialist nations, who have never changed their imperialistic spots.  Interruptions to, or hesitancy about those relationships, in whichever manifestation they might conceivably materialize in, are correctly seen as threats to employment, investment and retirement portfolios.  This is why all the right wing corporate media rags across the country were berating not only politicians like Chretien, no stranger to fascist tendencies himself, but the population as well for the general reluctance to join up with the US storm troopers gearing up for the invasion of Iraq.  These would be the same rags that were calling Arar a terrorist on their front pages, the very same ones that have vilified Omar Khadr from childhood, because the political imperative of doing so corresponds not with social values based on humanistic ideals, but ones that are founded on social values derived from our financial interests.


Turkish Parliament Authorizes Cross-Border Military Operations in Syria


"Turkey's parliament has authorized cross-border military operations into Syria 'when necessary'. MP Muharrem Ince from the opposition Republican People's Party, said the motion was dangerous as it had no clearly defined limits. 'You can wage a world war with this motion', Hurriyet Daily News cites him as saying. The debates around the move have sparked sharp negative reactions among the Turkish population..."

Syria Not Seeking War with Turkey (and vid)


"...this mortar shelling of the Turkish side came right after the assassination of two Kurd insurgents against Turkey. Second, the mortra could be in the hands of insurgents, and third there is a third party always and especially the Syrian opposition who has an interest in creating conflict between Turkey and Syria. They always accuse the Syrian Army, which is not fair at all and it is not true in my opinion." Interview with analyst..


Turkey Attempts to Trigger War Vs Syria  - Tony Cartalucci


"After over a year of harboring foreign terrorists and supplying their operations near and across the Turkish-Syria border, NATO - member Turkey has claimed it has retaliated with military force against 'targets' inside Syria for an alleged attack on Turkish territory it has blamed on the Syrian government..."

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

NDPP wrote:

Turkey Attempts to Trigger War Vs Syria  - Tony Cartalucci


"After over a year of harboring foreign terrorists and supplying their operations near and across the Turkish-Syria border, NATO - member Turkey has claimed it has retaliated with military force against 'targets' inside Syria for an alleged attack on Turkish territory it has blamed on the Syrian government..."

And in other news over at PressTV...

Syria apologizes for deadly shelling: Turkish deputy PM


Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay says Syria has admitted it was responsible for a mortar attack that killed five people in a southeastern Turkish town on Wednesday.

"The Syrian side has admitted what it did and apologized," Atalay  told reporters on Thursday.

He added that Ankara's acts toward Syria were in coordination with international institutions and that Turkey had exercised its right to shell targets on the Syrian soil in retaliation.

It would appear the Turks tracked the round back to a known Syrian army position.

I have no problum believing that (and it's not becouse of my politics), here's why: The Turks have had artillery units positioned along the border for some time now. Those units, besides having cannon batteries, have target accusation radar units in them as well. The radar is used to locate enemy artillery units by tracking the rounds back to its source as they fly through the air after they are fired. It’s surprisingly accurate, especially the more modern systems used by NATO, Russia and China. The radar is also used to check the accuracy of out going rounds as well. 

The radar is even mentioned in this article… The Turkish army has both the Q-36 and Q-37 radar in it's inventory.

Turkey fires on Syria after deadly shelling


Turkey's NTV television said Turkish radar pinpointed the positions from where the shells were fired on Akcakale, and that those positions were hit.

Now that Turkey has fired back hopfully this will die down like the aircraft shoot down did.




Turkey and Acts of War Against Syria  -  by Finian Cunningham


"...Western media differed on their reports of that incident. Reuters said it was not clear who was responsible."


Syria FSA Terrorists Behind 'False Flag' Attack Against Turkey (and vid)


"German State television channel ZDF said that so-called Syrian rebels have taken responsibility for yesterday's provocation..."


Turkey Says it Doesn't Want War With Syria


"We have no intention of starting a war with Syria," Erdogan said."

just continue to fund and infiltrate foreign terrorists and destabilization..

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Not from PressTV...

Syria apologizes for deadly shelling, says Turkey’s deputy  PM


Syria has admitted its shelling killed five civilians on Turkish soil, has  apologized, and promised the incident will not be repeated, Turkey's deputy  prime minister said on Thursday.

"The Syrian side has admitted what it did and apologized," Besir Atalay said  after parliament authorized operations inside Syria in retaliation for the  killing of five Turkish nationals in cross-border shelling on Wednesday.

Atalay said the authorization was not a war cry but rather a "deterrent"  against the Syrian army.

"This mandate is not a war mandate but it is in our hands to be used when  need be in order to protect Turkey's own interests according to potential  developments in the future," said Atalay in remarks televised by NTV news  channel.

The deputy premier also said Syria assured that "such an incident would not  be repeated," after a United Nations mediation between Ankara and Damascus.

PressTV must think people will read one or the other article. In one article PressTV say Syria admits to the shelling and in the next they say it had to be somebody else.

I'll let you guys figure this one out over the weekend. The heat down here finally broke; this weekend its going to be a freezing 68 degrees. It's now safe to go out in the early afternoon.Laughing



The New York Times Promotes the Syrian Contras


"On October 5, journalist CJ Chivers published a long article in the New York Times, sympathetically recording the views of the US-backed Syrian opposition's pro-war arguments with complete contempt for popular opposition both in Syria and in the NATO countries. Chivers article casts a revealing light on the rotten politics of these groups..."

and so does the National Post: Canada's Contra...

Canadian Mother Vows to Rejoin Syrian Civil War to Help Rebels in Fight Against Assad


"...Up until three weeks ago, the 42 year old engineer and mother of two was an active member of the Free Syrian Army, scoping potential targets in Syria, sleeping on the concrete floor of rebel bunkers or co-ordinating rebel activities in nearby Turkey.

...My son loves it. He understands,' she says. 'Me and his father say that I'm going to help other kids. So he loves that, he loves that mommy is helping other kids..."


US-NATO Sponsored Atrocities in Syria - the Destruction of Aleppo, Syria's Oldest City (Photos)


"In reviewing these images, remember that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are the foot-soldiers of NATO. They are funded and supported by the Western military alliance. They are trained and advised by British, French, Turkish and Qatari special forces, which have integrated their ranks. Intelligence operatives from NATO countries are in permanent liason with the terrorists..."


GRTV: Turkey Already Waging War in Syria (and vid)


"The war on Syria is already de-facto because Turkey is supporting the Free Syrian Army; it's training the rebels; it's allowing for the influx of mercenaries through its territory..."


Misfire: NATO Mortar 'Gift' From Turkey to Syrian Rebels - Newspaper


"The mortar used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale is a design specific to NATO and was given to Syrian rebels by Ankara, according to Turkey's Vurt newspaper..."


Confirmed: Pentagon Deploys Military Forces to Jordan-Syria Border


"US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has confirmed that US troops have been dispatched to the Jordan-Syrian border to help bolster the former's military capabilities in case violence escalates in the volatile region. The US has previously used Jordan as a base for other Syria-related military activities.."

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

NDPP wrote:

Misfire: NATO Mortar 'Gift' From Turkey to Syrian Rebels - Newspaper


"The mortar used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale is a design specific to NATO and was given to Syrian rebels by Ankara, according to Turkey's Vurt newspaper..."

Just brilliant!

So this guy writes an article claiming the mortar used in the attack is a mortar specific to NATO based of "a reliable source" and then doesn’t say what type that is?

A mortar round does not vaporize when it goes off. You can tell by the shell fragments and fin section left behind what type of mortar fired it. Most people who use or have been around mortars know this, and you’d think if this were a false flag operation they’d be smart enough to at least use the same type the Syrian army has. It’s not like there’s only a few of them over there and the FSA hasn’t captured any.

ADDENDUM: Well after digging around I found this....

If this is a picture of the mortar fin from that attack (I got this off and artical on the attack)

Then, yes, that was a mortar used by NATO.... a 120mm mortar to be exact. Look at the below picture of NATO mortar rounds (the Mk2): the fins match. Most Russian 120mm mortar rounds have 10 fins.

You learned the real facts here first: The FSA is so busted... in my book anyways.


Outstanding! Thanks for supplying the necessary analysis Bec. Its important and as you say probably here first..



Syria Accuses Turkey of 'Air Piracy', Demands Return of Seized Cargo


"Damascus said that the Syria bound commercial jet diverted to Ankara Wednesday night was not carrying prohibited cargo and demanded Turkey return the goods it seized. The airline accused Ankara of brutality and illegal provocations..."


US Pushing Syria Into War With Terrorists (and vid)


"An anti-war activist says the US is pushing Syria into war with terrorists, leaving Damascus no other choice but to sit back and lose its authority or counterattack and end up carrying out a war on Syrian soil..."

interview with Don Debar


'US Real Player of Regional Instability Show' (and vid)


"The US is the real player stoking recent tensions between Ankara and Damascus and is seeking to fuel the crisis in Syria, an analyst tells Press TV." Discussion with analysts...


No Weapons on Syrian Plane Grounded by Turkey - Lavrov (and vid)


"...There was a cargo on the plane that a legal Russian supplier was sending in a legal way to a legal customer. We are awaiting an official reply.."


US Military Buildup on Syria's Southern Border  -  by Michel Chossudovsky


"...We are at a very dangerous crossroads. US and British troops are now stationed in Jordan on Syria's southern border. Meanwhile, Turkish troops are being deployed on Syria's northern border..."


Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War  -  by F William Engdahl


"Despite the miscarriage of NATO's secret military operation against Syria, withdrawal by the West stumbles on two issues. Can Washington and its allies refrain from grabbing the Syrian gas resources? And can they leave Syria in the position of being the only state in the region which escapes the control of the Muslim Brotherhood..?"


Erdogan Hysterical Over Syria Insurgents' Failures: Analyst (and vid)


"Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan has gone hysterical on the defeats inflicted on the insurgents in Syria, political analyst [Webster Griffin Tarpley] tells Press TV..."


'We Are on the Edge of War'...


Turkey's Syria Game, Self-Devastating (and vid)


"Turkey is playing a dangerous, self-devastating game on Syria which is cleverly designed by Western countries to devastate both Turkey itself and the resistance axis in the region..." Discussion with analysts.


US Failed at Bringing About Regime Change in Syria: Analyst (and vid)


"...The question is do the Western powers have unlimited supplies of death squad fanatics or do they not? And are these death squads getting decimated by the Syrian armed forces? Interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley."


Humanitarian Buffer Zones in Syria...  - by Maidhe O Cathail


"...how misinformation obscures the Israel lobby's influence on US foreign policy..."


The Syrian Chapter of the Battle of Palestine   -  by Daniel Mabsout


"...Therefor the real battle now where the destiny of Palestine is at stake is taking place in Syria where the future of the Resistance to the Israeli state is being decided. The fall of Assad is wanted in order to bring a change favorable to the Israeli state. In Syria, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Iran, in Yemen and Bahrain, the sectarian war is the new war waged by Israel."


Lebanon Bombing is Impetus For West's Planned Sunni-Shia'a War  -  by Tony Cartalucci


"...It was, since at least 2007, the goal of the US, Saudis and Israelis to trigger a region-wide sectarian war with which to overrun the governments of Lebanon and Iran. This was documented in detail in Seymour Hersh's 2007 New Yorker article 'The Redirection', which was covered in depth in 'Syrian War: The Prequel.'

The purposefully nebulous coverage by the Western media over violence in Lebanon so far, and a disingenuous depiction of it being 'spill over' from Syria is meant to portray a general sense of chaos consuming the region. In reality, it is a premeditated destabilization dependent on fostering violence between Sunni and Shi'ia Muslims, just as was purposefully done in Iraq to balk an effective Sunni-Shi'ia alliance that achieved initial success fighting a foreign occupation led by the US beginning in 2003..."


TV Wars: Lebanese Government Seeks Legal Action Against 'Homeland'


"...Last week, the episode of 'Homeland' filmed in Tel Aviv represented Lebanon as lawless, filled with armed gunmen, primitive, barbaric..."


Damascus Street Notes  -   by Franklin Lamb


"....the legality of the western imposed sanctions on Syria and Iran are being discussed at the University of Damascus as well as among some officials and NGOs here. A fairly cogent argument can be made that the type of sanctions being imposed on Syria and Iran are illegal under international customary law.

This is because the sanctions are poltiical, rather obviously designed to achieve regime changes. They are also fundamentally indiscriminate and target and endanger the civilian non-combatants. The sanctions, as designed for application to both Syria and Iran also violate Art. 2 (4) of the UN Charter, which commands that all Members shall refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of a state, or in any manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the UN..."


Turkey's Foreign Minister Demands War in the Name of 'Human Rights'  -  by Niall Green


"...The establishment of 'humanitarian corridors' or 'no fly zones' inside Syrian territory by Turkey and its allies would amount to a declaration of war against the Assad regime. It would require a massive air campaign to overcome Syria's air defense system, likely followed by an invasion by ground forces. 'The international community must make a decision. Humanitarian access must be guaranteed by any means that is acceptable,' the Turkish foreign minister said.

Referring to the more direct role that Ankara expects its allies in Washington and Europe to play in the Syrian conflict, Davutoglu stated that he expected 'the leading powers of the international community to be more decisive and clear in their policy regarding opposition in Syria.

Davutoglu's choice of the Guardian to make his bellicose demands is not accidental. The British newspaper gives voice to liberal and 'left' bourgeois opinion, whose special function is to dress up imperialist violence in the language of 'humanitarianism'.


Erdogan Seeks War on Syria: Turkish Journalist  (and vid)


"The Turkish government under Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks a military conflict with Syria, opposing the views of the Turkish people, a journalist tells Press TV.."

Imperialism in the name of 'human rights' finds its most enthusiastic pitchmen among fake-left groups such as the Socialist Workers Party in Britain, the International Socialist Organization in the US, [the NDP in Canada], and the New Anti-Capitalist Party in France, all of which obscure the real interests and activities of the major powers in the Syrian conflict, while presenting the US backed proxy war in Syria as a 'revolution'."


The Engineered Fall of Syria


"Extensive Intelligence and paramilitary network exposed..."


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