By Way of Deception: Canada Welcomes Mossad Assassin with New Identity

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By Way of Deception: Canada Welcomes Mossad Assassin with New Identity

Canada Welcomes Mossad Assassin, Offers Him New Identity  -  by Richard Silverstein

"You'd think Canadians might have a few things to say about farming out their intelligence operations to a foreign country and allowing that country to become an unofficial arm of Canadian intelligence.

Apparently this far-right Canadian government believes becoming an appurtenance of the State of Israel is the way to win elections. Why else would a Harper minister have signed an extraordinary public security agreement with Israeli Public Security Minister, Avi Dichter in 2008?

Who'd have thought that one of the ways in which this agreement would be implemented on the ground would be in abetting an act of Israeli state terrorism?

This is yet another example of Canada's government jumping into bed with Israeli spies and generals with blood on their hands. The appointment of Israel's first military attache to Canada  was also part of this 'Thickening of the intelligence/ military relationship with Israel.

This story comes on the heels of Stephen Harper's recent pilgrimage to Israel in which he fawned over Bibi Netanyahu.

Now Harper has become Bibi's poodle."



Canada, Israel Spooks and Killers

"...Here's an oddity: The name of the Kidon killer who did the Dubai job had not been divulged by anyone -- even by Silverstein, a critic of the Israeli government. Yet journalists covering the story are well aware of this man's identity.

Interesting, isn't it, that Canadian newspapers are willing to disclose Kennedy's name but not the name of the assassin?"


Did Canada Secretly Give An Israeli Assassin A New Identity After He Helped Kill This Top Hamas Terrorist?   -  by Ian Macleod

"In a fast-moving investigation with ties to Dubai, Venezuela, Israel, Montreal and now Ottawa, the Mounties are trying to determine whether national security was breached in a case that rivals a Hollywood script..."

Compare and contrast with bloggers' analysis posted above. 'Script' is what we will get from corporate media journos who won't go anywhere they're not supposed to...


As It Happens (audio)

Iranian-Canadian Man Alleges Canada Issued a Passport to a Mossad Agent

"It's almost like a Hollywood thriller', Quebecor's journalist Andrew McIntosh tells Carol."

except it isn't, it's real and the implications of the Israel-Canada agenda and active Mossad operations here are deadly serious even if few seem willing to discuss it...


Tikun Olam @ richards1052

"Canada allegedly arrested Mossad agent implicated in al-Mabouh assassination, & THEN gave killer fake ID!"



Minister Mum on Probe into Allegation Mossad Assassin Got New Canadian Identity, Passport  -  by Ian Macleod

"The Office of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is evading questions about a probe related to allegations that an Israeli Mossad assassin is in Canada under a new identity provided by the government.

Public Safety Canada which oversees the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, also has avoided talking about the case, which has upset senior security intelligence officials after being reported by the Citizen and other news media in February..."

I' m surprised one Canadian journo even asked...this will likely be the end of it. We all know why...