"We Need Allies Like Canada" - Israel's Avigdor Lieberman

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NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

An Attack on Israel is an Attack on Canada



“Prime Minister Harper has made it quite clear for some time now and has regularly stated that an attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada,” said Kent.

That is the language of automatic military defence of the expansionist state of Israel. If taken literally (and it is phrase that has a history of being meant literally) it means that the Canadian military will respond as if someone launched a military attack on Ontario.

Gone from the Canadian Israel-lobbyists quiver is the sly innuendo that concerned Canadian's are "obsessed" with Israel's crimes. These are now crimes the Canadian Government promises to defend by force.

Additionally, if quoted correctly, there appears to be an outright falsehood in Kent's speech:

He told Shalomlife.com, “Canada has been concerned for some time... about the nuclear adventurism and the proclaimed quest of nuclear weaponry by President [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad.”

Nowhere have I found a "quest of nuclear weaponry" "proclaimed" by Ahmadinejad.


Kady O'Malley on the CBC site is also looking for clarification on this statement by Kent:

“Prime Minister Harper has made it quite clear for some time now and has regularly stated that an attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada,”

Kady O'Malley:

Whether or not Harper has done so at the cabinet table is one thing, but a quick search of the PM's past statements on Israel seems to that the PM has not, in fact, "regularly stated" any such thing -- not in public, at least. (What he may or may not say at the cabinet table is, of course, confidential.)But if we take Kent at his word, and assume that this country -- or, at least, the government -- does, in fact, now view an attack on Israel as an attack on Canada, it still raises a host of questions; the first of which would be something along the lines of, exactly what international law or existing treaty might this new-to-the-rest-of-us position based on? What is Canada committing itself to do in the event of an attack -- and for that, matter, how, in this context, is "attack" being defined?



 Indications are that Israel is already 'covered' by NATO - moreover these  'signals' from Ottawa increase the liklihood that preparations for a possible move against Iran are indeed underway:

Israel - Global NATO's 29th Member


"Extending article 5 protection, hitherto limited to full member states, to Israel was being advocated with the inescapable implication that a coalition of most of the world's most powerful military nations led by the self-designated world's sole military superpower, would retaliate against Iran if it responded to an Israeli first strike attack.."

Secret CIA-Mossad Meeting Preparation for New War


these are also posted in the US-NATO-Middle East War: Timeline thread

Iran Policy Now More in Sync With Clinton's Views


"This after all, is the woman who once warned that if she were president  and Iran attacked Israel, the United States would 'totally obliterate' Iran.."

I find the widespread obliviousness to these scenarios most alarming...


Ties That Bind


"Canadian military officials have undertaken a comprehensive effort with their Israeli counterparts to 'pursue deeper relationships' to borrow from Israel's weapons, war training and counter insurgency strategies, and to strengthen diplomatic ties, according to documents obtained through access to information (ATI) requests.."

And this is the army we're taking lessons from..

An Epitome


"The Israeli occupation army, which is proudly called the Israeli Defense Forces, is indeed the people's army. Well it is also a sick and psychotic people's army, an army without morality, without honor, and without basic human decency..."


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

 Indications are that Israel is already 'covered' by NATO - moreover these  'signals' from Ottawa increase the liklihood that preparations for a possible move against Iran are indeed underway:

So hypothetically, if the IDF attacked a ship from a NATO country, say, Turkey, in international waters...


might makes right...

Could Turkey Invoke NATO Clause Over Israeli Attack on Flotilla?



Is Canada Passing Information on Its Citizens to Israel?  By Yves Engler


"As Palestinian solidarity activism further challenges Canada's pro-Israeli establishment, CSIS harassment will likely increase..."

As for the question - most certainly they are - that's why we have a 'Security Agreement' with Israel


Israel: A Refuge or Colonial Project? - The Real News (vid)


"Israeli historian Tom Segev on the founding of the state of Israel.."

good bg for the long congeniality between Canada and the Zionist entity


Has anyone seen that recent Canadian postage stamp with the caption that says something like: "Canada-Israel: 60 years of friendship"?


Canada is Involving Israel in the Americas - Peter Kent in Israel


"On the eve of discussions, Kent stated, 'As vibrant democratic states, Canada and Israel are natural allies. This affinity, based on our shared values such as respect for human rights and the rule of law, extends to our respective engagement in the Americas.'




What, no manifest destiny?


UN Atomic Agency Curtails Probe of Israel's Nuclear Capabilities


"Israel declined to cooperate with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano's inquiry on 'political and legal' grounds. Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said in a July 26 letter among the 81 pages of documents, calling the probe 'unjustified'. Amano asked Israel to consider signing the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty when he visisted the country last month.

Canada, the UK and US opposed the probe.."


Israel's Foreign Minister Demands Arabs Be Stripped of Citizenship


"Israel's foreign minister demanded yesterday that some of Israel's Arab citizens be stripped of their citizenship and transferred to a future Palestinian state...

"Whoever claims that he is fighting against Zionism should go over to become citizens of the Palestinian Authority.."


Canada, Israel and Palestine  - by Yves Engler


"Part of US Security Coordinator's office in Jerusalem, the Canadian military mission for the West Bank (dubbed Operation PROTEUS), now includes RCMP officers as well as officials from Foreign Affairs, Justice Canada and the Canadian Border Services Agency. According to deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Kent, Operation PROTEUS is Canada's 'second largest deployment after Afghanistan' and it receives 'most of the money' from a 5 year $300 Million Canadian 'aid' program to support the security apparatus of Abbas' Palestinian Authority..."

'We need allies like Canada' - Avigdor Lieberman


Avigdor Lieberman: A Profile in Ultranationalist Extremism


"Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Lieberman represents the worst of Israel's lunatic fringe...Israelis have exalted a man who out-Sharons even Ariel Sharon.."



Portugal MPs Oppose Israeli FM's Visit


"Several Portugese lawmakers have voiced their opposition to the presence of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Portugal's parliament. They also condemned the inhumane policies of the Israeli regime against the people of Palestine.."

By contrast NOBODY did this in Canada, least of all the NDP who reportedly received him with great warmth. Here is Lieberman on his trip to Canada:

"It's hard to find a country friendlier to Israel than Canada. Members both of the coalition and the opposition are loyal friends to us, both with regard to their worldview and their estimation of the situation in everything related to the Middle East. No other country in the world has demonstrated such full understanding of us. Canada is so friendly that there was no need to convince or explain anything to anyone. We need allies like this in the international arena.."


Why I Tried To Arrest Avigdor Lieberman (and vid)


"If apartheid is a crime, there is only one way to treat its practitioners: arrest them. That is precisely what I tried to do when I confronted Avigdor Lieberman, the architect of a series of laws designed to make Israeli apartheid even more draconian than it already is...Apartheid is not the only crime on my mind right now. Bertrand Russell, the great British intellectual, once referred to the crime of silence..."

In Canada, Lieberman was cordially welcomed by all, including opposition leaders, who raised no issues of Israeli crimes whatsoever.


Avigdor Lieberman To Be Indicted  -  by Stephen Lendman


"On April 11, Jerusalem Post writer Ron Friedman headlined 'Liberman indictement expected by end of week, saying: 'Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein was expected to indict him for fraud, breach of trust, money laundering and obstruction of justice.."



Lieberman Thanks Canada Prime Minister For Objecting To 1967 Borders At G8


"The foreign minister tells Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper 'Canada is a true friend of Israel' after Harper insisted that no mention of Israel's pre-1967 borders be made in the leaders' final communique.."

after being so instructed by Bibi Netanyahu:


"At the request of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper thwarted an announcement Friday by the G8 countries that would have supported US President Barack Obama's statement that talks between the Palestinians and Israel should be based on the 1967 borders with Israel..

Harper leads a rightist government under whose leadership Canada has become one  of Israel's greatest allies..."

'members both of the coalition and the opposition are loyal friends to us, both with regard to their worldview and their estimation of the situation in everything related to the Middle East...I got the impression of a whole, harmonious picture of great support for Israel..' Avigdor Lieberman, interview Jewish Tribune 2009



If the Canadian seemingly Zionist professor wants to explain his disgusting behavior, I will allow him to respond here but I will sure respond.  On his website, he also sounds patronizing about the students that he teaches at AUB as he said:  "AUB students are surprisingly good."  Surprising why? Because they are not white?



Political Scandal at AUB: a seemingly Zionist Canadian professor (reportedly) defends the Israeli terrorist army

M. Spector M. Spector's picture

AUB = American University of Beirut

...just to save everyone else the trouble of googling it!

M. Spector M. Spector's picture

According to a June 24 [i]New York Times[/i] article, Canada has been lobbying smaller countries to oppose a Palestinian bid for UN members' support for Palestinian statehood. The US, Canada, Italy, Germany and several central European countries are poised to oppose the bid, while Spain, France and most Latin American countries intend to support it; the UK is wavering. Although the Security Council's recommendation on membership carries considerable weight, the UN General Assembly is the ultimate arbiter of requests for UN membership....

The Harper government has not formally renounced long-standing Canadian policy supporting the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. Nonetheless, at the recent G8 meeting, Prime Minister Harper opposed the inclusion of any reference to the importance of the 1967 borders in the G8's statement on the Middle East. [b]Since the G8, the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister John Baird and other high ranking officials have been visiting Greece, Brazil, Paraguay and Guatemala, among other countries.[/b]

[url=http://www.cjpme.org/DisplayDocument.aspx?DocumentID=1645]CJPME Press release[/url]


Canada, Israel to Bolster Militaries


"Canada and Israel are about to complete a number of defense co-operation agreements that will significantly tighten military bonds between the two countries as tensions grow over Iran's nuclear ambitions...And Defence Minister Peter MacKay refused Wednesday to rule out a mutual-defence agreement that would oblige Canada to come to Israel's defence should the latter be attacked...

Mr MacKay said 'I would argue they could not find a more supportive country on the planet,'...."

settler states together - Canada has achieved what Israel can only dream of...


I'm stunned.  Its one thing to be "friends" with Israel but a mutual defence agreement is madness.  What national interest is being served by a mutual defence agreement.  For Israel it is a boon but what national interest is served for Canada. 

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HumbleOne wrote:

I'm stunned.  Its one thing to be "friends" with Israel but a mutual defence agreement is madness.  What national interest is being served by a mutual defence agreement.  For Israel it is a boon but what national interest is served for Canada. 

Look south for the answers to your question.  Harper is a toadying, sycophantic Quisling to the Commander in Chief of the NATO forces. 


 Remember that Harper government officials have "regularly stated" for some time:
"An attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada"

Presumably that would include a Canadian war against any country Israel attacked, which managed to fight back to any degree. Who says we won't need F35's?


Remember also the "Border and Security Agreement" that Harper has signed with Israel--no Canadians know, outside of the Harper junta, the details and operation of that deal.


Canada Ready to Take Action on Iran if Needed, Harper Says


"...There are growing indications that Israel and/or the US might be prepared to take pre-emptive military actions to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons-making capability. Were that to happen, this submission appears to confirm that the Harper government would offer its strong support."


In West Bank Meeting, Canadian Ministers Take Firm [Israeli] Line with Palestinians  -  by Patrick Martin


"Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty journeyed to the West Bank on Monday to beard the Palestinian lions in their den...the Ottawa tag-team went out of its way to impress upon the Palestinian leadership that it should abandon its efforts to obtain United Nations recognition and return to the negotiating table with Israel 'without preconditions'...

As for Hamas, many of whose members are being held in Israeli and Palestinian prisons, Mr Baird said, 'We have no interest in interacting with Hamas. It is a terrorist organization.."

Here's what these cruel and evil Canadian politicians, didn't talk about:

UN Launches Emergency Appeal for Gaza (and vid)


"The UN launched an emergency appeal for just over $300 million to assist Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank who are dealing with the effects of Israeli military attacks and the trauma of living under occupation."


Israel Not to Accept Palestinian Government


"Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said that Tel Aviv would not accept a Palestinian government, amid recent agreements towards reconciliation between Palestinian factions..."


[url=http://rabble.ca/columnists/2012/02/john-baird-and-harpers-reckless-fore...'s reckless foreign policy in the Middle East[/url]

Murray Dobbin wrote:
It is hard to credit the latest statements and actions by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. On both Iran and Israel, Baird seems to almost deliberately seek to humiliate both himself and the country he is supposed to represent on the international stage. Taking an ultra-orthodox rabbi (whose organization opposes any Palestinian state) with him on an official visit to Israel is not just bizarre but dangerous. And suggesting, essentially, that Iran has a first-strike policy against Israel (with non-existent nuclear weapons) while comparing its leader to Hitler, puts Baird firmly in the company of drunks in a barroom exchange of tough talk.



Baird's address to the AJC on Thursday: http://www.international.gc.ca/media/aff/speeches-discours/2012/05/03a.a...


From Afghanistan to the Keystone XL pipeline, if anyone still wonders what the Harper government intends.



Israeli Foreign Minister Likely to be Dismissed for Fraud, Corruption Charges


"Israeli Foreign Minister  Avigdor Lieberman will likely be dismissed from his position over fraud and corruption charges.."