Welcome to the future, a Trump future!

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Welcome to the future, a Trump future!



Doesn't look good boys and girls, it just doesn't look good!  Frown

I suppose the one percentres just don't have enough. Silly me, how could I have forgotten that.

Texas court blocks overtime rule



Just the beginning and it will get much, much worse.

Donald Trump’s Best Conflict of Interest Yet Involves Merrick Garland and Las Vegas



The People Who Make Ivanka’s Life Run Are As Absent From Her Politics As They Are From Her Instagram


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With Jeff Sessions as AG,say goodbye to legal weed and most likely medicinal weed. It's over. It will be interesting to see how Americans in states that voted for that in Colorado,Alaska,Washington,Oregon,California,Maine and Massachusetts will feel about this.

Abortion will also be criminalized or at the minimum the Texas model will be adopted nationally.

Again,those who believe in state's rights are not going to be happy.

I wonder how working people who voted for this Orange bastard thinking he was standing up for them,are going to feel when the overtime pay law is abolished and minimum wage is at the minimum frozen ( it could very well be decreased,we'll see)

I think by this time next year,Trump's favourability will be under 30%. Only a major terrorist attack will save him. Therefore,expect a major one by September.