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What is Hezbollah

Re: Hezboallah has never used "suicide" bombers against civilian targets.

Then why is my friend dead after she (a Muslim) was attacked by Hezbollah - and my uncle's house is gone. None had anything to do with anything military. And my friend was a tourist! I could list probably 1,00 plus but if you have not been there, please do not presume to know what you think you do. Personally, mty heart goes out to all the Palestenians people caught in the middle. many not happy with Hamas or Hezbollah - and they have told me this as I work with them so I have been there - I do not know what every single one of them believes, just I do not know what every single jewish person does (Many are definitely more right wing than me, lol) but I DO know that to suggest Hezbollh does not attack civilia targets means either ther individaal suggesting this has not done his/her reaesrch , never been there, knows no one here,. or is being brainwashed. Take your pick. I guess I am just tired of this whole thing. I have lost too many good friends on both sides - they are dead and nothing you or I say will bring them back but we can help the peace process instead of making up info that is simply not true!

As i said, Hezbollah has never used "suicide bombers" against civilians targets. It's a fact. Nor does Hebollah represent Palestinian people. It doesn't even pretend that it does. It is in fact a recognized and important Lebanese political party that regularly participates in elections in Lebanon. It is not a "terrorist" organization.

Granted, it does not respect the lives of Israeli civilians to any great measure, just as Israel does not take much care in making sure that Arab civilians are not the victims of collateral damage. Complaints about random rocket fire launched into Northern Israel, after Israel invaded and started bombing civilian areas in Lebanon are pure hypocrisy.

Sorry to hear about your relatives. The relatives of other Canadians who happened to be visiting Lebanon were blown to smithereens by IAF bombs during the last Israeli invasion of Lebanon, in fact, I think more Canadian civilians were killed by the combined forces of the IDF, than Israeli civilians were killed by Hezbollah.

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The above quoted statement came from Janeycanuck in this thread: Bnai Brith Denounces Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.


It's a political party, a terrorist organization, a floor wax AND a dessert topping!

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Sure. Why not? More than anything it is not a simple stereotype, which is the point of this thread, as far as I am concerned. I am just tired of these pastiche renderings of muslim people and their organizations.


But it's so much easier to see the Arab and Muslim world as a seething mass of strange fanatics who hate us and want to steal our...


Not only is Hezbollah opposed to al-Qaida, Hamas is as well.


Deadly gun battle in Gaza mosque



Eyewitnesses say hundreds of Hamas fighters and policemen surrounded a mosque where followers of a radical Islamist cleric were holed up.

Hamas fired rocket-propelled grenades at the mosque and stormed the leader's house in Rafah, near the Egypt border.

It is thought that at least 100 supporters of the al-Qaeda-linked group, Jund Ansar Allah, were inside.