What T___p, Putin, Farage and Doug Ford represent isn't "populism"...it's "patriarchalism"

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In socialism, private property is abolished. The problem is that flies in the face of natural law. If you want property, you have to take it by violence. This is why communists will never answer you if you want assurances it will not go violently. 


Populism is just a label that folks use to group together many forces that are destroying the status quo.  The economic, polictal, and cultural norms of the that tie us together as a gobal community.  Be it neoliberalism, washington concescise, or what ever you want label the current system in the world.  People were told in letting capital flow regardless of borders is good for all.  That experiement has is largely dead, I remember american intellectuals and native equailants spreadinig the word that history has ended.  I remember in jest just compared the situation to roman empire, and faintly 100 other empires that came and went.  Is that what a roman citizen felt when the crires proclaimed that the emipre will last forever.  The american empire will not last a 100 years will the roman empire lived till 1450 AD  with last pieces destroyed the ottaman armines.  Will futures histoires laugh at current histiores and condem the hubruis that the intecutual class that proclaimd the end of history. This is not a unique moment in history change is coming and I welcome it. 

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No need to look to China if you're looking for a bad guy!


I guess those things that communist leaders did was so bad that it gave Canadians amnesia about the war crimes Canadian leaders committed right here at home!

I wonder if Justin is going to retroactively charge the Canadian leaders of the past?


Um. It isn't a competition. And I'm not the one claiming it is exclusive to one system. It isn't, was my point.


I'm glad Léopold II was remembered as one of the great génocidaires...

Here is another horrific example of "patriarchalism": Mafia rule. The original Sicilian mafia, others originally in other southern Italian regions and now far more widespread, and similar crime families the world over:


Which also goes to show that the extreme subjugation of women and girls, and even boys by powerful older males is not restricted to the Muslim lands.

Though the main populist aspect of Mafia rule is clientelism, not electoral promises.