What will Obama do about Marijuana?

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What will Obama do about Marijuana?
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This just in: The only change that Obama will bring to the White House is that  which is in his pocket.

We should remind all those people in Canada who went ape shit over the guy (e.g. Layton) of their support as Obama proves himself to be more of the same over the next 4 years.


Oh he's different all right. Bush tried to divide the country on religious and racial lines. Obama won't. Bush pursued an anti-intellectual and anti-science agenda. Obama won't. Bush tried to portray a global religion as an evil threat. Obama won't.

What I'm saying is that Obama is pretty much a more marketable Al Gore. Now that may not be exactly what you'd like to see in a US president, but believe me that's not the same as Bush.




Brookmere following that line of thought, I guess anyone else would not be Bush...(John McCain?) I agree more with Le T. Though I am willing to admit that all of this is speculation because who can really say at this point, but the prologue of Obama's presidency suggests that we can't expect the change that reflects the opinions of the people. Sure infrastructural investment sounds good, a more social economic policy sounds good. But what about Israel? What about the neglected Canadian/American relationship? What about marijuanna?

I think a lot of people are now realizing that holding their breath for this guy might be a bad idea.


we can't expect the change that reflects the opinions of the people

Opinions of what people? Obama told the voters that he was a centrist and that's exactly what they are going to get. And still almost half the vorters voted for a ticket that was way to the right of Obama.

Now I'd rather see Dennis Kucinich sworn in as president in three weeks but what matters is what American voters want, not what I want.


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Obama is going to do the following with respect to marijuana: Zilch.

Marijuana as an agenda item on Obama's to-do list is, at best, somewhere around No. 257. 


[b]Eleutherophobics of the World...Unite!!![/b]


Totally agree with Sven on this. No way is Obama going anywhere near marijuana...ever.