What is wrong with Canada?

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What is wrong with Canada?


The fourth largest country in the world by land area, Canada’s true potential is not even close to being tapped. A nation of only 36 million people, the country probably should have emerged as a major power decades ago. Instead the hapless politicians set in place there just tag along, and they don’t even do a good job of that. Canada’s national debt of just over $800 billion is not even all that bad compared to the US, and European nations. Still the leadership there trudges along doing foreign policy like a satrap. It is inconceivable for me that the world’s most educated country can appoint the dumbest leaders on the planet. The only country that can actually beat Russia at ice hockey cannot even chart its own course and best interests?

Canada-Russia relations and trade were put on hold after the Ukraine crisis, to the detriment of both nations. Growing domestic demand and the vast natural resources of both countries made Russia one of the most attractive destinations for Canadian goods and services. The two nations had made great progress with their participation in the Canada-Russia Intergovernmental Economic Commission (IEC). And working groups established in the areas of agri-food and agriculture, fuel and energy, construction and housing, mining, and the Arctic and North showed brilliant promise before Crimea returned to Russia. These initiatives would have greatly benefitted the Canadians, but Russia has alternatives in China and the other BRICS. This is why I am asking “What is wrong with Canada?” There is no clear strategy for any kind of win for Canadians.

...my ever persistent refrain...when will a sovereigntist,  decentralist and socialist movement ever arise to deal with our slide into desperation and collapse? And take on the corporatists that own this country?