When Israel spits, in the West they say its rain

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When Israel spits, in the West they say its rain

Israel, via the Interior Ministry, continues to spit in the face of friendly countries, and those countries continue to admire the falling raindrops. The ministry's most recent gob of spit was the cancellation of the work visas that citizens of those countries who are employed by international NGOs have been getting for years.

Instead, they will be given tourist visas that restrict their freedom of movement and activity. These people are usually employees of humanitarian organizations that operate among the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.


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FM, thank you for posting this. You are such a great writer! This piece was a tour-de-force. 

Sorry - I digress.

Babble has been quiet lately.  Fluffy topics not worth reading. It seems that silly Facebook group has been getting all the attention.

We have recently marked the first anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, and there was barely a mention of it in the Canadian MSM.  1,400 killed, 5,000  injured; the water treatment plant destroyed, a flour mill bombed; white phosphorus bombs raining down on a UN compound.

Same goes for the Goldstone report.  Barely a mention in the MSM.

And the siege of Gaza?  Don't mention that in the MSM, the House of Commons, or Question period.  That borders on being anti-semitic!

So I turn to a newspaper in Israel, Haaretz, to get the real story. At least they have a free press there.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Harper continues to appoint right wing Zionist thugs to in his campaign to purify Canada according his own idealogy.


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Thank you, Diogenes. Sadly, while Haaretz does offer diverse opinions, it is still dependent on advertizing, and so it presents to us, at times, content so vile, even the most brutal racists the world ever produced would blush. See for yourself:

‘live penetration raids in Arab territory’

Keep in mind the truly sick and perverted racists behind the ad are our friends and allies.


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Did you read the comment by Avi?  I thought it was pretty funny.


Gaza: A Dark Comedy:


"at first the Goldstone Report seemed a breakthrough. Now most hopes for justice have been dissipated.."


Israel Imposes Nine Day Blockade on West Bank


"Israel imposes a 9-day full blockade of the occupied West Bank starting Sunday night, ostensibly as a security measure for the Jewish Passover festival. The lockdown, on the orders of the Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak, will prevent thousands of Palestinian workers based in the West Bank from reaching their places of work. The closure will be lifted only after another security assessment following the Passover holidayl. The Passover festival will last from sunset of March 29 until April 6..."

Erdogan: Israeli Stance on Al Quds (Jerusalem) is 'Madness'


"Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blasted Israel's insistence at its stance to consider the whole of Jerusalem as its united capital as "madness".

Israeli Minister Talks of New War on Gaza


"A senior Israeli minister has threatened that Tel Aviv will 'liquidate' Hamas sooner or later, adding that Israel may even launch a new offensive on the Gaza Strip. Israel's Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said Tel Aviv has not set a timetable for when it will eliminate the Palestinian movement, but he underscored that it would happen sooner or later. He said Israel cannot tolerate the movement becoming stronger. Steinitz did not rule out the possibility of a new invasion of Gaza, saying Tel Aviv had no choice but to take such action.."