"Where Are OUR Human Rights?"

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"Where Are OUR Human Rights?"

Where Are OUR Human Rights?

by Layla Anwar - arabwomanblues


"...I am still shocked with the deliberate, willful, mental thickness of the West and of the [Canadians] Americans and English in particular, with their refusal to be held personally accountable for the immense violence, brutality, theft misery and grief that were inflicted and still are, on innocent peoples and countries, be it in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere.

I am still shocked by the fact that you people can actually sleep every night knowing full well that you and your governments have committed the most atrocious crimes in modern history on innocent peoples and countries.

That is why every time I hear one of you bastards speak of Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, I am taken by the urge to spit in your collective faces.

I am still shocked by the extent of your Immorality and lack of Conscience. I am still shocked by your lies, I am still shocked by how deceitful you are..."