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Sean in Ottawa

It is important to recognize China's argument in favour of its aggressiveness.

China has often pointed out that as a country with a much lower per capita income, it has every right to go after its interest in closing the gap with wealthier countries and to use whatever mechanisms are available to do so. China is insulted by suggestions that its attempt to bring more wealth to its people ought to be compared to the actions of a country such as the US that already has high wealth and means to keep its near monopoly on world power intact.

In spite of whatever else you might say about this argument it is at once compelling from a historical justice perspective and an argument that you have every reason to believe Chinese leaders hold dear to their hearts.

Regardless of the state of China's development of political accountability, this factor must be considered.

Another geopolitical point speaks to Chinese attitudes and history. China has a big domestic market. It has had a tendency to disregard the importance of anything outside its borders and take an isolationist posture. Due to its size it can afford to do this provided it has everything it wants. The swing from engagement to isolation is something China has been involved in for centuries. I am not convinced that those upset at China's demand for a fair seat at the table would really prefer China to be isolationist. Certainly many have claimed that China's role as a counterweight to the US has been welcomed.

As for the political developments in China, I enjoy the speculation I hear from people I know but it really amounts to just that-- there is little infromation out there. This rather than a lack of interest may be behind the few responses to Wilf's questions. My guess is there is a significant number of people who want change but also want to manage it carefully. It will be itneresting to see how they do. I have been long afraid that China's changes could result in more and more areas where the government gives up an essential role in society and the economy. They are right to be careful-- rampant capitalism is not a solution either.


'US Fiat Dollars To Create Fresh Crisis


"Hong Kong's Chief Executive Donald Tsang said Friday that America's latest stimulus plans to dispense hundreds of billions of dollars in the Unites States could cause a cash flood and entail inflation for the Asian markets. Hong Kong's leader further said this will affect the financial stability in the region and bring about 'unprecedented market turbulence' in currencies, bonds and stocks.."

George Victor

Hong Kong, of course, is more concerned about the effects on finance capital internationally. It is the Asian equivalent to London, England, in that regard.

Perhaps Hong Kong should have tried harder to convince China that its fixed exchanged rate was beggaring the American worker?

Even while one understands how important it has been to increase the life chances of the Chinese peasantry.

But for finance capitalism, someone's always beggaring Peter to pay Paul...somewhere, eh?


US Military Chief: Pentagon to Focus on Asia  -  by Lalit Jha Press Trust of India


"In response to an aggressive North Korea and a more assertive China, our efforts to balance risk have increasingly focused on Asia.."


The US-China Summit


"Since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared 18 months ago that the US was 'back in East Asia', Washington has worked relentlessly to isolate China and contain its growing influence..."


Southeast Asia: US Completing Asian NATO to Confront China  -  by Rick Rozoff (STOP NATO)



And China continues to buy properties in the Tar Patch under a sovereignty program aimed only at growth of productivity, harvesting of nature's bounty here and in Africa and South America, central Asia, with commensurate work in the building of a carrier fleet for the transport of commodities from the four corners of the world.


Obama's New War Doctrine Fuels Debate in China


"An intense discussion is underway in Chinese ruling circles over how to respond to the confrontational US stance and threat of military conflict..Washington's aggressive stance against China has strengthened the position of those who advocate an end to appeasement..."


China Infuriated by US-Philipines Defense Plans (and vid)


"The US decision to station forces in the Philipines could have dangerous repercussions. Beijing may enact economic sanctions after Manilla invited in US troops in response to an escalating territorial dispute over the South China Sea..."


America's Pacific Century: Containing China (and vid)


"Nile Bowie interviews Dr Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World - analyses a wide variety of issues including the emerging BRICS nations, the crisis in Syria and the implications of Washington's policy shift to the Asia Pacific region.."

ilha formosa

China and the Moon

With the weekend launch of the latest Shenzhou spacecraft and its successful rendezvous and docking with an orbiting space station, world attention is once again focused on China's flourishing space program.


Imagine if the 1% was not so heavily involved in war gamesmanship and space research could focus on human needs not on dominating the region for the purposes of hegemony.

ilha formosa wrote:

China and the Moon


With the weekend launch of the latest Shenzhou spacecraft and its successful rendezvous and docking with an orbiting space station, world attention is once again focused on China's flourishing space program.


In contrast, China is conducting an incremental, step-wise effort to gradually but inexorably extend their reach and influence in space, first into low Earth orbit and then into cislunar space and beyond.  Their approach uses a variety of hardware derived from existing systems while adding new capabilities over time.  China appears to be focused and following clear, long-range goals in space.  Because we do not look ahead on timescales of 20-30 years (accustomed instead to a 5-10 year timeframe), we have no long-range strategy to guide what we build or a plan for securing any long-term space goals.

Certainly wide-ranging concerns propel China’s push for human space access, some that can be envisioned now and some that cannot.  But fundamentally, they have accepted the proposition that freedom of space in the 21st century is equivalent to the principle of freedom of the seas that governed 19th and 20th century geopolitics.   In short, such a principle comprises the ability to project power and to protect national interests whenever and wherever China might be confronted within the strategic theater in question, in this case, the domain of cislunar space.

I have written before on the economic, strategic and scientific value of cislunar space, the zone in which virtually all of our space assets and satellites reside.  China intends to preserve her freedom of action by creating a spaceflight capability that can access and use any location of cislunar space, up to and including the lunar surface.  To build a sustainable space program using incremental, cumulative steps, it makes no sense to “leapfrog” over (or to ignore) the intermediate locations from which space faring capability and utility can be demonstrated, established and used.

ilha formosa

kropotkin1951 wrote:

Imagine if the 1% was not so heavily involved in war gamesmanship and space research could focus on human needs not on dominating the region for the purposes of hegemony.

In addition to hegemony, I'd venture to say the Chinese space program is also being used to rouse up national pride.

ilha formosa

Foreigner dies while in police custody in China

According to media reports and photos posted on Weibo, China's Twitter, a mass protest took place in Guangzhou on June 19 following the death of an African man in police custody.

Warning: many comments following this story are downright racist.


US Missile Shield to Encircle Chinese Economic Tiger (and vid)


"American plans to develop a missile shield in Asia has alarmed Beijing. With 250 million Chinese officially considered poor, spending billions to challenge the US military could sink China's economy without firing a single shot. The Chinese military has voiced concern that the US plans to destabilize the military balance on the continent.."


South China Sea Feud: Beijing Rebukes Washington's 'Biased' Stance


"According to China's Ministry of Geological Resources and Mining, the South China Sea may contain up to 17.7 Billion tons of crude oil..."


South China Sea: A Perfect Crisis for the International Crisis Group


"A geo-political analysis of the developments in the south China Sea, the region and suggested developments toward regional security and stability.."


Chinese Military on 'High Alert' After it Scrambles Fighter Jets to 'Counter' Japanese Jets'