Who is the Islamic State? (aka ISIS, aka ISIL)

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More Planes Than Targets  -  by Patrick Cockburn


"...The US-led coalition has conducted 59,015 sorties in Iraq and Syria starting in August 2014, of which only 8,573 have resulted in airstrikes, indicating that the great majority of planes return to their bases without having used their weapons.

The highly informed Turkish military analyst Metin Gurcan, writing on Al-Monitor website, says that air strikes may have been effective against ISIS communications and training facilities, but adds that 'it is extraordinary that there is not a single ISIS control facility that has been hit by allied airstrikes.'

ISIS has modified its tactics to take account of the continuing risk of airstrikes. Heavy air attacks will increase ISIS's losses and it will be more difficult to bring in foreign volunteers through Turkey because most of the border is now closed.

But ISIS rules an area with a population of at least 6 million and conscripts all young men, who often want to become fighters because there is no other employment. ISIS may have a fighting force of 100,000 men, as is strongly suggested by the very long front line it holds and its ability to make multiple attacks simultaneously..."


ISIS Oil Empire


"Oil trade makes up to 43% of Islamic State's $80 million monthly budget. Turkey 'the hub' of illegal oil smuggling operations.'


Wahhabism and ISIS


"Why US officials won't discuss their links to Saudi Arabia."


Canada's Security Alert Level Not Raised After Media Reports of ISIS Threats, Ralph Goodale Says


"Canada has not increased its security alert level amid European reports of an ISIS-linked terror plot that may have been targeting Canadian cities, said Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. Agence France Presse reported today that Swiss police were searching for four people associated with the jihadist militant group after threats were made against Geneva, Toronto and Chicago.

Other European media are reporting that Ottawa and Vancouver were also possible targets. CBC has not been able to independently confirm the threat..."


ISIS Oil? Follow the Money (Back to Europe)


"Regional militarization, resources, cash and Iraqi Kurdistan (KRG): Independence, profit and motives within the ME, warfare and terror"



Ex-Illinois Guardsman Pleads Guilty in Islamic State Plot


A former Illinois National Guard soldier pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State group.

Hasan Edmonds, 23, of Aurora, Illinois, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

The pleas in Chicago federal court came one week after his cousin, Jonas Edmonds, 30, of Aurora, pleaded guilty to similar charges.

"Hasan and Jonas Edmonds conspired to provide material support to ISIL," John P. Carlin, assistant attorney general for national security, said in a news release, using one of the alternative names for the Islamic State group. "They admitted planning to wage violence on behalf of ISIL in the Middle East and to conduct an attack on our soil."

Prosecutors say the cousins devised a plan for Hasan Edmonds to travel to the Middle East and join Islamic State fighters overseas. After dropping his cousin off at Midway International Airport last March, Jonas Edmonds went to Hasan Edmonds' home and collected several National Guard uniforms that he planned to wear as a disguise during a planned attack at the Joliet armory, the plea agreement said.


Plumber Sues Car Dealer After Spotting Truck in ISIL Video


"An American plumber has filed a lawsuit against a car dealership after spotting a pickup truck he once owned in a Daesh (ISIL) video. The truck was auctioned off in November 2013 and was shipped from Huston to Mersin, Turkey, the next month, only to set off a firestorm a year later after being spotted by a Twitter user.

The flow of western vehicles into the hands of terrorists in the Middle East and other parts of the world has attracted global attention..."


The Yinon Plan and the Role of ISIS (July, 2014)


"Like the western manufactured 'Arab Spring' in North Africa, the ISIS project is deception at its worst - designed with hateful intentions to cause horrendous regional mayhem and destruction with military might, for the creation of a 'New Middle East' with Israel as the regional power in control of the region's oil, gas and water resources..."


Good question.

Why is Indonesia not in the Saudi-led Sunni coalition against terror?

Surely Indonesia, with a Sunni population of 200 million, would have an interest in joining



From Indonesia, A Muslim Challenge To the Ideology of the Islamic State



'ISIS Air Force': US Airstrikes Take Out Battalion of Iraqi Troops Who Were Battling ISIS


"ISIS terrorists have often lamented, 'if only we had an air force to provide air cover when we are fighitng in the field.' Yesterday, they got their wish.

Since the US-led Anti-ISIS coalition began 15 months ago, Washington claims to have been waging war against ISIS, but clearly that has not been the case - as the US-led effort has actually coincided with a massive increase in ISIS-held territory in both Iraq and Syria.

One can only conclude that the real US agenda was never to defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda and Al Nusra on the ground, but rather to facilitate their growth. The facts on the ground lead to this conclusion. It was only after Russia legally entered the Syrian conflict on the side of the Syrian government and its army - that ISIS and A/Q positions began to recede...."

Is Canada part of ISIS airforce, along with allies USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar - known supporters and suppliers of ISIS? Do Canadians even care? Canadian indifference to foreign adventures and military crimes, such as Libya are now legendary, but their studied and stupid indifference to CF involvement in the destruction of Syria is off the charts even for Canucklheads..


Terror Outreach: Afghan Kids Being Trained and Recruited by ISIS to Kill & Bomb


"ISIS is expanding from Iraq and Syria into Afghanistan..."


NDPP wrote:

Terror Outreach: Afghan Kids Being Trained and Recruited by ISIS to Kill & Bomb


"ISIS is expanding from Iraq and Syria into Afghanistan..."

Have no fear, the Afghan people will win ;)


Iraqi Forces Raise Flag Over Ex-ISIS Stronghold Ramadi in 1st Major Victory


"The government complex in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi has been 'fully liberated' and the Iraqi flag hoisted over the government complex, military officials declared on local TV. The area was Islamic State's last stronghold in the city. 'By controlling the complex this means that they [Islamic State/IS/ISIL] have been defeated in Ramadi,' Sabah al Numani, a spokesman for the Iraqi counter-terrorism units leading the fight told the news agency..."


Love Thy Enemy? US Plot to Evacuate Top Jihadis From Ramadi Uncovered


"A US plot to evacuate Daesh leaders from the strategic city of Ramadi in central Iraq has reportedly been disclosed by a volunteer forces commander. 'It seems that the US intends to evacuate the ISIL terrorist group's infamous ringleaders secretly (with helicopters) from Ramadi to unknown places,' FARS quoted Battalion Commander Haidar al Hosseini al Ardavi. 'The delay in operations to liberate the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah has been the result of US interference..."


Captured ISIS Fighter Says 'Trained in Turkey, ISIS Thinks It's Safer Here Than Syria' (and vid)


"[NATO] Turkey is training Islamic State terrorists in a camp disguised as a training ground for the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik. THe prisoner said Ankara's help to the 'moderate' Syrian opposition is not as innocent as portrayed. The captured IS soldier said military training was conducted by two officers and one of them only spoke Turkish, so another one had to translate for him.'

'Once a week we had shooting classes where we were taught to use Kalashnikovs, machine guns and other arms,' the 20 year old said. 'We were trained in Turkey, because ISIL's command thought it was safer than in Syria because of the bombardments there.'

Why does Canada continue to fight ISIS in a coalition composed of its sponsors and supporters? Why do Canadian MPs, media and  'progressives' remain indifferent to this?


'I Helped Create ISIS': Iraq War Veteran Says US Policy Caused 'Blowback' in Middle East (and vid)


"Saying he had 'helped create ISIS', an Iraq War veteran and US Marine is speaking out about the atrocities and criminal activities he and his fellow soldiers engaged in during the Iraq War, claim he knew it would lead to 'blowback' in the Middle East.

'When I was stationed in Iraq with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 2003-2005, I didn't know what the repercussions of the war would be, but I knew there would be a reckoning,' he wrote at TeleSur.

'That retribution, otherwise known as blowback, is currently being experienced around the world (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, France, Tunisia, California, and so on), with no end in sight.'


'Convert or Die!': Stranded Yazidis on ISIS


"The ethnically Kurdish minority in Iraq is on the run from Islamic State in Syria, which continues to systematically hunt down and enslave them..."


1,000 Crack British Troops Deployed To Libyan Oil Fields to 'Halt the Advance of ISIS' (and vid)


"British Special Forces have been deployed in Libya to wrest back control of more than a dozen oil fields seized by ISIS..."

Don't  be surprised to find out later that JTF2 was also involved in this.


No Boots on the Ground? Pentagon Plans to Help Retake ISIS Hotbeds Raqqa and Mosul


"US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the Pentagon plans to defeat Islamic State militants by helping local forces to retake Mosul and Raqqa. Carter said Washington will urge its allies France, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK to step up the fight against IS. 'Everybody has to be in the game,' Carter said."

Get ready for more Canada...


SophieCo: ISIS Sings the Same Tune Hitler Did, Promising Utopia - Terrorism Researcher (and vid)


Sophie interviews Dr Scott Atran, anthropologist, author, researcher of terrorism on Islamic State. FASCINATING!


Refugees Claim ISIS Militants Living Among Them in Germany (and vid)


"Christian refugees from Syria claim they saw a former Islamic State member living in Frankfurt and this is not an isolated case.

'I was very scared that this terrorist is in a democratic state like Germany just living here,' the refugee told RT, adding that he does not understand how those who kept whole families hostage now have Syrian refugee status in Germany. He recalled that while in captivity, he overheard a conversation between his captors, saying that 'the West will belong to us and we will conquer it through Islamization.'

The German security services are currently preparing findings on more than 790 German Islamists who have traveled to Syria, the National Police Bureau of Saarland reported."


'ISIS Among Us'


"Refugees claim militants living with them in Germany."


Documentary: Takfiri Sedition


This film traces the roots of takfirism, an unorthodox school of thinking that attributes to itself pure Islam in modern history but that in reality has nothing to do with pure Islam..."


Canadian Women Give Birth to Children of ISIS Fighters


"Canadian women are helping to grow the so-called Islamic State. According to researchers at the University of Waterloo, three Canadians have given birth to children of ISIS fighters, while another two are pregnant. The new details are part of a larger study following foreign fighters who flee to Syria or Iraq.."


Is ISIS in Iraq a scam?

Recent revelations inside Iraq have exposed ISIS. They don’t exist, simple as that, not across Iraq, not in Mosul, not in control of any oil regions, not in any way remotely resembling what the world has been told.

The real “ISIS,” more recently identified as a Turkish, Israeli, Saudi construct is, at least in Iraq, run out of Erbil, not Mosul or Raqqah, cannot be identified, or explained. It is a ghost. Let our story begin.....from Gordon Duff

...of course I don´t expect people to take such as serious given that theyt actually have people on the ground!!

...hmm run out of Erbil....so exactly what is Canada doing in Erbil??



yea let´s not try to find out what´s going on in the real world, better stick to our fantasies brought to us by ¨Big Brother¨I´m sure we´ll all feel far more comfortable that way!


Sounds precisely like the climate change deniers - attack science as there is a conspiracy everywhere

 - from the salon article above

[quote]When you are confronted with information that contradicts your attitudes, beliefs, impugns your identity, or groups that you identify with, you—we—all of us are motivated to reason through that information in a way that keeps our original attitudes intact. So, we’ll counter argue, we’ll criticize the data source, not pay attention to information that contradicts our pre-existing attitudes. At the very extreme we won’t allow ourselves to be exposed, in the first place, to information that contradicts.;/quote]


What is a conspiracy is the big brother media´s claim that ISIL appeared out of nowhere and took control of a vast territory including the benefits of trillions of dollars of oil revenue...

look if we are to be true to our claims of offering political vision and strategy, we must also strive to understand what is going on around us...

is it too hard to conceive that there is here a global criminal network involving top bankers and oil corporations, let´s call it vulture capitalism!

is it not a fact that for sure BP and Exxon Mobil are involved...who are the bankers laundering these trillions? These are facts!


Why Are Our US Allies So Ambivalent About ISIS, And What Does It Mean For Canada?  -  by David J Climenhaga


"...If you pay attention, you'd almost think the US Government preferred ISIS to Assad...We need to ask ourselves, however, if we join a US-led coalition that incudes such Islamist bad actors as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who are we really going to war against, and who our allies will really be."


'For ISIS To Survive, It Needs Support From Allies: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US' (and vid)


"Finally, with the world still shaken from the fresh terrorist attacks in Brussels, which left over 30 people dead and scores injured, Copley's next statement resonated with the prospects of future atrocities, assisted, it would seem, by a NATO member:

'I think we'll start to see Daesh react to this, again with help from Turkey's MIT [Turkish Intelligence] by going into stronger operations into Europe and Libya.'



Death Toll in Iraq Football Pitch Attack Rises to 41


"The self-styled Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a football match near the Iraqi capital, killing 41 people..."


Terror Bombing in Brussels and Paris: Europe's 'Islamist Legionnaires' Come Home to Fight  -  by James Petras


"Few have examined the long-term, large-scale policies of the EU, US and NATO, which have been associated with the development and growth of the worldwide terror networks. This essay will discuss the historical links between Islamist terrorists and the US-Saudi Arabian-Pakistan interventions in Afghanistan, as well as the consquences of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The last section will focus on the US-EU-Gulf-Petrol-Monarchy proxy invasions and 'regime change' bombings of the secular republics of Libya and Syria with the further cultivation and growth of international Islamist terrorism..."


Nasrallah on War Against ISIS (Daesh)


Unlike Canada,  Hezbollah is serious about fighting these terrorists.


The Link Between Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS  -  by Eman Nabih


"...This brotherhood was created by British intelligence, then went into the Nazi fold, and finally into the hands of the CIA."


Tracing the Paths of Four Terrorists Sent to Europe by The Islamic State (and vid)


"...We have sent many operatives to Europe with the refugees,' an Islamic State commander said in an interview over an encrypted data service. 'Some of our brothers have fulfilled their missions, but others are still waiting to be activated."


ISIS Slave Trade Suspects Acquitted By Turkish Court 'Lacking Evidence'


"Six Syrians were acquitted by a Turkish court before evidence was examined alleging that Islamic State conducts a slave trade through the Turkish city of Gaziantep."


Living in the Shadow of ISIS Oil Trade


"RT has obtained access to a Syrian oil facility that was under Islamic State control for two years.."

Turkey, Canada's ally in 'the war against terrorism'...


from Gordon Duff, Veterans Today and NEO...

The DVD and Bush Family?

The title of the article, published in German is: Hat Deutschland Israels Atomwaffen finanziert? (PDF)

Such a detailed and gripping exposé written by a retired high level German/NATO official, one not only proving Israel’s illusive nuclear program to exist, but outlining broad criminal complicity by the German government, should have resounded around the world.

Instead, it was immediately forgotten, never translated into English and never cited by anyone, including and especially those whose job it is to enforce nuclear non-proliferation treaties.


One thing is clear, Germany is underwriting ISIS with billions in aid, some cash, much of it military equipment, funneled through Turkey.

It is also clear that Germany, or that Merkel and the DVD, which we will be getting to in a minute, are at the heart of the coup that overthrew the government of Poland, and are up to their necks in preparing the Kiev junta for a broader war as well.


The Daesh Chronicles: The Prognosis  -  by Ghassan Kadi


"...Either it will get its way or it will be crushed, both militarily and most importantly ideologically."


'In The Name of the Profit' (documentary)


"Exclusive eye-witness reports and unprecedented footage filmed by RT Documentary crew only ten days after the town of Shaddadi in Syrian Kurdistan was liberated from Islamic State terrorists. Syrian Kurds point to commercial-scale oil smuggling operations and cozy relations between ISIS and Turkey..."


Who is ISIS?
Forgive me if this has already been been discussed earlier in this lengthy thread.

Wouldn't blood thirsty ISIS be drooling over terrorist attacks in Israel?

Why haven't any occurred to date?



UN Doing Nothing About Daesh Crimes in Iraq: Activist (and vid)


"Press TV has interviewed Sabah Jawad, director of Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, in London:

'Well we have now and then statements from the UN, and all these humanitarian organizations, Western ones, identifying some atrocities committed against the Iraqi people or the Syrian people or the Yemeni people. They publish a report and then do nothing, because they are not prepared to actually question those responsible, those who are aiding and abetting such atrocities taking place...'


Takfiri Terrorists, US Plot Against Resistance: Nasrallah



Gulf Money 'Turned Kosovo into ISIS Hotbed' While EU & US Turned a Blind Eye


"Kosovo, a predominantly Muslim land severed from Serbia by US and NATO military intervention, was turned into a hotbed of radical Islamism and a fertile recruiting ground for terrorists thanks to money pumped into it by Gulf kingdoms, the New York Times reported."


If we leave ISIS alone they'll leave us alone.


State Dept Urges Americans Not To Visit Europe Citing Terror Threat



To a military man like retired general Deptula, this looks like a “symbolic” and “anemic” campaign. It’s actually a desperate effort to balance U.S. interests in preserving ISIS as a American military asset, while also maintaining the Mother Of All Lies, that the U.S. is engaged in a global war on terror, rather than acting as the headquarters of terror in world. To maintain that tattered fiction, at least in the bubble of the home country, requires the maintenance of a massive and constant psychological operations apparatus. It’s called the corporate news media.

  Glen Ford Black Agenda Report

and of course primed by the CBC in Canada!


"The international jihadist network is a US imperial asset..."  From the above. Well worth a read...


BBC Plumbs the Depths of Indecency With Daesh Sketch (and vid)


"Comedy is at its best when it acts as a shiled, holding the powerful to account through ridicule. At its worst it is deployed as a sword, abusing the powerless and victims of cruelty or oppression.

It is the latter category into which an upcoming comedy sketch titled The Real Housewives of ISIS undeniably belongs.

Not only is the BBC hosting 'comedy' derived from the suffering of thousands of women in Daesh-controlled territory, in the process peddling Islamophobic tropes, it has played an insidious role in attacking the very forces engaged in fighting Daesh."

'We might actually be looking at Charlie Hebdo 2.0 and that scares the shit out of me' - Twitter

Mr. Magoo

"Comedy is at its best when it acts as a shiled, holding the powerful to account through ridicule.

It's at its second best when it holds the daft up to ridicule.

And sorry, but anyone who leaves Britain, or Canada, or any other non-theocracy to join ISIS/ISIL/Daesh of their own free will, because Daesh's Facebook message was totally on fleek, is daft.

This sketch wasn't about the kidnapped schoolgirls of Chibok and it wasn't about "victims". 


NDPP wrote:

'We might actually be looking at Charlie Hebdo 2.0 and that scares the shit out of me' - Twitter

In that mocking them will inevitably invite their murderous retribution, and it'll be all BBC's fault for daring to mock them?

What we really need to do is get RT to remake the sketch, obviously. Then everyone could be clear on which side deserves sympathy.