Why Fidel is the way he is

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Why Fidel is the way he is

It seems like Rabble Babble's favorite poster served in the United States Peace Corp in Asia. It is also amazing that he strongly resembles one of of Canada's favorite sons actor John Candy. Anyhow, he was apprehended by Communist insurgents leading to severe brainwashing resulting in a rather troubling outcome. Click on the link to view film footage of the tragic event.

Warning: The film contains events that some viewers might find disturbing and may not be suitable for young children.



I went from being a wholesome Canuck to Manchurian candidate in a Hollywood minute apparently. lol! ♕♡

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Hi Gladio, welcome to babble. I'm not sure if your post is meant in good fun or what, but it makes for a peculiar first post on the site. Fidel seems to take in in stride -- and who doesn't like John Candy? -- but it's against babble policy to start threads about other babblers. I'm going to close this thread.

I look forward to seeing you in other discussions.

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