Wikileaks gushes with US military records concerning Iraq

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Wikileaks gushes with US military records concerning Iraq

Shocking. But it's still not enough to convince millions of Americans and Canadians far removed from the military occupations that fascism is a bad thing. And many are still in complete denial of the truth about 9/11 terrorism.


WikiLeaks' Iraq War Logs: US Troops Abused Prisoners For Years After Abu Ghraib

"Most shockingly, the documents allegedly show that US troops abused prisoners for years even after the Abu Ghraib scandal and that the US ignored systematic abuse, rape and even murder by Iraqi police and soldiers..."

and sorry Canada, you WERE in Iraq

and so was your new Army Chief Peter Devlin seen here with US Stryker Brigade naziboys.

"What the Canadian government has done with regard to Iraq is to involve itself militarily, in largely covert fashion, but to publicly try to take the moral highground in opposition to the war. Ironically the Canadians indirectly provide more support for us in Iraq than most of those 46 countries that are 'fully' supporting us..It's kind of an odd situation."  US Ambassador Paul Cellucci in Black Book of Cdn Foreign Policy by Yves Engler P.45


"This paper has argued that preventive war can serve the cause of international stability...Most importantly, we have seen that if preventive war is to be productively applied to the cause of stability, it ought to be done with broad international support to ensure the clarity of the international community's message...The first preventive war was fought in Iraq in 2003.."

A Case For Preventive War - by Maj DR Williams


Iraq War Logs: Reflections I  -  by Layla Anwar

"...Do you remember at anytime of your life when you were a witness to something horrendous, and when you reported it, no one believed you..