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The cat is increasingly out of the bag.
The exclusive deal of Wikileaks with a few major MSM publishers is undermined further.
First the Danish Aftenposten gains all embassy cables in an unofficial leak, and now Dutch news agencies NCR and RTL are publishing some 3000 posts:

Greg Mitchell's Blog at the Nation:

11:45   Wow,  Dutch paper gets, reports on,  3,000 new cables from U.S. embassy in the Hague back to D.C.,  thanks to sharing by Norwegian paper Aftenposten.   "The cables cover Iran, the JSF fighter jet, queen Beatrix's possible abdication, Islam critics Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders, the general election, parliamentary debates and how the US can influence them...


John Pilger: War on WikiLeaks - Assange Interview

"Javier Moreno, the editor of El Pais, which published the Wikileaks logs in Spain wrote, 'I believe that the global interest sparked by the WikiLeaks papers is increasing doe to the simple fact that they conclusively reveal the extent to which politicians in the West have been lying to their citizens.'

Crushing individuals like Assange and Manning is not difficult for a great power, however craven. The point is, we should not allow it to happen..."


Banking Secrets Handed to WikiLeaks

"Former Swiss banker passes on details of alleged tax evasion by politicians, celebrities and business leaders.."

this oughta be interesting - can't wait.

wage zombie

BUSTED: Anonymous Uncovers Corporate Proposal to Take Down Wikileaks


Anonymous counter-intelligence operations have uncovered evidence of an effort by Bank Of America (BoA) to disrupt both Wikileaks and Anonymous. Details of BoA's involvement began emerging on February 8th, 2011, during Anonymous' Operation #HBGary.

Operation #HBGary was retribution against (in)security firm HBGary, and its associate company HBGary Federal, for threatening to release innacurate and fallacious information about Anonymous. During the operation, Anonymous double-penetrated HBGary's corporate network, compromised the personal email and social networking accounts of several HBGary employees (evidence of which is still online at the time of this document's creation), retrieved some 50,000 corporate emails, discovered HBGary "product" source code, and wiped Aaron Barr's personal iPad (for shits 'n' giggles).

Among the emails retrieved from HBGary, Anonymous uncovered communications between Bank of America's legal representation, HBGary, Palantir, and BericoTechnologies detailing efforts to weaken Wikileaks through misinformation and targeted cyber attacks.


More on the the HBGary story.

The Bank of America denies involvement.

It is not just Wikileaks targeted but high profile reporters/supporters of Wikileaks. The most comprehensive aggregation of stories on the proposed attacks comes from (also targeted) Glenn Greenwald:

Friday, Feb 11, 2011 05:12 ET The leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters

By Glenn Greenwald (updated below - Update II [Sat.]) 


The emails indicated the report was part of a proposal to be submitted to Bank of America through its outside law firm, Hunton & Williams


One section of the leaked report focused on attacking WikiLeaks' supporters and it featured a discussion of me. A graph purporting to be an "organizational chart" identified several other targets, including former New York Times reporter Jennifer 8 Lee, Guardian reporter James Ball, and Manning supporter David House. The report claimed I was "critical" to WikiLeaks' public support after its website was removed by Amazon and that "it is this level of support that needs to be disrupted"; absurdly speculated that "without the support of people like Glenn, WikiLeaks would fold"; and darkly suggested that "these are established professionals that have a liberal bent, but ultimately most of them if pushed will choose professional preservation over cause."...


More Facts Emerged About The Leaked Smear Campaigns  (Update II) - by Glenn Greenwald

"But the real party here which deserves much more scrutiny is Hunton and Williams -- one of the most well-connected legal and lobbying firms in DC -- and its partner John Woods".


WikiLeaks On the US and Peru: Spying on Indigenous Groups, Defending Mining Companies  - by Brenda Norrell

"In a previously released cable, the US Embassy in Lima reveals its bias against Indigenous Peoples protecting their homelands, and in favor of mining. It reveals that a core group of diplomats formed an alliance with mining companies to promote and protect mining interests globally.

The diplomats were from the US, CANADA, UK, Australia, Switzerland and South Africa. The US and CANADIAN Ambassador met with these mining companies: Antamira, Newmont, Minera, Quellaveco, Barrick, BHP Billiton. The cable states that their goal was to improve the climate for investing and security around mines.."


Canadian diplomatic officials in Cairo and the RCMP were probing up to a dozen cases of Egyptian infants being smuggled to Canada in a baby-trafficking ring, according to a U.S. embassy cable published by WikiLeaks.

The network may also have been used as a way to smuggle Egyptian babies to the United States via Canada, said the September 2009 American embassy cable published this week by WikiLeaks.

Read more:


"Information is the currency of democracy." - Ralph Nader


'The WikiLeaks Threat' and Other Tales From the Darkside

"It all began with news that WikiLeaks would soon shine a spotlight on the thieves dominating the global financial sector, those self-styled 'masters of the universe' reigning over capitaism's Borg hive. Scant months later, as a result of hubris and egomaniacal greed, an enormous window was smashed open and a sharp, merciless light flooded the dark recesses of the dirty world of corporate spying. Last November, Julian Assange told Forbes that WikiLeaks next target would be a 'major American Bank.'

This was no idle threat. Back in January, Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer, a former executive with Switzerland's Bank Julius Baer turned over two CDs to Assange at a London press conference...that purportedly included 'all the back-up data held on Julius Baer's computer server in the Caymans at the time he was sacked, including accounts, correspondence, memos and resolutions dealing with 114 trusts, 80 companies, 60 funds and 1,330 individuals,' according to the Guardian..

'It will give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigation and reforms, I presume,' Assange informed journalist Andy Greenberg. For this, there's only one similar example. It's like the Enron emails."

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Wikileaks Shines Light on Alberta's $16-Billion Electricity Scandal

US cables signal project was for export, contrary to official claims.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Today,


Shortly after the last cable the Alberta government proposed a massive upgrade to its existing $2-billion transmission system.

Yet no other jurisdiction in Canada has proposed to build eight times its existing transmission infrastructure at taxpayers' expense with no public needs assessments. Nor has any other province proposed to give away that very infrastructure to two private transmission companies (Atco and AltaLink) along with a promised rate of return of nine per cent.

"The cables show that the government was going to export power all along and lied about what they were doing with transmission upgrades," says Joe Anglin, a former U.S. Marine and long-time advocate for electrical reform in Alberta....


thetyee wrote:
Albertans' power rates already rising

Although de-regulation allowed oil sands producers to create their own electricity, it has dramatically increased power rates in the province.

Fulton describes the province's transmission mega-project as "so unbelievably dramatic and out of control that people can't believe that the government would be as dumb as it is. But the hard facts just get you."

Unlike Alberta's grandiose plans for $16 billion of new infrastructure, British Columbia has proposed $4.3 billion in transmission upgrades while Ontario has plans for $5.4 billion.

My gawd how much more punishment are they willing to take out there? It's a province with a relatively tiny population, resources up the wazoo,  and nothing in the kitty to show for it. They'll get more of the same.


WikiLeaks Bombshell: New Israel Fund (NIF) Official Endorses End of Jewish State

"New Israeli Fund Associate Director In Israel Hedva Radovanitz...commented that she believed that in 100 years Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic.."


'The War You Don't See' & John Pilger Interviews Julian Assange (and vid)

"Below is a video of John Pilger's interview of  WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. In this amazing interview, Pilger says to Assange: 'In the great discourse on the shift of journalism and citizen journalism - very little journalism is going on in mainstream journalism', and gives an example of people inside the BBC who have talked with him about the pressure on them by the BBC. Assange reveals that WikiLeaks has support inside the US intelligence community."

Pilger's feature: 'The War You Don't See' can be found here:


Kissinger: The Illegal We Do Immediately; Unconstitutional Takes Longer  -  by Natasha Lennard

"WikiLeaks releases 1.7 million archived records from 1970's, shedding light on global diplomatic history..."


'Who Controls the Past Controls the Future': Assange Presents Massive Project K Leak (and vid)

"The period of the 1970s in diplomacy is referred to as the 'Big Bang'. This is when the modern, international order came to be,' Assange said at the press conference. 'There is really only two periods, post World War Two or the 1970s..."