Wikleaks on Exposing Russian companies to the discipline of the global market

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Wikleaks on Exposing Russian companies to the discipline of the global market

There is another reason why more of this economy will likely move into the private sector. Economic modernizers, as they have come to call themselves here, may still ultimately get the upper hand. XXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXX and others recognize that only through greater private sector participation in the economy will Russia be able to attract the capital needed to sustain growth over the long run. This is also where working to bring Russia into international institutions will help drive policy here in the direction we favor. Locking the Russian Government into such institutions and exposing Russian companies to the discipline of the global market will reinforce the trends we seek to encourage. Doing so this year, before the election process starts to create new winners and losers, is a bet on the modernizers worth taking.



First of all I'd just like to say this: HAHAHAHA!

Secondly, the US and its corporate raiders might still be angry and disappointed over the failed "free market" reforms in Russia of the 1990s which led to more failed attempts at bribery in the Russian Duma when they and their Russian oligarch pals tried sliding out of paying higher taxes on resource exports. Again, HAHAHAHAHA!

Thirdly, US global dollar hegemony is finished. Kaput! That's what G2O summit in Korea was about. The BRIC countries and SCO nations have decided that they don't want to accept very many more dollars/IOU promises to pay in order to finance US military buildups all around their nations. Those countries are saying to Uncle Sam and Wall St, Hey old boy, the gig is up! They don't want to ditch the dollar all at once and will do so gently but surely over the next ten or 15 years so as not to entirely embarrass the USA and its colonial allies.

But the worthless dollar scam is over. They have all those US dollars in reserve and yet are told that they can't buy filling stations or oil companies in the USA or any other "strategic industries." They were hoping Obama was going to win concessions from China by asking them to please commit economic suicide. like Japan did at Uncle Sam's request in 1987, so that Wall St. banks and US industry can export their goods to the world and compete with China, and all the while continuing to surround China with WMD and more military threats. It's an offer those countries have to refuse. The Chinese and Russians and Malaysians and even the Indians are laughing their asses off right now. Obama has no leverage. McCain or whichever idiot in the Republican Party they shove into power next will have no leverage. It's done. It's finished.

Th-th-that's all folks!