Will California be the first in North America to legalize pot?

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Will California be the first in North America to legalize pot?



A majority of Californians continue to voice their support for Prop. 19 — which would eliminate penalties for the private possession and use of marijuana by adults, and allow local governments to regulate retail cannabis production and sales.

According to the most recent Survey USA poll (conducted August 9-11), 50 percent of likely voters in California say they are certain to vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 19 versus 40 percent who say that they will vote ‘no.’




i really hope they can do this, although it sucks that at the same time canada is moving in the exact opposite direction, making growing even a couple plants for personal use subject to jail terms, along with possession of minimal amounts of cannabis.



As I mentioned on the thread below, the labour movement in California is increasingly rallying behind legalisation as a way to create jobs (which will hopefully become unionized) and increase tax revenues.

 [url=http://www.rabble.ca/babble/labour-and-consumption/california-ufcw-organ... UFCW organizes med marijuana workers - endorses full legalisation[/url]

Where is the Canadian labour movement on these issues?