World Financial Crisis (and fallout) Part 4

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George Victor

Rudd is no more.   Australian Labour has caved on  the question of heavy taxation of natural resources.  Rudd is terminated. Unions demand that the heavy taxation of mining exports be dropped, and Rudd's attempt to require the mining industry to pay for environmental costs is dropped.   Labour again  undermines attempts to bring environmental demands to the fore.  The 70s re-visited ( de-javu all over again.).


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Welcome back, George.

I once spent a summer in England on a course and rattled around with a lovely, mild-mannered guy from Rochdale in Lancashire. One weekend I visited him at home and we went to a pub called, I think, the Oddfellows' Arms or something similar. We were having a quiet pint when all of a sudden we heard a rhythmic tapping begin, quickly escalating to a hurricane  of stamping, shouting, and clapping. When my friend asked the reason, a fellow with sideburns like pork-chops looked at him as if he'd asked what country he was in. He pointed at a guy across the room in a suit and floral tie and said, "That's Gary Wilson [or whatever]. He just got out of Strangeways after doing six years for Grievous Bodily Harm."

George, this is your Oddfellows' Arms moment. A virtual pint for you!


Could "Hormonal Diversity" Help Prevent Another Financial Meltdown?

Hormone-fueled decision making can have powerful effects, intensifying market booms and busts and destabilizing the economy, Coates suggests. The markets’ operations are determined by legions of young men governed by confidence-boosting testosterone and the stress-related hormone cortisol. When hormones spiral out of control, economic behavior can do so as well.



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Doug, that's a cute post to end this thread, but not the topic.

Please start Part 5 if you like, y'all.

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