World Financial Crisis Part 6

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A Downhill Crash...  - by Layla Anwar

"Of course you are going to crash, you may stall it for a while but ultimately it's inevitable...

Nearly 3 TRILLION spent on the 'War on Terror' and you don't expect to crash? You terrorize the whole world and you don't expect to crash? Of course you will crash and you will crash bad. Very bad.

Honestly. What did you expect? Killing thousands of innocent people, families, women, children, elderly, and getting away with it?

Absolving, redeeming, atoning, with a bit of protest here and there, 10 years on, 20 years on...with a bit of hip-hop, a rap song, a forum, a conference? Why, are other people's lives so cheap to be redeemed with a hip-hop song, a forum, a conference, a petition?

Don't rap your shit...I know your shit by heart..

You are collectively guilty for the murder of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans and today Libyans  and no amount of protest songs will obliterate that fact. You need to own up, call things by their names, get outside and over yourselves...and realize that the drug you inject daily...has taken many downhill, has crashed many...

And you are standing right there at the end of the queue, at the end of the line...another Troy Davis, another sheep taken to his execution. Your crash is not my crash...

but my crashing is yours.


But don't under any circumstances think about smashing windows or facades, or contemplate driving the police from the streets.  We're trying to build 'civilized' movements here in the west.  It's what we do best...the progressive way forward...engage this benefactor and protector system with civility no matter what is done in our name.

Uncle John

Speaking of fascist bastards, why is the American Nazi Party endorsing OWS?

i am not going to link to it here, unless a moderator sez its ok....


Be afraid: The Economist
Unless politicians act more boldly, the world economy will keep heading towards a black hole


The Economist says world leaders must act boldly and more slowly in fixing what is hopelessly bankrupt ie. capitalist economies. Did we get that right? - boldly and more slowly in waging class warfare from above? As Will Ferrell once said in Semi-Pro, Okay EVERYBODY PANIC!

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Yeap, and now you know why I stock guns and have plenty of ammo...

Uncle John

Re: The crisis

Like it or not, the US is going to have something to do with this.

Last night I watched the spectacle of the US Republican Party (GOP) debate. The first question one of my on-line friends positied was "Why do they need to crawl through a mile of Ronald Reagan's sh*t just to sniff his a**hole?"

These candidates had precious little to say about the US economy. Porn distribuor and Christian evangelist Rick Perry said America had 300 years of oil and gas, and America needed to deregulate for jobs and energy security. With the hair and general bellicosity, Perry is definitely the most Reaganesque, mile of poo notwithstanding. Bad though it is, there is some idea of an economic plan. Perry is easily the most Machiavellian of the candidates, having chaired Al Gore's presidential campaign in Texas, and warmly luring illegal immigrants with an education credit during his time as governor of Texas. Ku Klux Klan people (now known as "Communitarians") do not like Perry very much because he likes Mexicans too much, however Klanspeople seem to be evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

Much of the time was spent arguing over Hothead Herman Cain's regressive 9,9,9 plan, which wants to add a 9% sales tax to everything, including food. Which begs the question, "Why does a Republican think that TAXES are going to solve Americans' problems?"

Mitt Romney is the only old style "Gypsy Moth" Republican who actually attempted health care reform in Massachussetts, where he was governor. Of course Libertarians and Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) conservatives consider Romney to be a RINO (not to be confused with the much more rational Canadian party of the same name) which apparently means Republican In Name Only. When asked about religion, Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Romney's answer was brilliant. It seems that unlike the others, he is still concerned with the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution which had an idea of *uh* *like* Separation of Church and State. Canadian Banana Republican Libersative Coniberals Please Note!!!

Michelle Bachman was on the extreme right of all the candidates on the podium, and it was revealed to me that she went to university with Shirley Phelps Roper "Shirley" of Westboro Baptist Church fame, I cannot say too much more about WBC without possibly falling afoul of Rabble policy and Canadian hate-speech laws. However if you want to lose the last meal you ate, look up Westboro Baptist Church on Google. Stranger still is that Shirley actually supports the Democrats!

Anyway, "little people" issues were bickered over while the GOP candidates let the economy burn. The CNN muppets did not like the sharp words this time, however real political junkies like yours truly did.

The fundamental problem is that banks will not loan and investors will not invest. Some are saying that Obamacare (which has a Statist requirement forcing people to buy private health insurance) has raised costs so much for US business that no one will invest. This, I believe, is disingenuous. The business press seems to think that it is not Romneycare or Obamacare, but the fact that everyone is broke which is preventing investors from investing. And the best argument is that investment is slow all over the world, where they do not necessarily have Obamacare.

Around the world, I believe that the main problem is that the financial system is broken, except perhaps in Canada and a few other places. Wealth redistribution is a morally correct position, however the danger is that in 18 months or 2 years time we will be back to where we are now as all that money trickles UP again. Unfortunately, wealth redistribution is a political non-starter in the US.

Perhaps some kind of State Bank which can make loans and investments would get America working again. Definitely, reserve requirements have to be raised in the US, UK, and EU, so that bad leveraging is not a problem any more. Plus we have to separate casino banking and retail banking.

Who knows, maybe YOU have the answer. I sure as hell don't.

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Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Yeap, and now you know why I stock guns and have plenty of ammo...

How very brave of you! And what a marvellous way to contribute to making the world a better place for all!

Following the lead of the wealthy and powerful who have armies and police forces with vast arsenals of weaponry is such a brilliant tactic!

Now you'll be prepared, just like them, to defend your privileges and comforts when the 99% come and ask you to share.

Uncle John

And because people like Bec.De.Corbin are there to fire at the 99%, how are the 99% going to defend themselves? How do you know Bec.De.Corbin isn't actually going to be on the 99%s side? Why is someone with a gun automatically an oppressor? Isn't that an invalid assumption? OWS is showing us thieves are going to prey on a legitimate movement for change. They are stealing corporate toys (iPads and the like), food, and money. A revolution needs a militia to maintain order and discipline. It says so in the books.

And how, exactly, are we going to sieze power from "the wealthy and powerful with armies and polce forces" if everything breaks down? "Oh PLEASE Mr. Government we would like power now. Would you be so KIND as to hand over the keys to the Central Bank, the Treasury, and command of the Armed Forces?" If it were not so sad, it would be laughable. The only thing Nazis understand is baseball bats. The only thing States understand is Superior Force.

Socialist rhetoric is really great if there is no chance ever of it happening. However it is really impressive and cool, eh? Sounds really great at a union meeting or a political convention. Oh look at the socialists! Aren't they CUTE (Being Absolutely no Threat At All)! After all, democracy is working so well to protect the interests of the working class and the poor. And you can troll gun-owners all you like. Just don't be surprised if they are not too sympathetic when you come calling for assistance when the State wants to shoot you.

Before we transition directly to Stalinism/National Socialism, how about a little period of Freedom? Looks to me like most people need to do a 1905, let alone a 1917.

M. Spector M. Spector's picture

Anyone who imagines Bec as a firebrand revolutionary ready to lead the 99% insurrection against the bourgeois state has obviously not been reading his posts for the last several months.

In fact, Bec would be the first to complain if anyone dared to institute violent measures against the rich or their political errand-boys.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

What Uncle John said...


@M. Spector: Cluless as ussual, what more can I say. I guess the new leftist vailed insult around here is calling people part of the 1%...LOL  


We know youre not a one percenter, Bec. You're prolly just another temporarily embarrassed millionaire. Join the club eh.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Fidel wrote:

We know youre not a one percenter, Bec. You're prolly just another temporarily embarrassed millionaire. 

Ha, I wish.Laughing 



I physically work for a living; I don't sit behind a desk (well not much anyways) I think I got a ways to go before I'm embarrassed about how much money I make. I had to work my ass off doing allot of overtime last year and still came in way under $100,000. And then I got my ass kicked on taxes.


By the way, FYI, most of my guns are for hunting; only two I'd consider zombie apocalypse weapons.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture


That would be a smart move. Because of the gun situation in the USA criminals in the USA will always have guns and any type of gun registry would only track honest citizens and would serve no other purpose than to track those people (whom would be instrumental in an armed rebellion).


None of my guns are "registered" by the way; they don't have to be in Texas.


Hey. I just knew all along that you were an old chip off the Lyndon Johnson of the surviving southern Democrats. Hence you can easily support Obama. Must say, there isn't much else to support, is there.

And you are brave, living there. I'd probably want some hardware around at night myself. You have a living wage, obviously, and maybe deep roots there. But be prepared to move north as climate change really takes oil refinery country by the throat. This summer's drought was just a promise of things to come.

Be well.


With the continuous hardening of the Corporatist state, one would be inclined to think of it as a reasonable strategy for the Left to join up with organizations like the NRA, or similar lobbying groups bent on the elimination of gun registries.


None of it will matter after today.  I suggest a max out binge on credit limits everywhere.

Friday is new Doomsday

Uncle John

Ha ha Slumberjack.


There are so many words I could use to describe Harold Camping, however none of them would constitute "acceptable use" on this forum.


Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Well its Friday here already (I'm on travel right now) and I'm still here...LOL


Closing for length.


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