Would world federation make divisions between nations less important?

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Would world federation make divisions between nations less important?

Another poster and I had got on to the question of whether world federation would make the Question of Canada and Quebec being one or separate nations less important than it is now with Canada as a sovereign state. I put this in the international politics thread because the same principle could apply globally too.

 My argument was that sinse we'd all share a common world citizenship ayway, whether Canada was one nation or two with Quebec would be less important than it is now sinse it would then be nothing more than an administrative division. To take a comparison on a smaller scale, whether the North West Territories and Nunavut are one territory or two is not as important as if the NWT were a sovereign state because they're still part of a larger Canadian federation and so don't restrict freedom to travel for citizens there either way.

 Of course we could argue that the question is still relevent to some extent sinse two regions with different cultures might still want different laws within a decentralized world federation, just as in Caanda Nunavut can pass different laws from the NWT. I'm not questioning that part, but still believe that when the division is within a larger federation it becomes less significant than when it's within a sovereign state, which would create two sovereign states and thus break ties significantly, not to mention divide citizenships.

It's Me D

I hope this thread is active when I have more time to respond but just to comment briefly with the time I have now:

For a "world federation" to be legitimate it would need to be democratic, to be democratic in my opinion it would need to be comprised of sovereign self-determined bodies; independance and autonomy movements which arise from alienation and disenfranchisement from larger sovereign bodies express the democratic will of the people, ignoring them would render a "world federation" as illegitimate as national federations such as Canada or Russia. The only "world federation" I could support is a free association of self-defined communities.

If that didn't make sense Machjo I'm sorry, I'm off to bed! Maybe I can express myself better another time Wink

Wilf Day

This is the same argument used by the Scots Nationalists: As the European Union becomes stronger, Scotland has less need to remain part of the United Kingdom. This has helped the Scots Nats become the largest party and form a minority government in Scotland, but there seems no prospect of a referendum victory soon on independence for Scotland.

However, since a world federation seems a generation away, I don't see Quebec sovereignists being willing to wait for that.