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Saudi madness with a US we know what the recent multi-billion dollar US-Saudi arms deal was all about..


Saudi-led Strikes on Yemen Against Intl Law; Analyst (and vid)

"Press TV has conducted an interview with Seif Da'na, professor at the University of Wisconsin from Chicago, for his take on the airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen.

Da'na warned that the assault might amount to war crimes, and crimes against humanity in Yemen, because the attackers have no right to enter the Yemeni airspace in the first place, let alone kill innocent children and civilians.

He further argued, 'the only kind of legitimacy they claim to have is that they have consulted with the US and they have US support and some sort of green light, but such coordination with the US doesn't give any legitimacy to such an act.'

'It's totally illegitimate.'


S Arabia Targets Yemen To Save Wahabbism: Ralph Schoenman (and vid)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr Ralph Schoenman on Saudi attacks in Yemen


As Saudi Arabia and Allies Continue Airstrikes, Sorrow and Rage in Yemen (and vid)

"Saudi Arabia discusses deploying as many as 150,000 troops and 100 warplanes in operation receiving coordination from the Pentagon and supplied by Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain..."


*Any invasion by Saudi troops will likely see them rolling in on Canadian made trucks made by General Dynamics Canada Land Systems as part of a multi-million deal signed last year. More blood money from imperialism in Canadian pockets, so at least the murder and mayhem of more Middle Easterners won't all have been in vain...


Oil Prices Surge as Saudi Arabia Bombs Yeman


Canada's Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia Shrouded in Secrecy

"The Canadian government is refusing to say whether it obtained assurances that light armoured vehicles being sold to Saudi Arabia in a massive $15 Billion deal would not be used against the Saudi people - a key guarantee required by federal export controls when arms are destined for countries with a 'persistent record of serious violations...'

The Harper government calls the export contract a major success. Canada is developing stronger ties with the Saudis..."

yeah, $15B will do that. No wonder John Baird decided he could now afford to retire from politics...


US Backs Saudi Airstrikes Against Houthis in Yemen

"...The loss of Al Anad air base amid the complete collapse of the US puppet regime headed by Mansur Hadi, is the latest debacle for American imperialist foreign policy following in the wake of Iraq, Syria and Libya. The disastrous intervention of American imperialism in Yemen has stoked long-simmering sectarian tensions to the point of explosion, completely destabilizing the deeply impoverished Arab country.

Al Anad was one of the key sites used by the US military and CIA to launch drone strikes inside Yemen. Underscoring the debacle in Yemen, the Pentagon admits it has lost track of more than $500 Million worth of weapons and equipment amid the ongoing fighting.."


Saudi Arabia's Invasion of Yemen (and vid)

"In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Ali al Ahmed, the director of the Institute for Persian Gulf Affairs, from Washington, and Richard Williams Murphy, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia from New York.

Bombs were dropped on the Yemeni capital in the early hours of Thursday, without any previous notice. Most people were sleeping. The Saudi invasion of Yemen is continuing under the pretext of protecting the government of fugitive former President Ahd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Some are calling this a proxy war; others say it's more about the strategic interests of the Persian Gulf states. Is Saudi Arabia planning to turn Yemen into another Libya? And how will the Anserullah movement respond?"


Gulf Coalition Launches Airstrikes Against Houthi Rebels in Yemen: LIVE UPDATES (and vid)

01:12 GMT Reports coming from Yemen claim a Houthi militia carried out attacks on Saudi Arabian positions on the country's border early Friday.

Russia's Vladimir Putin called for an 'immediate cessation of military activities'. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said that military operations against Yemen will only lead to further destabilization of the region. 'We demand an immediate stop to the Saudi military operations in Yemen.'



The Wahhabis' War on Yemen

"To see this whole conflict as a sectarian Shia-Sunni proxy war between Iran and Saudi-Arabia is wrong.

The US-supported Saudi campaign is actually in support of their Wahhabi Al Qaeda bretheren, not in support of the majority of Yemenis. It is stupid (but typical) for the US to support such a move..."


The Wahhabis' War on Yemen

To see this whole conflict as a sectarian Shia-Sunni proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is wrong. The US supported Saudi campaign is actually in support of their Wahhabi Al Qaeda bretheren, not in support of the majority of Yemenis. It is stupid (but typical) for thle US to support such a move..."


Yeman on Verge of 'Humanitarian Crisis': UNICEF

"The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, has warned of a 'major humanitarian crisis' in Yemen in the near future as the impoverished country comes under Saudi airstrikes.

Cedric Schweizer, the head of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Yemen, meanwhile, voiced concerns over the air raids, saying the Saudi attacks have reportedly killed or injured 'a considerable number' of civilians..."


US-Saudi Blitz in Yemen: Naked Aggression, Absolute Despotism

"Indeed the conflict in Yemen is a proxy war. Not between Iran and Saudi Arabia per se, but between Iran and the US, with the US electing Saudi Arabia as its unfortunate stand-in.

Saudi Arabia and the US are intervening in Yemen only after the Saudi-backed terrorists they were supporting were overwhelmed and the regime they were propping up collapsed."


Yemen: Now State Terrorists Can Join US Bombing Coalition?

"...But perhaps the real sign of a descent into insanity is that Washington is openly bombing a country with the help of a state that is officially a terrorist enemy. Duplicity reigns supreme."


'Support For Yemen Attack Worsens Chaos' (and vid)

"UK officials have confirmed their support for Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen. The support has sparked harsh criticism. UK-based political commentator Rodney Shakespeare called the Saudi attack on Yemen 'monstrous'.

'The UK is in there backing this monstrous onslaught which is in fact an onslaught on the whole of Islam. The Sunni-Shia division is just to mislead and this is an attack on the mass of people throughout Islam. This support is going ot create disaster in the long run. It is also going to increase ISIL.

It may even have a boomerang effect on Saudi Arabia because we ought to remember that Saudi Arabia is in practice the most unstable region in the Middle East.'

He warned London not to get linked up with America in another war on weak people in one of the poorest countries in the world."



Gulf Coalition Launches Airstrikes Against Houthi Rebels in Yemen LIVE UPDATES

01:55 GMT: After last UN staff left from Sanaa International Airport today, it was struck by Saudi/US-led airstrikes


Another Week, Another War: The Iron Logic of America's Middle East Madness

"Another week, another war. And yet another American alliance with the forces of Islamic extremism. Washington is clearly the guiding force behind the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen -- a move that will almost certainly lead to a protracted and ruinous conflict, spilling over many borders and, as usual, creating fertile ground for more extremism.

And in Yemen, as in Syria, the Yanks are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with their old allies, al Qaeda, once again. The Saudi regime is now pursuing the Israeli option: that it will now be more clearly aligned with the Israeli interests in the region and that it will also be aggressive and violent in pursuing regime interests...

On every issue in Arab politics, the Saudi regime is aligned with Israel. Make no mistake about it: Israel is the secret member of the GCC coalition bombing Yemen."


The War in Yemen and the American Drive For Global Domination

"What accounts for the American government's interest in controlling Yemen? In one word: oil.

The Babel Mandeb strait, which, along with Egypt's Suez canal, connects the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, is located between Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula and Djibouti and Eritrea on the Horn of Africa.

Much of the oil exported through the Persian Gulf to Europe, the US and Asia must pass through the narrow strait, making it a key chokepoint for global trade.

In other words, the war is for geo-strategic advantage and world power. In its mad drive for global domination, the American corporate and financial aristocracy is pushing the world towards a third world war that threatens humanity with a nuclear holocaust..."


Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Friday, 27 March, 2015

On Yemen, Saudi Arabia, hegemony, war in the region



Israeli Fighter Jets Join Saudi Arabia in War on Yemen

"This is the first time that the Zionists are conducting a joint operation in coalition with Arabs,' secretary-general of Yemen's Al Haq political party, Hassan Zayd wrote on his facebook page. He noted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had issued direct orders for the Israeli air force to send fighter jets to the Saudi-led air raid on Yemen."


Comment: What Will Happen Next in Yemen?

"In this edition of Comment, George Galloway MP asks: What will happen next in Yemen?"


In Yemen, Old Strategy For a New Reality

"Saudi led airstrikes on Yemen have been clouded by a massive propaganda campaign which doesn't stand up to facts. Why is it that the Saudis have chosen to attack those against the installed Hadi government and not al-Qaeda?"


Yemen Echoes of 1930s Aggression and Descent into Barbarism

"So, Yemen is being bombed and civilians are being massacred merely because the Saudis and their allies 'think' that Iran is somehow involved. No proof, no legal case, just bombs away.."



Debate: Saudi War on Yemen (and vid)

"The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has warned that Yemen is on the verge of complete collapse, as Saudi warplanes continue to pound Yemen for the sixth day..."


CrossTalk: The Yemen Template (and vid/podcast)

"Amazingly Obama still calls Yemen a 'template' of success when it comes to its ounterterrorism efforts. Closer to the truth is probably still another poorly thought out foreign policy adventure. And double standards abound - what is deemed legitimate for Yemen is denied in the case of Ukraine.

CrossTalking with Marcus Papadopoulos, Mark Sleboda and Eric Draitser


Sophie&Co - Iran's Deputy FM: 'Yemen's President Uses Terrorists To Fight Rebels' (and vid)

"Yemen has turned into another battlefield, raging across the regions. ISIS is prospering on the ruins of the state. The flames of war grow brighter with Saudi Arabia and its allies joining the combat. Hasn't the intervention discredited itself - inspiring more violence? We look at the issue with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian


Breaking: Houthis Seize Aden Presidential Palace

"Security sources say Ansarullah fighters of Yemen's Houthi movement have managed to take control of the presidential palace in the southern city of Aden."


Saudi Arabia Removes Border Fences With Yemen

"Saudi Arabia has reportedly removed border fences with Yemen in a measure that could suggest Riyadh is preparing for a ground invasion of its southern neighbor days after unleashing airstrikes against the violence-hit country.

Local Yemeni sources reported on Thursday that Saudi forces had opened border fences with the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjeh..."


The Next War: A Yemeni's Call For Help

"Bombs away', another 'surgical strike' in Yemen, as the civilian death toll just keeps getting bigger..."


Yemen: Saudi Arabia's Vietnam

"At this point the Saudi military is still mainly an air war massacre against the defenseless Yemen people. If and when the promised ground offensive begins in ernest, we'll see battle hardened Houthi militia pitted against a supposedly pan Arab army with little experience in real warfare.

Fighting to defend their honor and families, as the Viet Cong did in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia will find itself in a Yemeni quagmire, Saudi's 'Vietnam' in Yemen..."


Yemen Turmoil: Over 500 Killed in 2 Weeks of Fighting

"Al Qaeda ransacks military base. Political analyst in Sanaa, Yemen interviewed."


Londoners March Against Saudi Invasion of Yemen

Any marches here yet?


Did US CENTCOM Feed Saudis Target Info To Bomb Russian Consulate in Yemen?

"Saudi Arabia's gallant airstrikes against mostly civilian and infrastructure targets (not rebels, as advertised) have also struck the Russian Consulate General in the southwestern Yemen city of Aden.

It's fairly obvious then, that the target information for the Russian embassy was fed to the Saudis by the US CENTCOM..."


Russia, China, May Take A Strickter Line on Yemen

"An upcoming visit by the Chinese foreign minister to Moscow may hugely effect an ongoing military conflict in Yemen, Russian media claim. Russia and China are coordinating efforts to counter the military aggression against the country by Saudi Arabia and allies.

His visit is planned for Monday, when Saudi Arabia and some governments in the Persian Gulf region are expected to submit a resolution to the UN Security Council which could allow a ground intervention in the impoverished Arab country.

It is likely that an important agreement will be made on Yemen..."


'Better to get Killed Quickly than Suffer like this' (and vid)

Any word from any Canadian politician against this?


Bomb Iran? Not Now. Bomb Yemen  -  by Pepe Escobar

"...Well, the EU tolerates exactly the same thing in Donbass perpetrated by Kiev's goons..."


Say No To The War On Yemen!

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 5:00 PM, Dundas Sqaure Toronto (Yonge/Dundas)

Toronto Coalition To Stop the War - Canadian Peace Alliance


ISIL Releases Video Announcing Official Presence in Yemen

"The ISIL Takfiri militants have released video purportedly announcing their official presence in war-torn Yemen to 'cut the throats' of Ansarullah fighters of the Houthi movement.

'We have come to Yemen with men hungry for your blood to avenge the Sunnis and take back the land they have occupied,' an ISIL commander said."


If you thought Canada wasn't involved in this awful war in Yemen, think again...

Conservatives Promote Canada As An Arms Dealer  -  by Yves Engler

"At the start of last year the Conservatives announced Canada's largest ever arms export agreement. Canada will supply $14.8 Billions worth of light armoured vehicles to the Saudi military. The other half of the money is for training Saudi troops..."

which explains the silence from Ottawa on this outrageous Saudi warcrime in progress

montrealer58 montrealer58's picture

Saudi Arabia is an output mechanism of Five Eyes.


Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on 5th May, 2015

"Saudi Arabia has failed in Yemen. We are watching a clear Saudi failure and a clear Yemeni victory...."


Canada's Complicity in the Saudi-Yemen War  -  by Shenaz Kermalli

"The Canadian government was a silent ideological partner in the coalition."



07.06.2015 Author: Caleb MaupinA Growing Crisis Within Saudi Arabia
First appeared:



Western Complicity in Yemen Genocide Met With Media Silence  -  by Finian Cunningham

"In the latest atrocity in Yemen, Saudi warplanes bombed a residential area killing at least 65 people. Most of the victims are reported to be civilians. The apparent war crime committed has tragically become an almost daily occurrence during 5 months of relentless aerial bombardment of Yemen by a Western-backed coalition of foreign powers."


CrossTalk: Annihilating Yemen (and vid)

"Getting scant media coverage in the West, Yemen as a state and society is being destroyed. The Arab world's poorest country is being annihilated by one of its richest. - Saudi Arabia. What does Riyadh hope to achieve in this conflict and why is Washington fully backing this war of choice?"

CrossTalking with Mohammad Marandi, Joseph Kechichian and Catherine Shakdam


Activists Call For Intl Action Against Saudi War on Yemen (and vid)

"As Saudi Arabia continues to bomb more areas across Yemen, rights activists held a press conference in the capital Sana'a, to CALL ON THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION AGAINST THE WAR on the Arab nation."

the only calls responded to in the west are those of the corporate mainstream masters' media dogwhistle they're trained to obey here.



Yemen As Laboratory: Why is the West So Silent About this Savage War?

"What is at stake in Yemen is [why] far more systematic violations of the Geneva Conventions than in any of the recent wars which Western powers have supported in the Arab World (Iraq, Syria, Libya and Gaza) are met with resounding silence?

Yet as an Israeli Foreign Ministry official has pointed out, the principles of international humanitarian law systematically violated in Yemen are those invoked by UN bodies, governments, the Western media and civil organisations when they charge Israel with the commission of war crimes in Gaza.

In other words, by its silence and support for Coalition bombing in Yemen, the international community completes the erasure of legal reference in war."


Yemen Bombings, More Civilians Die (UPDATES)

"Dozens, mostly women and children, were killed in the bombing of a wedding party in Yemen by an alleged Saudi Arabia airstrike."


Why Hasn't Saudi Arabia Achieved Goals in Yemen?

"Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for 237 days and yet it has still not achieved its aim. This is despite the wealth of funds, weapons and mercenaries at its disposal.

Saudi Arabia has killed 7,100 people and has displaced over a million. Resisting the war are Ansarullah fighters, whose stated aims are to eradicate the extremist militancy in their country..."


Three Saudi Military Camps Fall To Yemeni Forces

"Yemeni army units fighting alongside popular forces have gained control of three military camps in Saudi Arabia's southwestern Nayran region as the Yemeni's continue with their retaliatory campaign against the deadly aggression by Riyadh.

Local reports said Yemeni forces have taken control of four Saudi military camps in Jizan and destroyed 10 armored vehicles belonging to Saudi forces.

This as Saudi airstrikes on various areas in Yemen left at least 8 civilians dead and several injured on Monday. Yemen has been under constant military attacks by Saudi jet fighters since late March."

To the complete studied indifference of the West for whom Saudi is too important a customer to publicize its barbarism in Yemen.


Yemen: 'Peace Talks'...Farce...Start in Switzerland While Daesh Gains Foothold

"We do not believe in these 'peace talks' while thousands of Blackwater mercenaries and terrorists of al Qaeda and Daesh are airlifted from Saudi and their allies under the watchful and condescending eye of the US and Israeli intelligence services...Therefore do not expect anything good from this farce and we are confident only in the strength of the Yemeni tribal forces and of the regular Yemeni army..."

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Ceasefire in Yemen Faces Collapse as U.S. Continues Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia, Fueling Civil War


AMY GOODMAN: The United States has bolstered the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes in Yemen through arms sales and direct military support. Saudi Arabia is one of the U.S. arms industry’s biggest customers. Last month, the State Department approved a billion-dollar deal to restock Saudi Arabia’s air force arsenal, which was depleted by its bombing campaign in Yemen. The sale included thousands of air-to-ground munitions and general-purpose bombs. The U.S. and other countries have also reportedly sold internationally banned cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia that are now being used in Yemen.

For more, we’re joined by Sharif Abdel Kouddous, who has just returned from Yemen. He’s a Democracy Now! correspondent, a fellow at The Nation Institute. And he’s recently written a piece for the GlobalPost called "With US help, Saudi Arabia is obliterating Yemen." It’s the first of a two-part series on Yemen.

Sharif, start off by just explaining what you found in your weeks-long trip there.


Saudi Aggression Against Yemen (UPDATES)

"Saudi warplanes hit Yemen's Hajjah Province."


World IGNORES 10 Months of Saudi War in Yemen

155,000 airstrikes, 64 hospitals attacked, a million civilians homeless


Yemen: A Very British War  -  by Dan Glazebrook

"At least 10,000 people have been killed since the Saudi bombing campaign against Yemen began in 2015, including over 630 children. There has been a massive escalation in human rights violations to a level of around 143 per day and up to ten children per day are being killed according to UNICEF.

Seventy-three percent of child casualties are the direct result of airstrikes, say the UN. Beyond their immediate victims, the airstrikes and accompanying blockade - a horrendous crime against a population which imports 90 percent of its basic needs - are creating a tragedy of epic proportions."

'Canada is concerned by the deteriorating situation in Yemen...Canada supports the military activity of Saudi Arabia and its GCC partners and others to defend Saudi Arabia's border.' (Foreign Affairs Canada, 2015)


Saudi Warplanes Kill 30 in NW Yemen

"At least 30 people have been killed in a Saudi airstrike in northwestern Yemen, a day after six troops were killed at a military base in the kingdom near the border. The fatalities came on Saturday during an air raid on residential buildings in the Dhahian district in the Sa'ada province.

The attacks came a day after Yemeni snipers killed six troops at the al-Mahruq military base in Najran. A British officer affiliated with the infamous Security firm formerly known as Blackwater, was also killed. [Bravo Yemenis!]

On Friday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adeal al Jubeir said US and UK military advisors were present at command in Riyadh in the war on Yemen working alongside Saudi forces.

'We have British officials, and American officials and officials from other countries in our command center,' he said after a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Saudi regime has been carrying out airstrikes against the Arab world's poorest nation since March 26, 2015."

And Canada supports.


Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen Kill At Least 20 Civilians Including Responders, MSF Paramedic

Almost 2 dozen killed after Saudi-led coalition planes carried out repeated airstrikes in Yemen. Analyst Catherine Shakdam comments.


Britain's 'Proxy War' in Yemen Condemned By Critics

"Britain is at war with Yemen and is arming aned facilitating a brutal Saudi dictatorship that is bombing innocent civilians. 'So why does nobody know [or care] about it?'



Canadian-made weapons may have fallen into the hands of Houthi fighters in Yemen's civil war, raising new concerns about Canada's arms exports to Saudi Arabia....

"Canadians should be worried about [it]," Epps says. "Even if it's just one case, it suggests that there possibly could be many more."


Basement Dweller

The upside is when Houthis capture armoured vehicles they just blow them up. Even Bradleys and Abrams tanks.


Saudi Appear to be Using Canadian-Made Combat Vehicles Against Yemeni Rebels

"Canadian-made armoured vehicles appear to be embroiled on Saudi Arabia's war against Yemeni-based Houthi rebels - caught up in cross-border hostilities that critics say should force Ottawa to reconsider a $15 billion deal to sell Riyadh more of these weapons..."


‘Just a day after Prime Minister Theresa May defended UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, cell phone footage has emerged apparently showing a college in Yemen being bombed by Saudi jets.

The footage, filmed in January 2016 and first published in the UK by independent media outlet The Ferret, appears to show a college hit by an airstrike. Attacks on schools are explicitly outlawed under the Geneva Convention, and thus constitute a war crime.

Filmed by a security guard on a cell phone, the footage was first passed to the Yemeni NGO Mwatana and then submitted to the UK government’s Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC).’...from RT when will this make news in Canada?

When will our Government and its military industrial establishment engaged in the 15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia be put on International Court trial!...shame!


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You're not fond of links, are the you?

Mr. Magoo

When will our Government and its military industrial establishment engaged in the 15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia be put on International Court trial!

Not soon enough for you, yes?

Seems to me that about 1/4 of your posts consist of hoping that some stern Daddy will spank Canada.

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I bet his name is Vladimir.


12.09.2016 Author: Catherine ShakdamThe March for Riyadh – Yemen’s War Takes on the Colour of Revolution

So the Yemeni People´s resistance has now taken back 2 of their provinces from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? and Demanding the fall of the kingdom´s government......

You just have to admire the guts and persistence of some Peoples!
And given that the Shia Peoples of Saudi Arabia is home to their vast oil wealth?

Whew this may be huge!
And Canada´s huge contract with the Saudi´s? Perhaps Canada will send its army to help the fascist kingdom?