Yes the need to discuss alternatives!

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Yes the need to discuss alternatives!

from David Korten, Counter Currents

We now live in a society in which our access to food, water, shelter, energy, transportation, health care, education, communication, and most all the other basic essentials of daily life depends on our ability to pay. No money, no life.

Each time we monetize a relationship—for example, replacing a parental caregiver with a paid child care worker or a backyard garden with a trip to the supermarket—we grow GDP and create new opportunities for corporate profits. At the same time, we weaken the loving bond between child and parent and between humans and Earth. And we become more dependent on money.

So what does this have to do with power? The more dependent we become on money, the more dependent we become on the money masters—bankers and corporations—that control our access to money through their control of paid employment, loans, and investments.....


....the article is a discussion of the elephant in the room, the overwhelming power of the corporation and its bankers, something not being discussed by anyone in the election, including Jill Stein......

this is the saddest for me...that the Greens dropped the ball throwing out their explorations for decentralist alternatives....bioregionalism, as flakey!!

This is the movement so desperately needed, to throw the monkey of corporatism off our backs, returning to a system based on human bonding and control....we must decentralize our systems including the technics, bioregionalism!!