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DAY 10: Julian Assange Extradition Trial Has Begun: Live Updated Tweets from the Court

"Housekeeping note: All my written reports form each day of Assange trial over past 2 weeks can be found at this link:

"It is Assange legal team's position that facts in the case have been presented in a 'misleading way' by prosecution to help make it seem like Assange committed the 'extraditible offense'.


CN Live Updates: Assange Hearing Day 10


Day 10 of the Julian Assange Extradition. Live Updates in this thread..


#FreeAssange Vigil

Day 1, Week 3 : Live court coverage, analysis


"Brazil's President Lula da Silva (2003-2010), one of many heads of state who have called for the political persecution of Julian to be dropped, Julian's extradition to be stopped and for his immediate release..."


Argentine President Joins 12 Other World Leaders to Denounce Prosecution of Julian Assange

"Over 167 notable ministers, heads of state and parliamentarians have added their names to the growing list of those calling for an end to the prosecution of WikiLeaks publisher and award-winning journalist Julian Assange...

"If the democrats of planet Earth, including all journalists, all lawyers, all unionists and all politicians, have no courage to express themselves in defence of Assange, so that he is not extradited, it means we have a lot of democrats out there who are liars..." - Lula -

Don't look for any Canucklhead politicos there. And if you don't know why ask your favourite MP.


Julian Assange - Extradition Hearing - September 21, 2020

  • Christian Grothoff: WikiLeaks did not publish unredacted cables first
  • Cassandra Fairbanks: High-level plan to revoke Assange's asylum

CN: Day 10: Joe Lauria's Daily Report on Assange Extradition Hearing (and vid)

Watch his recap of the tenth day's events


CN: Assange Hearing Day Ten - Fairbanks Testifies Ordered Assange Arrest; US Concedes WikiLeaks Not First to Publish Cables: But Says It Had Widest Reach

Defense witness Christian Grothoff, a professor of computer science at Bern University, Switzerland, has laid out the chronology of the publication of the unredacted State Dept cables that are at the heart of this case. He traces it back to the publication of the password in the Feb 2011 book by David Leigh and Luke Harding.


Day 10: September 21, 2020: #AssangeCase

"Assange defence day 10: Intelligence systems, technology and the world."



Assange Court Report: September 21: Morning/Afternoon


Craig Murray: Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing, 9/21/2020

"Monday was a frustrating day as the Assange Hearing drifted deep into a fantasy land where nobody knows or is allowed to say that people were tortured in Guantanamo Bay and under extraordinary rendition. The willingness of Judge Baraitser to accept American red lines on what witnesses can and cannot say has combined with a joint and openly stated desire by both judge and prosecution to close this case down quickly by limiting the number of witnesses, the length of their evidence, and the time allowed for closing arguments.

For the first time, I am openly critical of the defence legal team who seem to be missing their moment to stop being railroaded and say no, this is wrong, forcing Baraitser to make rulings against them. Instead, most of the day was lost to negotiations between prosecution and defence, as to what defence evidence could be edited out or omitted. Of which more later..."


Assange Extradition Trial: 9/22/2020: Twitter Updates

"Professor Michael Kopelman who is a forensic psychiatrist, will give evidence on  Assange's clinical depression, risk of suicide and how the US government is targeting him for his political opinions. Thread."

"While previous testimonies have focused on matters of US constitutional law, the Espionage Act, redaction of cables - today's testimonies will focus primarily on Julian's health and the effects prolonged confinement have had on him and may have if taken to the US."

"Defense to Michael Kopelman: You found Mr Assange to have symptoms of depression and that there was a high risk of suicide? MK: Yes, and his condition wold be exacerbated in a US prison and with an imminent risk of extradition. He's acutely aware of what he faces."

"Day 11, #AssangeCase hearing. 40 human rights organizations, Freedom of speech and political observers are not allowed to follow the proceedings by ruling of [Judge] Vanessa Baraitser...thread."


Julian Assange: #MentalHealth

"The next three days will be very difficult for us. The court will hear medical evidence of Julian's physical and mental condition and his likelihood of survival if he is extradited to face 175 years in a US prison. Please treat Julian with dignity and humanity."

For revealing warcrimes and their criminals.


Petition, USA Supermax, El Masri, MEAA and CN Update (and vid)

"Free Julian Assange before it's too late. Sign to stop the USA Extradition. Watch this video of US Supermax prison where Julian Assange will likely be imprisoned for up to 175 years for exposing US government warcrimes.

The precedent of an extradition will normalise this punishment for all future publishers of US government corruption and war crimes. Click here to read the statement by torture victim Kalid El Masri who was a case of mistaken identity by a CIA black operation but was tortured regardless..."


Assange extradition trial: September 22

Psychiatrist Dr Michael Koopman: "High risk of suicide if Assange is extradited. Has observed in Julian 'loss of sleep, loss of weight, a sense of pre-occupation and helplessness as a result of threats to his life*, the concealment of a razor blade as a means to self-harm and obsessive ruminations on ways of killing himself. I am as certain as a psychiatrist can ever be that, in the event of imminent extradition, Mr Assange would indeed find a way to commit suicide..."


CN: Assange hearing day 11: US tries to undermine doctor's testimony about Assange's 'high-risk of suicide'

"The prosecution is trying to say that Julian is making it up, which I find appalling,' Kristin Hrafnsson, Wikileaks' editor-in-chief told journalists outside Old Bailey. Of all the efforts of the defense to prevent Assange's extradition, this testimony might have the greatest effect on the court. Ruling against the extradition on medical grounds would it seems bypass the political controversies in the case."

CN Live: Video update/analysis by Joe Lauria

"Today Julian Assange was subjected to a 4-hour discussion about whether he was a suicide risk or a malingerer."


Julian Assange's extradition hearing: Day 11, September 22, 2020 (and vid)

 Shadowproof managing editor Kevin Gosztola's report on today's proceedings.


US Prosecution accuses Assange of exaggerating symptoms of depression

"US prosecution accused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of exaggerating symptoms of depression and pressured psychiatrist to change diagnosis of Assange's mental health condition."


Craig Murray: Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing: 9/22/2020

"When Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers, the US Government burgled the office of his psychiatrist to look for medical evidence to discredit him. Julian Assange has been obliged to submit himself, while in a mentally and physically weakened state and in conditions of the harshest incarceration to examination by psychiatrists appointed by the US government. He has found the experience intrusive and traumatising. It is a burglary of the mind..."


Richard Medhurst: Full video summary of Day 11, 9/21/2020

"Dr Kopelman's testimony: If Assange is extradited to the US it could very likely trigger a suicide attempt. Manning attempted suicide in Alexandria, where Assange would be sent."


Torture in US Prisons

Some of the sources Kopelman referred to citing inhuman prison conditions in the US.


CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou

As Assange Faces Extradition the State of US Prisons Grows Worse

"The vast majority of the violence committed against prisoners in federal prison goes unnoticed. And it's a daily occurrence."



Free Assange Vigil 64.3 w/Syrian Girl : Day 11, 9/22/2020

Live commentary, conversation and analysis.

"The war is ongoing in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Libya, while Assange is in jail and the war criminals are not."


Day 12: September 23, 2020: Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Live updates of today's proceedings on Twitter:


"We expect more medical testimony today..."


WATCH: How long is the Australian government going to remain silent on this treatment of an Australian citizen?

Why not ask them? 

[email protected]



'WikiLeaks Files Were Available Online' Court Hears

"Julian Assange should NOT be charged with releasing state secrets because 250,000 wikiLeaks files were already available online after Guardian journalist published the password in his book,' court hears."


Assange Court Report: September 23: Morning/Afternoon



Craig Murray: Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing, Wednesday, September 23

"On Wednesday the trap sprang shut as Judge Baraitser insisted the witnesses must finish next week, and that no time would be permitted for preparation of closing arguments, which must be heard the immediate following Monday. This brought the closest the defence has come to a protest, with the defence pointing out that the judge refused their request for an adjournment before witness hearings started, to give them time to do so.

I strongly suspect the final decision was made in the case even before the opening arguments were received. The plan of the US Government throughout has been to limit the information available to the public of what information is available. Thus we have seen the extreme restrictions on both physical and video access. A complicit mainstream media has ensured those of us who know what is happening are very few in the wider population..."




CN Live! Daily Video Report on Assange Hearing - Day 12

CN's Joe Lauria reports on today's proceedings. Medical/Psychiatric evaluation testimony.


Press Freedom on Trial - Day 3, Week 3, Day 12, Assange Vigil

Live realtime reporting, analysis and commentary


WATCH: Julian Assange's father John Shipton speaks out about his son's potential treatment in a US prison and the impact it has on Human Rights and Freedom of the Press." A former warden called the American supermax where Julian would be held 'a clean version of hell unfit for human habitation.' See CCR description of JA's likely US destination below.


Day 13: September 24, 2020: Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Live updates of today's proceedings on Twitter:


 Later start to today's proceedings. We expect more medical testimony. Some witnesses have been culled. Today's witnesses will be Dr Sondra Crosby and Dr Blackwood. Day 13 of the Julian Asange extradition will begin shortly. Live tweets on the above threads.


"Throw sand in the gears of the machine. Kill public trust in the mass media by exposing their lies at every opportunity. Amplify solid voices, arguments and evidence that those in power don't want amplified. Push the machine until they're forced to push back, exposing themselves..."


Julian Assange Extradition Hearing - September 24, 2020, Daily Video Update

Day 13: Kevin Gosztola

"To make these easier to find I've compiled a playlist with all the daily video reports from Day 1 - 13. I'll be adding videos as we complete third and fourth weeks of proceedings.


Julian Assange Extradition Hearing: September 24, 2020, Day 12/13

Richard Medhurst, Video report, full summary


CN Final Report: Assange Extradition Hearing Day 13  9/24/2020

"Prosecution witness tries to play judge, leaves out reason Julian Assange was sent to Belmarsh medical ward."


CN Live! Day 13, Joe Lauria's Daily Video Report


Day 13, September 24, 2020 #AssangeCase

"At the very end of today's proceedings, the defense read aloud an important and consequential witness statement from John Young, host of  . Cryptome published unredacted cables first. And medical testimony continues..."


Craig Murray: Your Man in the Public Gallery - Assange Hearing 9/24/2020

"During the hearing of medical evidence the last three days, the British government has been caught twice directly telling important lies about events in Belmarsh prison, each lie proven by documentary evidence...While in the medical wing or 'healthcare,' Julian Assange was in effect in solitary confinement, and three psychiatrists and a physician with extensive experience of treated trauma have all testified in court that Assange's mental and physical condition deteriorated while he was in 'healthcare' for several months. They also said he improved after he left 'healthcare'. That says something profound about the 'healthcare' being provided..."

Don't Extradite Assange!


The Assange Court Report, September 24, Afternoon

"Assange suffering from 'acute psychological trauma', doctor says."


Press Freedom on Trial: Assange Rendition Vigil: 9/24/2020

Live court summary, analysis and conversation in real time.


Day 14: September 25, 2020: Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Live updates of today's proceedings on Twitter:



Court in session for 9/25/2020. Judge Baraitser grants defence 4 weeks to prepare their final argument. Her decision will come down after the Nov 4 US election and sets Nov 16 as date for final arguments. No date yet set for judgement day. No decision until the new year.

First defence witnes called is Patrick Eller, chief executive of Metadata Forensics. Defence lawyer Mark Summers requests one hour for witness to read prosecution bundle only received by defence at 11:30 pm Thursday night.. Eller's written testimony submitted nine months ago, proves 'the alleged passcode hash conspiracy was impossible'...



"Throw sand in the gears of the machine. Kill public trust in the mass media by exposing their lies at every opportunity. Amplify solid voices, arguments and evidence that those in power don't want amplified. Push the machine until they're forced to push back, exposing themselves..."


Press Freedom on Trial: 9/25/2020: Julian Assange Rendition Vigil

Live coverage, commentary and analysis in real time on today's proceedings in Julian Assange's show trial/rendition


Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Video Reports - Day 14, September 25, 2020


Richard Medhurst: "Judge admits Assange trial is political."


Kevin Gosztola: "This marks the end of the third week. One more week of witnesses left."


CN Live! Joe Lauria's daily video report: "A major development..."


Defense Assange Report: Day 14

  • Judge admits political nature of Assange's case
  • Jakob Augustein: Assange 'feared for the safety of informants'
  • Patrick Eller debunks Manning/Assange 'conspiracy'

WikiLeaks' Kristinn Hrafnssen: "District Judge Vanessa Baraitser has acknowledged what has been clear since even before the first indictment against Julian Assange was unsealed -- that this is a politically motivated prosecution." [see thread]


Day 15: September 28, 2020: Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Live updates of today's proceedings on Twitter:

Fourth and final week of witness testimony in WikiLeak founder Julian Asange's extradition trial. Joel Sickler, an expert on US prison conditions in the federal system is called to the virtual witness stand by the defense. Sickler agrees that Assange will be assigned to X Block in administrative segregation or the Special Handling United (SHU).

'Our government alleged that Assange has knowledge of certain highly classified info. Their need is to keep him sequestered from any information disclosure.' Likely held if convicted in ADX Florence. If not there, CMU in Marion, IL or Terre Haute IN. All American 'hell-holes' and 'black sites on US territory'.


Press Freedom on Trial: 9/28/2020: Julian Assange Rendition Vigil

Live coverage, commentary and analysis in real time on today's proceedings in Julian Assange's show trial/rendition.

'This is the time for lawyers and human rights activists to speak up and tell the world this trial has nothing to do with due process...'



Randy Credico: Live on the Fly: Craig Murray Your Man in the Public Gallery (and vid)

"Ex UK Diplomat, editor and human rights activist Craig Murray summed up his daily unique, lively and colorful dispatches from the Assange extradition hearing public gallery, rife with sharp commentary and ironic analysis, of the cruel and malicious prosecution of Julian Assange. Murray provides a dazzling overview of 17 days of this Kafka show-trial.

"Essentially the US seems to be calling all the shots. In all the major rulings the judge does what the US prosecution wants."


Julian Assange's Extradition Trial - September 28  (and vid)

Kevin Gosztola's daily video report. Today, two defence witnesses testified on US prison conditions where Julian would be held. 'There is significant sensory deprivation. Thereis little natural light or access to fresh air. There is no communication allowed with other prisoners. Inmates are denied access to information regarding current events."


Gosztola: Witnesses in Assange Extradition Trial Counter Key Prosecution Lie About US Solitary Confinement

"The point of 'administrative segregation' is to keep a detainee away from all other detainees. Most likely Assange would be in his cell 22 hours a day..."


CN: Final Report: Assange Hearing Day 15 9/28/2020

WATCH: CN Live Daily Video Report on Assange Hearing

"Editor-in-Chief Joe Lauria's recap of Day 15 events..."


CN Report: Day 15

"Alexandria Jail and SAMs isolation conditions described in detail as place where Assange would be detained. Government tries to pain rosy picture of US prisons..."


WATCH: "The very last time that you would hear Julian Assange would be his last words on British territory."


WATCH: Kristin Hrafnsson talks about today's proceedings.


WATCH: "Father of Julian Assange John Shipton: 'This is about trying to disguise war crimes so they can continue to commit them."


Press Freedom on Trial: 9/29/2020 - Julian Assange Rendition Vigil

Live coverage, commentary and analysis in real time on Tuesday's proceedings in Julian Assange's show trial/rendition


Day 16: September 29, 2020: Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Live updates of today's proceedings on Twitter:

Fourth and final week of witness testimony in WikiLeak founder Julian Asange's extradition trial. Tuesday, Day 16. First witness, Maureen Baird, former warden at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

"Julian Assange will be housed in conditions designed for 9/11 terrorists and could remain in a small cell for 23 hours a day for the rest of his life (the other hour he would spend in a different cell but still alone),  US federal prison consultant Maureen Baird tells the hearing."


Exclusive: Spanish Judge Seeks Sheldon Adelson Security Chief in Assange Spying Case

"A Spanish judge's request to probe a Las Vegas Sands staffer's' apparent role in a criminal spying operation against Julian Assange indicates the investigation is homing in on US intelligence. Tellingly, the Department of Justice is stonewalling the operation. The Spanish judge presiding over the trial of a security firm owner apparently hired to spy on jailed WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has sent a request to the US Department of Justice for an interview with Zohar Lahav, the Israeli-American vice president for executive protection at Las Vegas Sands.

Sands is owned by the ultra-Zionist casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, one of the single largest donors to Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Republican Party..."

('By way of deception shalt thou make war.')  ** Must Read **


But! But! But! The New York Times, WaPo, the Guardian, CBC, The Globe etc - all the media babblers have come to  trust and rely on - assured us repeatedly on every possible occasion that Julian Assange was working  FOR Trump ('I love WikiLeaks!') and Putin's Russia against Hillary! I thought that's what 'Russiagate' was!? And we believed them! Then that story turned to shit and now at trial we hear how Assange refused the offer of a presidential  pardon to give up his leaked DNC emails source to Trump, even though it means 175 years in a US prison for refusing to burn his source.   Now Bibi Netanyahu's  favourite billionaire turns out to have been spying on Julian for the CIA in the Ecuadorian Embassy?! Goodness gracious I give up on foreign affairs, none of those media can keep their damn story straight. It makes no sense and it's just too confusing!!! Am I ever glad the msm and most of the Canadian alternative press has blacked out this story! I guess they couldn't keep it straight either...


Assange Trial Highlights How US Govt is Likely Deceiving British Court to Win Extradition

"Mostafa Kamel Mostafa, also known as Abu Hamza, was accused of terrorism offences and extradited to the United States from the United Kingdom in 2012. His extradition was permitted by the European Court of Human Rights and the British courts because the US government assured them Mostafa would not be confined at a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado for a 'lengthy indefinite period.'

Yet for the last five years, Mostafa has been housed at ADX Florence in solitary confinement and subject to special administrative measures (SAMS). Mostafa's attorney Lindsay Lewis maintains the US government misled the courts in order to make it seem like he would not be subject to cruel and inhuman treatment [torture] if extradited.

Lewis testified at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition trial on September 29 and told the British magistrate's court 'the unreliable nature of the US government's assurances' should be a concern for the court and Britgish authorities in 'determining whether to extradite' Assange to the US. Assange was charged by the US Justice Department with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act and one count of conspiring to commit a computer intrusion that, as alleged in the indictment, is written like an Espionage offense.

The charges criminalize the act of merely receiving classified information, as well as the publication of state secrets from the US government. It targets common practices in newsgathering, which is why the case is widely opposed by press freedom organizations throughout the world...

And probably for the same reasons why this presently goes unreported by the Canadian media here at home. Why not ask them why?


CN Live! Daily Video Report Hearing Day 16: Alleged CIA plot to Kill Assange (and vid)

CN Editor-in Chief Joe Lauria's daily video report on today's proceedings 9/29/2020. Two anonymous witnesses have given statements concerning security and surveillance firm UC Global, who spied on Julian Assange and his visitors including legal counsel at the Ecuadorian embassy. Reportedly testimony will also involve alleged plans to kill and/or kidnap Assange.


Assange Defense: Day 16, September 29, 2020

"Former warden: Assange would get 'desolate and degrading' Special Administrative Measures (SAMs). At issue are Assange's potential pre-trial  and post-trial prison conditions, because the UK can't extradite if doing so would be 'unjust or oppressive' or subject the defendant to 'inhumane or degrading treatment'..."


Craig Murray: Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing: 9/29/2020

"...The day concluded with a foretaste of excitement to come as Judge Baraitser agreed to grant witness anonymity to the two UK Global whistleblowers who are to give evidence on UC Global's spying on Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy. In making application, [defence lawyer] Summers gave notice that among the topics to be discussed was the instruction from UC Global's American clients [Zionist oligarch Sheldon Adelson] to consider poisoning or kidnapping Assange. The hidden firearm with filed-off serial numbers discovered in the home of Global's chief executive David Morales, and his relationship to the Head of Security at the Las Vegas Sands complex were also briefly mooted."


WATCH: "Having investigated this case in my capacity as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, I am absolutely convinced that, if extradited to the USA, Assange will be exposed to an unfair trial and conditions of detention amounting to torture or other cruel, inhuman, degrading treament or punishment." - Nils Melzer -

Tell your representatives it's time to speak up! Tell your media it's time to report the truth!


Press Freedom on Trial: 9/30/2020 - Julian Assange Rendition Vigil

Live coverage, commentary and analysis in real time on Wednesday's proceedings in Julian Assange's show trial/rendition.


Haddad: Assange will face cruel and degrading prison conditions if extradited.

"Update from the last two days of Assange proceedings at the Old Bailey."


Day 17: September 30, 2020: Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Live updates of today's proceedings on Twitter:

Fourth and final week of witness testimony in WikiLeak founder Julian Asange's extradition trial. Wednesday, Day 17. First witness, journalist Patrick Cockburn, who is the Middle East correspondent for the Independent. Cockburn was in Kabul, Afghanistan, when first heard about WikiLeaks revelations which confirmed much of what he and others had suspected that civilians were being killed in large numbers. - Kevin Gosztola


'Operation Hotel': New Details of Sophisticated Spying Operation on Julian Assange Emerge at Old Bailey

"...Assange's lawyers presented the evidence to the court as further evidence of the 'abuse of process' that had taken place in the course of his battle with American authorities. In case it needs reiterating, lawyer-client privilege is a fundamental corner-store of the rule of law. Read the whistleblowers' full written statements here. The case continues...


WATCH: "US Global staff received instructions from the United States to spy on meetings Julian Assange had with his lawyers. This evidence of spying on legally privileged meetings by the US Government should have the entire Assange Extradition case thrown out."


Saturday 1 pm BST/8AM EST/ 10 pm AEST: Mark your calendars for this mega event with all the independent journalists who spearheaded the reporting of the Assange case hearing


Julian Assange's Extradition Trial - September 30 (and vid)

Kevin Gosztola's daily video report:  Day 17 of proceedings.


CN Live! Day 17 of Julian Assange's Extradition Trial (and vid)

CN's Joe Lauria relates the explosive testimony today of two anonymous witnesses


Assange Defense: September 30th, Live Blog

"The defense read several witness statements aloud in court today..."