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Craig Murray: Your Man in the Public Gallery: Sept 30, 2020

"I really do not know how to report Wednesday's events. Stunning evidence of extreme quality and interest was banged out in precis by the lawyers as unnoticed as bags of frozen chips coming off a production line. This is now devolved to an entirely paper exercise. It is in fact no longer a 'hearing' at all. What happened on Wednesday was that the whole hearing was collapsed, with both defence and prosecution lawyers hurling hundreds of pages of witness statements at Baraitser's head, saying 'You look at this. We can get finished tomorrow and all have a long weekend to prepare our next cases..."  ** MUST READ **


LIVE: US Spied on and Attempted to Poison Julian Assange (and vid)

"My full report on today's court proceedings at the Old Bailey, Day 17."


Julian's Father John Shipton : WikiLeaks Helped Omar Khadr (and vid)

"Andy Worthington worked with WikiLeaks on the Guantanamo Files and managed to have some of the 789 prisoners freed..."

For yet another day the Gutless Wonder that is Canadian media refused to report his trial. Why not ask them why?


Press Freedom on Trial: 1/10/2020 - Julian Assange Rendition Vigil

Live coverage, commentary and analysis in real time on Thursday's proceedings in Julian Assange's show trial/rendition.


Day 18: October 1, 2020: Julian Assange Extradition Trial: Live updates of today's proceedings on Twitter:

Fourth and final week of witness testimony in WikiLeak founder Julian Asange's kangaroo court extradition trial. Thursday, Day 18.  Gareth Peirce has five statements requiring additional deliberation. Michael Tigar has statement requiring further discussion. Short update on Spanish proceedings is coming. Defence also has planned submission on changes to indictment. It's the final day of witness testimony. Then defense has 4 weeks to submit their closing argument. Prosecution has 2 weeks to reply and submit their closing statement. Defense then has 72 hours to submit reply. Judge won't rule before January 2021.


#FreeAssange  #Free Press  (and 2 vids)

WATCH: Julian Assange's fiance Stella Moris speaking on the final day of evidence in London extradition hearing. 'Julian is being punished for performing a public service that we have all benefited from.' 'Our children need their father, Julian needs his freedom and our democracy needs a free press."

Especially in the Canadian 'democracy' where there is little evidence of a 'free press' only a propaganda press. Once again, as so many times before, Canadian media persuaded Canadians to not support a progressive cause.


Kevin Gosztola: Julian Assange Extradition Trial, Oct 1, 2020, Day 18 (and vid)

"Proceedings in Assange trial are concluded. Judge says decision on January 4, 2021. Live video report on the final day."


CN Final Report: Assange Extradition, Day 18

"Ellsberg parallel raised on last day of testimony, judgement day set for Jan. 4, 2021."


CN Live! Daily video report - Day 18

Joe Lauria presents his live report.


Assange Defense: Day 18: Oct 1, 2020 (and vid)

"Hearing concludes, ruling to come January 4, 2021. Outside the court following the proceedings, Assange's partner Stella Moris addressed supporters and the press. 'This is a fight for Julian's life. It is a fight for press freedom,' she said. See her full statement below


RM: Extradition Hearing Day 18, Oct 1, 2020 (and vid)

"Richard Medhurst's full video summary of Day 18."

  #PressFreedom  #FreeAssange  #SilenceIsComplicity


Revealed: Key Assange Prosecution Witness is part of  Academic Cluster which has Received Millions of Pounds from UK and US Militaries

"One of the US prosecution key medical witnesses in the Julian Assange hearing, who claimed that Assange's risk of suicide is 'manageable' if extradited to the US, works for an academic institute that is funded by the UK Ministry of Defence and linked to the US Department of Defense, it can be revealed..."



George Christensen Calls on Australia to Lodge Formal Protest Over Treatment of Julian Assange

"LNP backbencher says latest allegation of plans to poison or kidnap Assange show 'a foreign power tried to use illegal means to harm an Australian citizen..."


Assange Case Summary: Jen Robinson, Kristinn Hraffnsen, John Shipton, Craig Murray & Joseph Farrell

"This case is already killing press freedom and is a frontal assault on journalism and the public's right to know and hold governments foreign and domestic to account."  - Stella Moris -


WATCH: CN Live: 'A Sense of Justice'

"When the judge in Daniel Ellsberg's 1971 trial threw his case out because of government misconduct, he said he acted because the government had 'offended a sense of justice':

Daniel Ellsberg, Fidel Narvaez, John Kiriakou, Andrew Fowler, Mary Kostakidis, Alexander Mercouris will discuss the Julian Assange hearing with a focus on spying at the Ecuador embassy and its possible consequences..."

If above link doesn't work. Try this one:


The Jimmy Dore Show

"The CIA's plot to poison Julian Assange."

Still silence from Canadian media - a sure sign the story is an important one.


FBI Seized Legally Privileged Materials From Julian Assange After Arrest

"The FBI in the United Kingdom enlisted the Ecuador government's help in seizing legally privileged materials from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after he was arrested and expelled from their embassy in London on April 11, 2019. One record of Assange's entire archive was purloined and without it, Peirce mentioned, it has made putting together a defense in his extradition case more difficult because the initial allegations relate to communications, meetings and events from 2010 and 2011.

'On April 8, 2019, the US Justice Department was prepared for Assange's arrest and instructed Ecuador to seize property and hand over 'evidence' to 'a representative of the UK FBI,' who would 'hand over the property to the USA.'


The Unprecedented and Illegal Campaign to Eliminate Julian Assange

"Over the 17 days of Julian Assange's extradition hearing in London, prosecutors succeeded in proving both crimes and conspiracy. The culprit, however, was not Assange. Instead, the lawbreakers and conspirators turned out to be the British and American governments. Witness after witness detailed illegal measures to violate Assange's right to a fair trial, destroy his health, assassinate his character and imprison him in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.

Courtroom evidence exposed illegality on an unprecedented scale by America's and Britain's intelligence, military, police and judicial agencies to eliminate Assange. The governments had the edge, like the white man of whom Malcolm X wrote: 'He's a professional gambler; he has all the cards and the odds stacked on his side, and he has always dealt with our people from the bottom of the deck.' The deck was clearly stacked..."


Craig Murray: Where is My Final Assange Report?

"...Having left the bubble, my courage keeps failing me to return to the evil and write up the last day. I know that sounds either pathetic or precious. I know the mainstream journalists who revel in portraying me as mentally unstable will delight to mock. But these last few days I can't even bring myself to look at my notes. I feel physically unwell when I try..."

Come to Canada and learn to perfect the skill of deep denial.