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Ah well.  Disappointing, not surprising.

"Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi on Tuesday said the U.S. government will continue to challenge a British judge’s ruling last month that Assange should not be extradited to the United States because of the risk he would commit suicide."  ...

"Obama’s Justice Department decided not to seek Assange’s extradition on the grounds that what Assange and WikiLeaks did was too similar to journalistic activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Trump administration officials stepped up public criticism of Assange and WikiLeaks only weeks after taking office in January 2017 and subsequently filed a series of increasingly harsh criminal charges accusing Assange of participating in a hacking conspiracy.  Assange supporters have been pressing the Biden administration to drop charges against him during Biden’s first 100 days in the White House."


WATCH: The Assange Case and Western Political Repression

"The case of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange in the context of political repression in the West, as well as the medical angle on the US appeal against a British court's ruling against Assange's extradition and more. In light of the announcement that the Biden administration will appeal the UK's refusal to extradite on medical grounds, join us for a vital discussion..."


Assange extradition: Freedom of British media to expose US state security is at stake

"Dr Paul Arnell, an expert on extradition law from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen - explains why the Julian Assange extradition appeal has huge implications for media freedom in the UK."


Essential Interview from 'Useful Idiots' (and vid)

"Stella Moris shares how US-led campaign against Julian Assange has impacted her family. She also discusses latest in the case and why Biden's DOJ must drop charges."

President Joe Biden: drop the charges - free Julian Assange!



"New Banksy calls attention to incarceration of Julian Assange."

While Canadian msm (and alternative) do not. Fuck them. I just did.


Home Run For Julian: Article by John Jiggens

"...Seeing that there has been an infestation of COVID-19 in the jail since March last year, and the jail and prisoners are in lockdown for 23 hours each day, the jail extended a privilege - in their view - of a ten-minute phone call each day. John [Shipton, Julian's father] recounted this touching experience. 'In the evening I was walking along speaking to him on the phone and a cricket started to sing, and Julian said, 'Is that a cricket? Is that a cricket?' He hadn't heard a cricket for 9 1/2 years.'

The world-wide upswelling of support for Julian and the understanding of the intimidation of journalists, the oppression, the punishment, the judicial kidnapping of journalists -  an Australian national being judicially kidnapped to the the United States - setting that up as an example for all future critics of the US to be judicially kidnapped. This understanding has struck probably everybody..."

Petition attached. Please sign and forward to others including MPs, Canadian journalists, msm or alternative.


'Our family wishes to express our gratitude...'

"After a hard night, Julian woke up this morning to a kind, personal message from Pope Francis delivered to his cell door by the prison priest..."


Julian Assange could finally walk free - if we seize the moment

"For the first time in more than a decade there's cause for hope. The torturous chain of cause and effect that saw Australian publisher Julian Assange go from global news sensation to a freezing cell in a London prison may at last be ending if the Biden administration decides to make a principled break with the fateful decision of President Donald Trump..."

Unfortunately as is so often the case with presidential successions Biden's tendencies rather suggest continuity. Where stands AOC, Sanders and other faux progressive Dems - going along to get along silence? And where stands Jagmeet Singh and the NDP on this egregious and outrageous attack on Assange and press freedom?

[email protected]


'Silence': RT America's correspondent's Twitter blocked for posting a video of alleged US war crimes

"RT America's Rachel Blevins says her Twitter account was blocked after she retweeted 'Collateral Murder' video which was first released by Wikileaks over a decade ago. Her account was restored after she removed the video."

Unlike the servile and collaborationist Canadian journalists who would never dare mention Julian Assange or WikiLeaks unless it was to smear them as they were here.


Two years since Assange was arrested in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London: UN Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer and Fidel Narvaez (and vid)

"On our 1000th episode of Going Underground,m we firstly speak to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer. Finally we speak to former counsel at the Ecuadorian Embassy Fidel Narvaez. Why Lenin Moreno's decision leaves him ashamed..."

Excellent interviews, and particularly interesting observations on Ecuadorian politics, especially the election there.

Canada's media, being essentially collaborationist, participated hammer and tongs in the smear and demonization phase of the Assange crucifixion but has now adopted a stoney silence, despite the significant implications for whistleblowers, free speech and the public's awareness of official criminality.

Free Julian Assange!