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Kirby M.
Another Introduction


Kirby M.

Hi There,
Just signed up. Looks like lots of interesting topics and useful information here. I am often not at a computer for a few days at a time so if I post something and don't respond right away I hope you will be patient. Anyway, hi all.

Alexandra Kitty

Hello from one fellow newbie to another! [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]


Welcome to babble, Kirby M.!



Kirby M.

Thanks all.

I've only spent a few minutes surfing this board. I'm sure there are things I need to know as far as protocol and behavior. Any suggestions/tips?

Cueball Cueball's picture

Mods dont like it if you post whole articles. A small segement of what you think is interesting is enough, plus a link. Good to start threads based on a story of an opinion piece you read. Threads which start out as an opinion piece by the poster often die quick death, not because people dont read them or arent intersted but just because there is so much out there being said already.

Threads are usually killed at around 100 posts, dont be offended. They do this so that people with low bandwidth connection dont have to spend all day loading up the thread. Just start a new one on the same topic, linked to the first.

Threads started on topics already under discussion are often closed, so as to keep order in the house, that way there are not 4 or 5 threads going on Iraq all at once.

Also starting multiple threads on the same topic is usually considered spam.

They do ban people. The rules are stated somewhere on the board.

Michelle is the mother mod, and one of the oldest poster on the board, also Oldgoat is an old hand.

Ironic racism is not allowed. Meaning if I say something which is racist, but I am saying it sarcastically, they come down on it. This is because not everyone knows the personalities of all the people here and might not understand, since sarcasm is hard to discern in a text format.

Oh, I almost forgot.... hello!

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Kirby M.

Thanks cueball - very helpful.

Question: If I (a newbie) post a thread on a subject which already exists will I be directed to the existing thread before my thread gets deleted?

Cueball Cueball's picture

Oh they dont delete them. They just close them and send people to the other thread. Sometimes when that thread reaches 100 posts they open up the old one, and start there again.