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I am a subscriber of Rabbble on line. Good informaiom but difficult to accses info. Have you guys ever heard of click on links? Some web sites have click on links, which makesreseach easier. This web site you have to type in the whole address, plus the slashes and dots , and by that time you forget what you were looking for.

Please modernize you're web stuff!

Sara Mayo

Are you talking about the "This week @" newsletters that arrive in your inbox?

I get those newsletters and all the links are clickable, I don't have to retype any website address. Perhaps your email program changes the HTML email messages to plain text, which would undo the "clickability" of the links? If so, you could change your email program's settings, to receive HTML message, or you could at least cut and paste the web addresses into your browser so you don't have to retype them.

I will take this opportunity to add a note about a pet peeve of mine about the e-newsletter. The sender is always listed as "This week @ rabble" which is fine - but then it's very redundant to have the subject header always start with "This week @ rabble" as well. It wastes valuable subject header space to repeat that tag line - I wish the subject headers just contained the info about this week's new rabble content (2 or 3 items). I hate having to click each time into the message to get the gist - might as well just visit rabble.

(rant over!)


- a minor annoyance - you don't really need to retype addresses that do not automatically link, just copy it (highlight it, right click, copy) and then paste in into an open browser window address bar and go - couple of seconds only