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Just thought I'd introduce myself here before I get to babbling!

My name is Robin, I'm a 23 year-old odd little geek-girl with a huge variety of interests. I work as a freelance writer, editor, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer and anything else I can teach myself.

As far as interests go, I love comics, all sorts of movies, all sorts of music (I'm very eclectic in tastes), books, tea, and having the ability to just sit down and take a breather.

So hello!

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Hi there oldhat, and welcome! Sounds like you'll fit in well here. Happy Babbling. [img]cool.gif" border="0[/img]

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Hey, you two could form a club. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Welcome to babble, oldhat!

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Now we just need Oldhand, Oldspice and Oldcheddar.

welcome aboard, I hope you don't get sea sick.

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A 23 year old labelled "Oldhat"? Must be a story there. My youngest hat is a decade or so older.

Do tell....

Wilf Day

Welcome. If your name means old-fashioned . . . is this your hat?


Haha thank you!

And actually it does mean old-fashioned but it's also due to a time when I mentioned that wearing old hats was very old-hat (in this case meaning overused). Someone found that funny and using that moment combined with my old-fashioned nature gave me the nickname!


I will gallantly assume that by "old-fashioned" you are neither neo-con nor neo-liberal and appreciate the class war never ended.