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Hello, again



Thought I had been banned but found out mailings from babble were being sent to the 'Junk Folder' of my email for some reason. It seems to happen to a number of different senders to that email account. I had forgotten password.

I have never yet been banned from any forum as I strive to adhere to the rules of each one as the owners are within their rights to enforce such rules as they have established.

Hope to post again soon.


Well, looks like you just did!

What makes you think you were banned? I've taken a peek at your last few posts and I don't see anything wrong with them.

Welcome back!

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It was becasue I forgot my password quite awhile ago and when I requested the password to be sent I saw nothing come to email (it actually did). I decided to try again but this time checked the 'Junk' folder. The password was there just as it very liely was several months ago. I have reset the settings of what gets sent to 'Junk'.

The strongets opinion I recall posting on was about a Liberal candidate whom I perceived had inssulted disabled people during the 2006 election. As I am legally blind, I took it personally. The candidate in question did not win in any case. I hope he learned something.