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Hi, new here




My name is Rob, I'm a student living in Montrйal. My political orientation is more to the left. Here are some of positions:
[LIST][*]I'm for free-trade with businesses and organizations that are fair-trade and environmentally certified.[*]I'm a big supporter of ending our oil dependency that supports awful regimes and think we should concentrate more on alternative energy solutions, especially in wind energy and research into fusion energy. However at the same time I would like to see the federal government to invest a great deal of money into the Alberta oil reserves in order to increase revenue.[*]I'm an ardent supporter of unparalleled universal health care, and think we should place a lot more funding and resources into it than we are right now.[*]I'm bisexual and have a bf in the states who I may want to marry soon.[*]On immigration, I think we should decrease its flow and help out current immigrants integrate into their professions and our communities. I also think the abused "pay for entry" system should be entirely reformed since it is being exploited by domestic and foreign criminal organizations.[/LIST]

More to come on later.


Hi Rob! That was quite a detailed introduction. I see big debates in your future here! [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

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Welcome, Rob.

I have to say that I find your introduction somewhat filled with naive thinking; then again, that was probably true of my myself when I first showed up here. I can honestly say that this place has brought much clarity to my opinions, and I hope it works similarly for you.

BTW, what evidence do you have that 'criminal organizations' are exploiting our immigration policies?

Sara D.

I am new here as well. This is an amazing site and this discussion forum is rather overwhelming right now. I think I will take time to browse and read before I jump in. The topic that caused me to register is the one where Stephen Harper is being sent a book every week. Perhaps not the most politically important topic but one that was so unique and well-thought out. Anyway, off to my browsing......


Welcome, Sara D.!