how do I...

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how do I...



... add a quote to a reply?

Sorry -- I've never used a forum before -- but I desperately want to agree with the last guy on the Magna / CAW sellout for dues dollars topic!


Well, seeing as you're desperate...

If you look at the top of his post, you'll see little quote thingies, ..." "...sort of. If you click on that, a reply box will open with his post in bold as a quote. You may then post agreement or dripping scorn in the dialogue box below the quote as per your wish. There are other ways of doing quotes, but this should get you started.


Hmm... I tried to remove some extra text from the quote, but now the bolding is gone too in my reply, so you can't tell it's a quote.

Any way to remove these things once they're posted I wonder???


Well, you can always edit your own post.

Another way of quoting, esp. if it's a partial quote is to use the "Instant Formatting" buttons conveniently located below the dialogue box.

Press on "QUOTE" and this will appear. [QUOTE ] [/QUOTE]

Cut whatever dialogue you wish from a previous post, or any other source really, and paste it between the two parenthisized QUOTES, and you will end up with something like this.


Hmm... I tried to remove some extra text from the quote, but now the bolding is gone too in my reply,

So there you go. [img]cool.gif" border="0[/img]

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You have the whole board on tenterhooks. Went to the CAW thread that concerns you and found your empty (as in edited) box.

If you wish to avoid too many intervening posts, while you sort out the posting technicalities, would suggest something like:



Your first, or further, comment if desired.

Am turning blue here.


Thanks for the tips! I have set out my 2 cents worth.

(Not trying to turn anyone blue, that's for sure!)

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How do I resize a graphic? I've forgotten the code used to make an image smaller. The thread in particular is over [url=]here. [/url]


[url= Tips & Tricks[/url]

[url=]More Fomatting Tips & Tricks[/url]

although caution with posting in the older threads as they will not be as useful when they have to be closed for length.

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This is so embarassing.


Not at all. These threads serve as good tutorials for those too lacking in initiative to ask. They are legion. No one is born knowing this stuff.