How does one go about putting one's principles up for sale?

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How does one go about putting one's principles up for sale?


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Frustrated Mess asked an interesting question over [url=]h..., and so since it's pretty much rйgime du jour, I thought it might be answered in a FAQ.

"So, how does one go about putting onese principles up for sale?"


By taking a job, paid position, in a Mc Donalds retaurant.



Originally posted by Jeff House:
What crap. There are no independent trade unions in Cuba, and their are no independent trade unions in China.[/qb]

There are unions in Cuba. And they all belong to the Confederation of Cuban Workers. One of the interesting aspects of socialism is that the government plays the role of central union for all workers. This kind of solidarity and representation of workers in the economy is not possible in North America with dwindling unionization rates in U.S. "right-to-work" and Northern states, or in Canada with more than 175 repressive pieces of labour legislation passed by non-NDP provincial governments between 1982 and 2006.

Unions are supposed to be part and parcel of any free market economy, and the erosion of unionized workforce in North America just goes to show how little the plutocrats and corporatocracy believe in free market ideology.


[b]The fact that there are Palestinian trade unions free to call for a boycott says something FAVOURABLE about Israel.[/b]

And how would you describe Israel in favourable terms?. Because Palestinian trade unions are calling for a boycott of Israel, the Israelis are that unfavourable right now.


Oh, I think not. This is clearly not a FAQ or an introduction, and it looks like it's just going to be a continuation of a fight from another thread.

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