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Seeker of Wisdom


Seeker of Wisdom

Just a quick note to say hello and introduce myself. Have never posted in a forum like this before and discover that it's a bit like talking to a stranger in a party for me - takes a bit of courage. I guess that marks me as an introvert for starters. Made my first post and discovered a typo after it went up that makes it idiotic - you guys will understand what I meant, right? And be nice?

As for my name, I am not quite sure what I am seeking, but I am sure it will be wisdom by the time I figure it out.


Hi, I'm Stan. Can I buy you a drink?


Hi Seeker! Welcome. No worries about typos. You can always edit your post if you're feeling self-conscious about it (see that little pencil and paper icon at the top of each post? Just click on it at the top of your post that you want to edit, and it will let you do so). In fact, we have kind of an unwritten rule around here not to mock people over spelling and grammar.

Stanley, nice to see you. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]


Hi there Seeker of Wisdom:

Welcome. I am also a newbie on this forum and you will see my first post below "The Crow has Landed". You will also note that there were no responses to that post.

I know how important it is to feel welcome, no matter what your perspective or amount of experience on forums is. I have been posting on forums for over five years and am still learning.

The most important posters, are those who come here with a view to sharing information and entering into true debate on a range of topics. You will find that on this forum, like all forums, there are a certain number of posters who have specific agendas, sometimes their agenda is to limit or disrupt debate on certain topics. That's a source of frustration and can actually harm the forum if it's not moderated in a firm way.

Nobody has a franchise on the truth. Nobody has a license to limit discussion. Nobody's agenda is more important than the human desire to know and understand our world.

That's the beauty of news forums. I appreciate the people who set up this forum and allow this opportunity for all of us to participate. I recognize and encourge them in the exercise of the moderation of this forum.

I welcome you and all newcomers (like myself) to this forum and look forward to learning your thoughts on a range of topics.



Oh, sorry greencrow! I must not have noticed it. But welcome to you too!

Seeker of Wisdom

Stan - thanks for the welcome. Not currently accepting drinks but happy to get to know you. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Michelle - thanks for the tip.

Greencrow - good advice and a welcome to you also.