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sufjan fjan
looking for ....


sufjan fjan

namaste fine people of babble,

not to clutter this forum up with needless new topics, but is there, or might there be in the future, a place specifically for discussion of the upcoming ontario provincial elections?

(my guess is in the 'from far and wide' area).



Hey, sufjan fjan, welcome to babble. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img] Looks like you've already discovered the far and wide forum, a good place to discuss Ontario-related matters. There's a thread there on the upcoming referendum, if that's of interest to you.

sufjan fjan

well that was a quick repsonse. thanks.

it's just that i noticed that in the "archives" there was an "election 2006" section, and wondered if there was, or would be, one for the ontario election.

didn't notice one for the manitoba or quebec or nova scotia or new brunswick or yukon (am i missing any recent elections?), so i figured there probably wasn't going to be one for ontario

i'm just looking for news on the election that i'm not going to get from the ottawa citizen, my local paper.