"Hi, I'm new" topics are full of lamesauce

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"Hi, I'm new" topics are full of lamesauce



That being said, I'm making one anyways. I'm new here, but I've already met a few of you personally. I guess that just comes with the territory of having a mod-god father. Ah well. I figured since I've been lurking here for years, it's about time that I got my arse in gear and joined.

So... how 'bout them Conservatives?


Oh noooooo.....

I can see where I'm going to have to ban this one eventually!


Mummy wouldn't let you ban me.


It's not the threads that are full of 'lamesauce' it's the newbies. [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]

Welcome and enjoy! And keep in mind, nothing you say here can be used against you because it's completely anonymous....right?


"full of lamesauce" - haven't heard that one before!

Any mod-godchild of oldgoat's is a mod-godchild of mine! Er...okay. That didn't work quite as well as it does with "friend".

Anyhow, welcome!




It's not the threads that are full of 'lamesauce'.....

Well, not [i]all[/i] of them!

Had to look it up. Thought it might have been a typo: lambsauce, as in mint sauce.

Interesting. The Urban Dictionary tells all. One simply has to keep up, I guess.


Was remiss in not saying, "Welcome, Kid."

Don't listen to oldgoat. We call him, Old Groutch.

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As a point of clarification, she referred to me as a mod-god (which I am), and not a mod godfather. So she is indeed the sweet demure thing you met at WOTS Michelle. Also, any child of mine is not necessarily a child of Michelle's...just 'cause it may work out that way sometimes.

Yeah, lamesauce is a big expression around our place for some reason.

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Oh no!!

I'm sorry. I was thinking godfather, not father! I totally misread.

Gee, oldgoat, now you're really going to have to behave yourself on babble, now that you have a chaperone! [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img] (My kid's only 8, so I can still say whatever I want here.)

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Welcome, kid! We've got some great threads going on today! Enjoy!