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Hi I am a new user of this system, and as my handle suggests, I am a partisan Liberal.

I will of course accept that slings and arrows will come from partisans of other parties, including the NDP. As in real life, I will take that in stride. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Being a mature Canadian, I accept that I should be able to take it as well as I can dish it out.

I am assuming that if I follow the rules that I accepted when I registered for this forum, I will not be banned from it. Being a socially progressive Canadian with a strong belief in individual rights, you will not see any racism, sexism, or homophobia in my posts. Understanding the nature of publication, I am not going to be willing to slander or libel any individual. If I post something about a person, it will be, to the best of my knowledge, a true (and more than likely verifiable elsewhere) accounting of what that person said or did.

However when it comes to political polemics and/or philosophy, you will probably see me attacking the Conservatives and NDP with equal vigour, and possibly comment on the dependency that the NDP and Conservatives have on each other, in and out of Parliament, and during and not during election season.

I will state that I think both the Conservatives and the NDP have good and bad ideas, and I am hoping that within the constraints of what I agreed to when I registered for this service, I should be allowed to say whatever I want, no matter how much that will get under the skin of partisan NDPers or Conservatives.

Perhaps a merger between the NDP and the Liberals might make as much sense for the democratic and progressive left as the merger between the Alliance and the PC Party made for the Right. I even like the name of the Liberal Democratic Party, however we want it to be much more successful than the one of that name in the United Kingdom. Maybe the New Liberal Party might work.

I will also say that the NDP has some good ideas, and they should get credit for that when due. For example at the time of writing (17/02/07), it is politically impossible to argue against the $10 minimum wage, which came from the NDP. I would hope that everyone who would believe in this cause would be encouraged that the grass roots of the Ontario Liberal Party are strongly pressing Messers. McGuinty and Sorbara to implement this. Because of this pressure, the Ontario Government seems to have recently moved from a position of no more increases in the minimum wage to the idea of a 'Poverty Agenda'.

I am not going to say for a minute that the Liberal Party is perfect, as no institution comprised of human beings can be, and if I say something which is excessively partisan while making no logical sense, I expect to be upbraided for that, within the aforementioned constraints.

However I do not expect to be banned for saying something uncomplementary about the NDP, if I have decided that is part of my political discourse.

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Originally posted by Red Partisan:
[b]... as my handle suggests, I am a partisan Liberal.[/b]

You haven't been around here long enough if you think that "Red" to a babbler means "Liberal Party suck-ass".


i love arguing with fellow leftys- but can't do it with rightwingers anymore. The nuts just bore me now-they pretend they're stupid, and time's to valuable to waste on them...i once loathed Uncle Joe (Stalin) cuz i thought he let fear rule him too much, let his paranoia damage the great cause, but...watching history unfold since reagan came in (that night, in Hazelton BC, with a crowd of back-to-the-land types, someone said 'well there goes our unemployment insurance' and...25 years has proven him right) So maybe Uncle Joe dealt with the ratwing assholes the only way he could(?)

Red Partisan

Don't give up! People can change their minds, you know.

Cameron W

Welcome Red Partisan!