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If you want me to lock your account, I can do that. I don't generally do that unless someone is being banned or suspended, that's all. But if you want me to, I can.

Send me an e-mail at michelle (at) rabble (dot) ca, or babble (at) rabble (dot) ca if you change your mind sometime in the future, okay?

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Is anyone else still having trouble logging out? I still can't log out at home. I was able to log out at work only when I switched to a different server.

Are there some people who can log in and out with no problem?

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Typical Torontonians. They think, if it's happening to them, it must be happening to the whole country.

I don't have any problem logging out...


Well, that was the shortest vacation ever.

So, um, DON'T CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD to fix this problem! I'm going to erase my posts above where I suggested this.

What happens if you change your password is that the babble software remembers you logged in under your old password. But this conflicts with the fact that you now have a new password. So what you get is an endless error message loop, telling you that you are logged in with the wrong password and would you like to log in again? So you try logging in with the new password, but of course, just like when you try to log out, the login also doesn't take!


So, the way I fixed it? Cleared all my cookies. That logged me out. And the good news is, once you are able to log out once, you can keep logging in and out afterwards! Yay!

I think what happened is that most of the people who were logged in when the server switched over were unable to log out. But once you clear your cookies, something seems to reset, and you can always log in and out after that.

So everyone having this problem: clear all your cookies and your temporary internet files in order to log out.

For those who don't know how to clear your cookies and temporary internet files, here's how you do it in Internet Explorer:

1. Click on "Tools" on the main menu at the top of your browser window.

2. From the dropdown menu, click on "Internet Options..."

3. Make sure the "General" tab at the top is selected.

4. In the "Temporary Internet Files" section (the middle section, I think), click on the button that says, "Delete Cookies..."

5. Click "OK" on the pop-up window that asks you whether you want to delete all your cookies.

6. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I also clicked on the button that says "Delete Files..." and deleted all my temporary internet files. I also checked the box to delete all offline content as well, which is probably a good thing to do every once in a while anyhow, just to speed up your system.

I hope this helps! If anyone still can't logout after this, please let me know so I can share this with our tech support people.


As I usually say, it is good to clear all your cookies and temporary internet files every few months anyway.

It clears up a lot of crap and usually speeds up the browser.


Yeah. But earlier on in the thread, some people were saying they did that, and it didn't work.

I'm just relieved that I didn't lock myself out of babble for more than ten minutes. [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]



Originally posted by oreobw:
[b]As I usually say, it is good to clear all your cookies and temporary internet files every few months anyway.

It clears up a lot of crap and usually speeds up the browser.[/b]

Great! He's counselling computer bulimia.


I still cannot logout...are ur techies on strike?


Have you cleared your cookies and all your temporary internet files, using the directions I posted above? This seems to work for everyone.

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Michelle....sorry i missed your last set of instructions. Hurray Im freeeeee im FREEEEEEE all is good now i can log in and out Thank you for setting me free


Hee! I'm so glad it worked!


You still here? [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]