Canada's quagmire: The war in Afghanistan

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Canada's quagmire: The war in Afghanistan

Couldn't resist adding my 2 cents to a discussion that had closed after I read through it.

people commented on Sweden, the social-democratic model.
Look/listen to Amy Goodman's interview with Swedish pacifists, December
10 or 11,, to get a better understanding of the degree
of involvement of Sweden in the global arms manufacturing and exporting
sector. It is No. 2 producer of weapons, on a per capita scale,
i.e., proportionate to its population). (I assume Israel is No. 1.)

The domestic peace and economic well-being have a dirty price tag, it seems.



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Of the 652 babble threads about Afghanistan, are you by any chance referring to [url=]this one?[/url]

As René Magritte would say, "This is not a tag line". Only he'd say it in French. You may find it rather annoying to have to discipline yourself to ignore parts of certain other people's posts - but not everyone's. Wouldn't it be better to abolish them?


Apparently Sweden has its own conservative political contigent. Who knew? Are we supposed to be shocked by this?


[url= more Canadian soldiers killed - one wounded[/url]


Three Canadian soldiers were killed and another was wounded Saturday
when their vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device in
southern Afghanistan, the Canadian military said.

The soldiers were responding early Saturday to reports people were
planting a suspicious object west of Kandahar city, the military said
in a statement. The injured soldier was transported to the hospital at
Kandahar airfield and is in fair condition. ...

The blast occurred in an area that until this summer was largely
free of insurgent activity, the CBC's David Common reported Saturday
from Kandahar.

"It’s an area that Canadian soldiers know very well, having been in
that area repeatedly certainly over the past few days but, of course,
over the past few months," he said.

I'm no military genius, but I would say, they should either stay indoors, or maybe go back home. That way, they might leave fewer bereaved families to mourn their useless "sacrifice".




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Unionist, I have started another "Still Losing the War" thread with a post about this latest evidence that "we" are losing the war.

This present thread is a continuation of the thread entitled, "NDP Embrace War in Afghanistan" which was in the Canadian Politics section.

Please don't ask me why this thread is in the "Introductions" section.

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M. Spector wrote:

Please don't ask me why this thread is in the "Introductions" section.

 Why is this thread in the "Introductions" section?

Ouch, sorry...

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Since this is the continuation of the "NDP Embrace War in Afghanistan" thread, this item goes here:

Paul Kellogg wrote:
December 6, on the second day of the biennial (every two years) convention of the Canadian Peace Alliance, 100 or so delegates and observers gathered in the bitter cold on the sidewalk outside the student centre at Ryerson University in Toronto. Behind a massive banner and carrying dozens of placards saying "Troops Out of Afghanistan" we marched to join the 3,000 strong anti-Harper rally taking place that day at City Hall. We took the streets, and as our little contingent turned the last corner before arriving at City Hall, we took up the chant, "Harper Out of Ottawa, Canada Out of Afghanistan." The message couldn't have been clearer - no matter what government is in office, there is a movement on the streets telling any who will listen, Afghanistan is still the issue.

Most in the crowd greeted us with enthusiasm. Thousands of NDP members have been central to the anti-war movement. But Jack Layton has told them that the Afghanistan file is on the shelf while he pursues the increasingly forlorn project of coalescing with the Liberals. Suddenly, it is not at all clear that the NDP federal leadership considers it "legitimate" to be against Harper and against the war at the same time. The CPA contingent gave voice again to the crowd that was in its vast majority anti-war. The reception was fantastic (except for some disgruntled senior Liberal Party members). It was a moment when all present were very proud to be part of Canada's anti-war movement. Opposing the war in Afghanistan is not a bargaining chip to be used in parliamentary coalition negotiations. It is a non-negotiable matter of principle. The troops must come home. The killing must stop.

The convention was an intense three-day event, December 5 to 7, which brought together elected delegates from 39 anti-war and peace organizations from across the country. Together with observers, more than 100 people attended.

The central decision of the conference was the adoption of a two-year "Campaign Goals, Strategy and Actions." The delegates unanimously agreed that for the next two years, the war in Afghanistan and the War Resisters Campaign would be the strategic focuses for the CPA. The plan commits the CPA to two bi-national demonstrations against the war in Afghanistan each year, one in the spring, one in the autumn. The first one in 2009 will be held in the first week of April to coincide with the call from anti-war groups in Europe to mark the 60th anniversary of the creation of NATO - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is prosecuting the brutal war in Afghanistan....

The coming months will not be easy. In Canada, the Afghanistan issue has become confused because of the actions of the Coalition. In the United States, the election of Barack Obama has rightly excited millions. But while Obama is committed to winding down the war in Iraq, he is equally committed to a major escalation in Afghanistan. He is using his massive popularity to argue that Afghanistan is the "good war," an argument that will confuse many people.

[url=Read"> more[/url]



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Well, it seems that thread titles can be edited after all.

Unfortunately, whoever decided to rename this one has no idea what this thread is about.

It is Part 2 of the thread entitled [url=NDP">][u... Embrace War in Afghanistan[/url], and the name ought to have been amended to reflect that fact.

Derrick O'Keefe has written an article for Rabble about the recent Canadian Peace Alliance convention, called [url=Keeping">][u]Keeping the War in Afghanistan On the Table[/url], a reference to the fact that the ill-conceived and now-defunct Liberal-NDP coalition notoriously took Afghanistan "off the table" - which was of course the topic of this thread and its predecessor as mentioned above. The Canadian Peace Alliance resolved to continue organizing protest rallies, to shame the politicians into acknowledging the unpopularity of the war and to fight to end it. Paul Kellogg's article, which I quoted in my preceding post, is a much better summary of the convention, actually.




Why stop with the "NDP embraces phony war on terror in the Stan"?

Why not follow that logic to its full conclusion with, "NDP supports 9-11 snow job and the phony war on terror in Iraq" as well?

It all makes so much sense to us now. The NDP is infiltrated by the CIA. It had to happen.

We should then conclude that: the NDP supports herr Harper's U.S. style spending on military buildup and kowtowing to Crazy Jorge de la Yayo's war on democracy in general.

I might even be tempted to think that NDP is for all this neoliberal mumbo jumbo since Brian Baloney's time in the sun. Who knew?

Of course and while we're on a roll here, let's also not mention that the NDP's parliamentary request to restart a federal study on electoral reform was quashed by Whigs and Tories in May of 2007.

The NDP doesnt quit on Canadians - that's Harper's job - when he does show up for work in Ottawa. 



Fidel, I knew you were a CIA agent. Laughing


veritas? I think that's the strangest motto for such an organization