"The Animal Politics Show" NEW!!!!

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"The Animal Politics Show" NEW!!!!

Hey rabblers!!!

Just started putting together a little independent news show (tv), just for canadians! 

it's kind of like the alex jones and max keiser of commentary married together and formed a feline!

yes, it's a talking cat delivering the weekly news.

check out the very first half hour episode here and let me know what ya think!

i don't make any money from doing this, nor are there any ads anywhere--so don't expect too high production value from a dude with a full time job. 


let me know what ya think!


Fat Cat (Feline Maximus)


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Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler's picture

I found it way to verbose and you pissed me off when the loudest canned cheers you inserted were for Ron Paul.  I think once is going to be enough for me and your show.