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Happy Freegan Rob
Back with a new name

Hey. I used to contribute here under the name Québécois in the North. I quit some years ago. It was getting redundant.

I see some of the posters of that era are still active. And it still seem to lack a separatist-in-residence. Well, I'll give it an other try.

For the record, I'm still Québécois and I still live North of 60. Same unrepentant sarcastic traitor in a quiviuq hat.


Welcome back! And don't separate from us again, please!


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Glad to see you back, QOTN/Happy F'n Rob. May your sovereignty remain forever in tact on this board.

Btw-I can reset the password on your old account if you'd like to use it. Just send me a PM.

polly bee

I have slunk back in today, under the same name but spelled a little different.  Apparently when you leave in a huff, and you take the time to mangle up your password and email address, it's hard to get your old stuff back.  "Sorry, that email does not exist".....


so from polly b to polly bee.  next step will be polly c?  polly see?

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polly bee, I am so glad to see you back here. You've been missed.


So who was polly bee formerly?


The Boomtown Rats gave us the Fine Art of Surfacing.

Now we have the Fine Art of De-flouncing by The Rabble Pigs.

(Just to make it clear, I am not calling polly bee a pig but making a reference to the latest Rabble editorial edict.)



Polly B. And I concur, very happy to see her back.

polly bee

Thanks.  Tho it's summer and I hope to be too busy harvesting my garden (also known as that frikken weed patch out back) to be able to babble too much!




I can't speak for all Ontarians, you know, but if you do get your seperatist way........



please please please please take us with you.....

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A bit of drift but if the Cons come back in the next election with a stronger minority and their arrogance intact, but little representation here in Quebec, I'd say packing it in and leaving is more likely. I'd be quite happy never to have to listen to Harper, Jason Kenney, Bev Oda, John Baird, Tony Clement, Jim Flaherty, and the rest of those bozos (including the Libs) ever again. Smile

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Hi Polly! If you want your old handle back, we can change the email and password for it to something more recent. Just PM me! It's great to see you back. Hopefully you'll hit up one of the gardening threads and keep us updated.

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Polly B it's great to have you back. Smile

polly bee

Hmmm.  Ya...the gardening thread.  Is there one for "omyfreakingoath all I do is water and pull dandelions and yank out chickweed and fight back comfrey and pull grass and pick slugs and wash off those little bugs that eat lilacs and remove dead leaves and chip away at the fucking gumbo hard as rock clay that passes for soil in this neck of the woods?"

Cuz I could totally post there.



Glad to see you back polly bee. 


Long as we're in confessional mode, i had the same kind of thing happen. New computer and server (fast - not frikkin dial-up!) in the past couple of years and lost old password, so had to choose new handle.

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Do you want to go back to your old handle, absentia?

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Good to see Polly B back.

polly bee

Thanks for the welcome backs!  I heart babble :)


Catchfire wrote:

Do you want to go back to your old handle, absentia?

No, thank you. I used to be nonsuch, but i've undergone a sea-change.


polly bee - not to derail this thread but I may have a solution for one of your gardening problems. Lee Valley sells an amazing slug trap that we have been using in our garden. (caught 50 slugs in one night!). All you need to add is beer. 


And let me guess... you have to refresh the beer every evening, eh?

polly bee

Ghislaine - do you remember the name of it?  I tried one last year that turned out to be more of a pain in the butt - filled up with rain and dirt and such.  Plus what a great excuse to buy beer - well, they come in packs of twelve, yes.  And I needed one for the slugs, soooooooooo....

DRIFT!  This is truly dating myself here, but I remember when I was growing up someone in my family had a comedy album about pouring the likker down the sink.  So I took the next little bottle, pulled out the cork, and poured it down the sink.  All except for one little swallow, which I sank.  Er, drank.  Then I took the next litter bottle, pulled out the sink, and poured it down the cork.  All except for one little swallow, which I drank.  Then -----I took the next little sink, poured out the cork, and pulled the whole sink down the bottle......alllllllllll except for one little swallow, which I  - and so on.  I remember listening to it when the adults were over, and giggling my arse off about how risque it was.  Sigh.