Choice is Yours For Now

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Choice is Yours For Now

Stephen Harper's Conservative Party is lying to the pro-choice Canadian mainstream, while promising his radical base a full re-criminalization of abortion if Tories ever command a Parliamentary majority. It is naive and dangerous to believe what abuses Canadians permit abroad will not find their way back to our shores. Only when it is too late will Canadians realize that choice at home remains the final, most coveted target of this corrupt, illegitimate Government. The time to fight back is now.

Check out the following video at: (720P HD Recommended)

Get involved with a local or national pro-choice movement, and in the next election donate, volunteer and vote for candidates and parties which support choice at home and abroad.

The bad old days aren't as gone as you think. The political force supporting choice has atrophied after a generation of peace on this issue, while the radical anti-choice movement has been building and biding its time, waiting for so singularly dishonest and amoral a leader as Prime Minister Harper.

In the next federal election, Canadians must either bury the Harper Tories or watch them write the obituary of choice in Canada.




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