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Hello from Mobo2000

Hi all,

Long time lurker looking to make the transition to semi-regular poster.   I've been reading rabble and babble, avidly, for over 10 years.   My politics is largely focused on issues of class/poverty/labour rights and anti-war, but Rabble and babble have helped me expand my horizons a bit, I hope.

For the oldtime posters here, I wanted to mention I went to highschool with Audra, and I miss Slumberjack, Maysie and Cueball.

I've been hesitant to post here in the past, but I'm trying to get over it.   In this age of Trump, I feel something of a duty to get better at talking with/listening to people with whom I disagree.   So I'm here to practice.   

Here's a little bit about me:

White male, mid-40's.   I live in Toronto, have a partner and 2 kids under 13.  I've worked both professionally and as a volunteer for the NDP for most of the past 2 decades.  I've been a union member and shop steward at my place of work (and helped the organizing drive when we first unionized). 

Other than politics, I practice and (volunteer) teach karate at several community centres, along with Arnis.   I also play a lot of board games and video games. 

Looking forward to contributing here.    Best wishes, all.



Ken Burch

Could you maybe ask the mods to delete some of the extra copies of this thread?  You seem to have started in three times.  That happens to us all, but you'd get a better response if you got rid of the dupes-they make it look like you were spamming the board(which I'm sure is the opposite of your intent).


Closing duplicate thread.

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