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Hello from Mobo2000

Hi all,

Long time lurker looking to make the transition to semi-regular poster.   I've been reading rabble and babble, avidly, for over 10 years.   My politics is largely focused on issues of class/poverty/labour rights and anti-war, but Rabble and babble have helped me expand my horizons a bit, I hope.

For the oldtime posters here, I wanted to mention I went to highschool with Audra, and I miss Slumberjack, Maysie and Cueball.

I've been hesitant to post here in the past, but I'm trying to get over it.   In this age of Trump, I feel something of a duty to get better at talking with/listening to people with whom I disagree.   So I'm here to practice.   

Here's a little bit about me:

White male, mid-40's.   I live in Toronto, have a partner and 2 kids under 13.  I've worked both professionally and as a volunteer for the NDP for most of the past 2 decades.  I've been a union member and shop steward at my place of work (and helped the organizing drive when we first unionized). 

Other than politics, I practice and (volunteer) teach karate at several community centres, along with Arnis.   I also play a lot of board games and video games. 

Looking forward to contributing here.    Best wishes, all.




What happened to Slumberjack and Maysie?


I don't know, I never knew them personally.   Just liked their contributions here.   I think Slumberjack was banned and the others left of their own accord.


i miss maysie.

met cueball this summer but was not up on his postings prior.


Closing duplicate thread.

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