Hello from a socialist, lonely in the 905

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Hello from a socialist, lonely in the 905

Hello, everyone

Feels like Im all alone here in the 905 region of the greater Toronto area.

Why was it so slow to register? I had some thoughts to share on the Philpott debacle but the moment has passed.

I would put forth the idea that I think Philpott could likely cross the floor if she stays in politics... despite her inexperience she seems to have already mastered modern political skills. I wonder how she stands to benefit.


Welcome bongo!

Ken Burch

Welcome bongo-and btw, if you have any songwriting skills, you should work that thread title into a lyric-it could fit with a "Night Train"/"Route 66" kind of tune.

As to Philpott, the big question regarding where else she might go is this:  Apart from her views on the SNC-Lavalin, where would she be placed on the ideological spectrum?  My impression is that she's actually to Justin's right on a number of things, and the riding she currently holds is a dead zone for the NDP.  Also, why would she defect to the third party when she could simply cross over to the Con bench and be virtually guaranteed both re-election and an important Cabinet ministry as a result?


Thanks for the welcome.

Haha, ya I am a musician, good idea!

The floor I suspect Philpott will cross will be to the Cons. The whole thing has a certain smell. Maybe Im too cynical..


Welcome bongo, good luck on posting your writing!




I suspect that there are more socialists that one might believe possible, simply because 416, even the least posh areas thereof, are becoming impossible for many people - such as musicians and other artists/freelancers- who have either low or irregular incomes.   Moreover, not all of 905 is suburban. It includes the longstanding city of Hamilton, as well as St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. And many babblers won't forget skdadl, who moved to Oshawa in the last years of her life.

Is there any place where you could take part in concerts or jams in or near your home town? These could be thematic (while also being fun) and lead to events and social activism against some of the worst aspects of 905ism!