Hello from a socialist, lonely in the 905

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Hello from a socialist, lonely in the 905

Hello, everyone

Feels like Im all alone here in the 905 region of the greater Toronto area.

Why was it so slow to register? I had some thoughts to share on the Philpott debacle but the moment has passed.

I would put forth the idea that I think Philpott could likely cross the floor if she stays in politics... despite her inexperience she seems to have already mastered modern political skills. I wonder how she stands to benefit.


Welcome bongo!

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Welcome bongo-and btw, if you have any songwriting skills, you should work that thread title into a lyric-it could fit with a "Night Train"/"Route 66" kind of tune.

As to Philpott, the big question regarding where else she might go is this:  Apart from her views on the SNC-Lavalin, where would she be placed on the ideological spectrum?  My impression is that she's actually to Justin's right on a number of things, and the riding she currently holds is a dead zone for the NDP.  Also, why would she defect to the third party when she could simply cross over to the Con bench and be virtually guaranteed both re-election and an important Cabinet ministry as a result?


Thanks for the welcome.

Haha, ya I am a musician, good idea!

The floor I suspect Philpott will cross will be to the Cons. The whole thing has a certain smell. Maybe Im too cynical..


Welcome bongo, good luck on posting your writing!