How do we search Babble ? + Note for Richard Sanders

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How do we search Babble ? + Note for Richard Sanders

I just read a technical report by an activist in Eugene, Oregon.

Mark Rabinowitz @

I had no idea he was so knowledgeable about technology. I thought he & Richard Sanders, another Babbler, would enjoy meeting - they're in the same neck of the woods, & both very accomplished pro-peace activists.

But, I can't find a way to search the forum. When I search, I get Rabble articles, but I want to find forum threads.

So, to summarize -

* could someone please ask Richard Sanders to send me a PM.

* what is the URL for Babble forum search ?

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You can email Richard at overcoat [at]

The only search capability on babble is the tiny box in the upper right corner of this screen. It retrieves both rabble and babble items without discrimination. The babble items are limited to threads that have been migrated from the old site, although I have found many such threads that are invisible to the search engine. There is no Advanced Search option. In short, forget it. All that database of six years' worth of discussion, links, and useful information is gone from the web, probably forever, but at least for a very long time.

Perhaps you were hoping I had stopped using an annoying tag line. You were wrong; you're reading it now. Why not email a moderator to demand that signature/tag lines be abolished forthwith?

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I just found this when I was searching the Rabble site trying to figure out why I can't post material to the site.  I also can't see how to send personal messages anymore.  Can anyone see this?


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I have uncovered a ton of details on Freeland's Nazi propagandist grandfather and have posted it to the "news by the rest of us" forum but it is not going through, at least I can't see it there or anywhere.  Babble tells me the new topic has been created but also calls my post "unpublished".  What gives? 

Can somebody please help.  btw you can use google to search contents of websites...



Hi Richard,

Babble isn't very functional these days. I opened a new thread a couple of days ago, and it did appear within a few hours. So there's hope for your thread. And more information on Freeland will be very welcome.

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Thanks Unionist,  I'm so glad to hear it isn't just me.  I posted it three times so I guess if any of them show up I can delete as appropriate.  Two other odd things.  I can't seem to send personal messages anymore and in the listing of forum topics it doesn't mention anymore how many views particular articles have had, which i found useful.

As for my new research on Chrystia Freeland, the summary article is here:



Himka's papers are definitely worth reading, as they provide good  background on the role played by Krakivisti Visti ( it was not a local paper, and it was not distributed in Ukraine; it was for Ukrainian-speaking workers throughout occupied territories). Also, he points that collaboration was not so simple. Publishing in Nazi-controlled areas meant that Ukrainian nationalists were able to report on atrocities taking place in the Soviet-occupied zone that would not have been possible on the other side of the line.

And while Himka (who is Freeland's uncle) is indeed responsible for the articles he wrote, he pointed out in the Globe and Mail that Freeland helped with clarifications and corrections regarding their family.

I do agree that Freeland missed an opportunity, even if accusations of her lying and denying are false. Her statement about propaganda would have done better if she was more specific about what she was talking about.

This Bloomberg article cuts through the dilemma nicely. There is also a link in there to another of Himka's papers detailing how complicated the collaboration between Ukrainians and Nazis was. I strongly recommend reading it.

"Depoliticizing discussion of World War II may eventually mean Russians, too, will start questioning their self-righteousness -- a necessary condition for a less aggressive foreign policy stance."


Bravo Richard! 

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Thanks, NDPP, I worked on the Freeland Chomiak connection full-time for the past 8 weeks.  It has consumed me. 

I found a lot of info that no one else has written about, especially about Freeland's early journalism career with ultraright Ukrainian media BEFORE her journalism career is said to have even started (according to her own deceptive narrative)

The material I posted to the COAT site is just the tip of the iceberg.  I have numerous other articles written.

But I can't post any of it to Babble.  I can send comments but am not able to post anything.  Yet others are doing it.  Why can some people post and others cannot? 

One think I find truly amazing is how no matter what the subject certain people alwayys find a way to spin the discussion into a slam against the Russians. It's incredible.  There was a day when certain people could turn every conversation into a slam against Jews (and Russians or Soviets) but those days are largely past. Now, Russians and commies are still fair game for slamming and it done by people on the far right and the NDP, which on anticommunist/antiRussian front are pretty much the same.

But imagine turning a discussion of the Holocaust into a slam against Jews.  Unthinkable right?

But the Soviets lost 25-30 million in WWII including almost 9 million troops fighting the Nazis and yet certain people have the chutzpah to turn a reference to the Nazis into an oppportunity to slam the Russians.  Incredible guts and gall.  Someday people will look back on such discussions the same way we look at the antiSemitism that was so rampant in certain cirlces, like business, government, churches, mainstream society.

Anyhow if there is anyone out there that has a clue as to how to get through the Great Wall of Babble, I'd appreciate.


Why can't you just post a link?

And I don't think we're quite done with anti-Semitism yet.


Careful Richard, they'll soon be calling us 'Anti-Banderites'...


I noticed that degrees of separation you have there on the site. That's a fun game.

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