How, High are ya?

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How, High are ya?

I am Snowd, a somewhat paranoid newbie unwilling to use my real name, or to post Tweets or use Facebook due to the potential for The Man to crash my party.

I believe they can and do monitor "radicals like me" who do not agree with the mainstream politic, and they can make life difficult for anyone who does not bow down to authority.

I have to wonder if "they" crashed my previous computer.

 My nic is about Canadian winters, and the lies authorities tell people.

 My interests are mostly environment, health, and getting a new deal on an egalitarian social contract. I would be an Occupier if I was more mobile.


 I have read posts here, and I see a higher quality of discourse than at most forums... Now that you like me, :) , I hope we have some constructive discussions.




Welcome to babble!


Snowd wrote:
 I have read posts here, and I see a higher quality of discourse...



Thanks for the personal compliment, Snowd, and welcome to babble!



Not very.